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[not available] Catalogue of Books and Maps purchased of the Hon. Rufus King ($1334) Rufus King William Faden Catalog of Books and Maps purchased of the Hon. Rufus King ($1334).
March 13, 1785 Rufus King encourages Knox to accept nomination to Secretary at War Rufus King Henry Knox Rufus King sends to Henry Knox a letter acknowledging the insufficiency of the salary of Secretary of War. But King asks Knox to consider reimbursement for travel and rent to assuage any inclinations Knox may have about rejecting the appointment due to low pay.
September 22, 1794 Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton Rufus King Letter from Secretary Hamilton to Senator Rufus King of New York. Image not available.
September 28, 1799 Forwarding letters to and from Count Rumford Rufus King James McHenry Forwards a copy of the correspondence between Rufus King and Count Rumford, in which Rumford politely declines the appointment for Inspector General of the Artillery.
November 29, 1793 Particulars Concerning Mr. Genet's "Appeal to the People" Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton and Knox certify that they did communicate to John Jay and Rufus King the particulars concerning Mr. Genet's having said that "he would appeal from the President to the People."
February 15, 1794 [PRIVATE] Meeting with King and Jay George Washington Henry Knox Discusses offensive correspondence and possibility of meeting with King and Jay to discuss its contents.
June 16, 1799 Letter Citation Rufus King James McHenry Cited in McHenry to King, 07/03/1799.
March 7, 1798 Letter Citation Rufus King James McHenry Cited in McHenry to King, 06/07/1798.
October 30, 1794 Raising infantry against Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Rufus King Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury to the U.S. Senator from New York, Rufus King, Federalist. States that "it is of great consequence" that a law be passed in Congress raising 500 infantry and 100 horses to be stationed in western Pennsylvania, in response to the Whiskey Rebellion. Concludes by insisting that, "without vigour every where our tranquility is likely to be of very short...
July 9, 1800 Cheaper Arms from Germany, Etc. Joseph Pitcairn Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Enclosed are the accounts of several shipments of arms made by the order of Rufus King, U.S. minister in England. Pitcairne notes that these arms are much cheaper than those made in America and England even when including the cost of freight and insurance. They might even be had at a cheaper rate as the War in Europe draws to a close.
August 4, 1797 Request to Forward Enclosed Request for Secretary Rufus King James McHenry Enclosed letter to William Hemsley of Baltimore requesting him to sail to London and serve as King's secretary in place of King's brother. King uncertain if he can send medals to McHenry. Trumbull promised to "prepare the devices" and "Bollen is ready to receive and execute them."
September 17, 1794 Whiskey Rebellion in Maryland and Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Rufus King Secretary Hamilton writes Rufus King, U.S. Senator from New York. Mentions John Jay's relations with the Portuguese Ministry. Concludes the letter by discussing the insurrection in western Maryland and Pennsylvania, later known as the Whiskey Rebellion. States that there is a "very insurgent spirit & some insurrection" in these areas of the country. Discusses the militia plans to respond.
September 7, 1799 Cited letter or document, Rufus King to James McHenry Rufus King James McHenry Letter, Citation only
March 13, 1799 Cited letter or document, Count Rumford to Rufus King Count Rumford Rufus King Letter, Citation only.
April 23, 1800 Cited letter or document, Rufus King to James McHenry Rufus King James McHenry Letter, Citation only
February 6, 1800 Cited letter or document, Rufus King to James McHenry Rufus King James McHenry Letter, Citation only
July 13, 1799 Letter from the Secretary at War James McHenry Rufus King The Secretary at War discusses filling vacant offices.
November 26, 1793 Genet's Appeal from the President to the People John Jay Alexander Hamilton Jay and King ask Hamilton and Knox to certify their rebuttal to Genet's denial that he warned that he would appeal from the President to the people.
March 6, 1793 Power Which Must be Granted Governor of Kentucky Rufus King Henry Knox King writes that Knox must give the Governor of Kentucky the power to protect the road between Virginia and Kentucky.
February 18, 1790 Certificate due to Rufus Lincoln Joseph Howell Henry Knox After examining the petition of Rufus Lincoln, the Commissioner of Army Accounts determines that a certificate of 35 dollars is due to the petitioner.
June 7, 1799 No End to the Folly of Potentates, Etc. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports to the Commander in Chief on the status of the recruiting service, the appointment of officers in the northeast, and the distribution of officers in the western army. He also has information on events in Europe resulting from the publication of the Treaty of Camp Formio.
June 9, 1794 King asks Knox to keep the new command billet vacant Rufus King Henry Knox Letter, discusses command appointment for additional regiment.
October 20, 1798 Report from London on French Intentions Rufus King Alexander Hamilton King warns Hamilton of his suspicions regarding French intentions with respect to the American navy and the potential for war with France.
February 18, 1790 Petition of Rufus Lincoln Henry Knox Joseph Howell Encloses the petition of Rufus Lincoln to the Commissioner of Army Accounts for examination.
April 13, 1793 Letter from Bird King Cussetas King to Major Gaither on trouble caused by Halfway King Bird King Cussetas King Henry Gaither Bird King has heard that Halfway King is causing trouble. Says it is not wish of Creek nation be at war; it is only one town, the Halfway House King and obstinate mad persons who will not listen. Says he abides by talks from Major Seagrove. Expects matters to be settled when he arrives. Says it is a pity United States should suffer because of a party of bad people. Advises to guard against...