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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 20, 1793 Attacks by Marauding Indians William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on a recent series of murderous attacks by marauding Indians.
February 17, 1792 Treat the Cherokees with Utmost Diplomacy Henry Knox Leonard Shaw These are Knox's detailed instructions to Leonard Shaw, the temporary agent to the Cherokee nation. The Cherokees must be treated with utmost diplomacy to ensure that they don't ally themselves with the northern Indians. Scupulous accounts must be kept of all expenses and the Indian languages should be mastered, a history of the southern Indians should be written, among other requirements.
December 30, 1796 Recommending a Mediterranean naval force Josiah Fox James McHenry Recommends a naval force in the Mediterranean and describes the range of Barbary powers.
April 27, 1799 Arrangements Made for Manufacture & Shipping of Cartridge Boxes Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Discusses arrangements he has made, per McHenry's instructions, for the manufacture and shipment of a large order of cartouche boxes and belts;
June 7, 1797 Discussion of Live Oak Timbers Tench Francis Josiah Fox Letter, discusses live oak timber.
1794 General Observations on the Defense of New York Vincent Unknown Recipient Mr. Vincent of New York records his general observations on the defense of that city's harbor, concluding that an enemy landing could not be successful.
September 1, 1786 Forwarding of Various West Point Bills & Reports; Discharging of Carpenters in Favor of Soldier Craftsman William Price Henry Knox Reports forwarding of ordnance & stores returns, a pay abstract and an account of one man's taking care of a captain [probably a physician's bill]. Mentions that he has discharged the hired carpenters, as he has found that one of the soldiers has the skills to complete the necessary work.
September 6, 1787 Second Offer to Purchase Iron William Price Henry Knox Joshua Arden, bearer of the letter, has offered to buy the iron ordnance at West Point, offering six pounds per ton, but will not take them on the spot. Price refers to his letter of the same date regarding Mr. Williams' offer to buy the same iron ordnance, in which Price gives the locations of the guns.
May 6, 1794 Possible Invasion of the Floridas Constant Freeman Henry Knox There are persistent rumors that the French are planning an invasion of the Floridas and that they are recruiting men, erecting works, and landing cannon for that purpose.
October 25, 1789 General Wayne writes to the Secretary at War Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indian agents and warfare; discusses Indian aggression.
April 10, 1790 Extinquishing the Indian Claims, Etc. Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the troops that have been ordered to Georgia to maintain peace between the citizens of that State and the Indians on its western frontier. He enunciates the principle that only the government of the United States can negotiate with the Indians respecting the sale of their land.
November 10, 1794 Confidential intelligence on Northwest Unknown Author Anthony Wayne Confidential intelligence given at Greenville to Major General Anthony Wayne, regarding Indians in the Northwest region - particularly the Six Nations - and a proposed treaty of the British. Also mentions Governor John Graves Simcoe of Upper Canada.
September 6, 1787 Second Offer to Purchase Iron William Price Henry Knox Joshua Arden has offered to buy the iron ordnance at West Point, offering ten shillngs more per ton than Mr. Williams. Price sends this note by Williams in case he arrives at Knox's office before Arden.
September 16, 1793 Mentges sends reports on stores to Henry Knox Francis Mentges Henry Knox Mentges sends the following reports to Secretary Knox: the return on public property on hand with the commissary of military stores department in the district of Maryland and Delaware under the direction of Donaldson, the report on cannons at Elkton, and the report or ordinance stores at Turner's Creek.
November 20, 1789 Commisioners' Report on Negotiations with the Creek Nation Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox The Commissioners--Lincoln, Griffin, and Humphreys--report on their mission to negotiate a treaty with the Creek Nation. Since their mission was unsuccessful, they make recommendations regarding the measures needed to protect frontier settlers. They also suggest that further efforts should be made to improve relations with the Creeks. They have much to say about the Creeks and other southern...
August 20, 1799 Details Surrounding Construction & Naming of Fort [Pickering] at Salem Jonathan Waldo James McHenry Acknowledges receipt by the Salem Board of Selectmen of federal money for the strengthening of fortifications at Salem, Massachusetts; discusses details of the construction of the works. Also discusses how accounting shall be undertaken for the project. Asks for permission to name the works Fort Pickering, and requests that McHenry ask President Adams to stop in Salem and perform a naming...
May 25, 1789 Presented before Congress, the Treaty of Fort Harmar George Washington United States Senate Treaties between United States and several nations [Six Nations, Wyandots, and others] of Indians have been negotiated and signed. Washington lays these treaties before congress for consideration and advice, by the hands of General Knox. Discussed new boundary line (with details) b/w U.S. land and that held by Six Nations.
May 31, 1787 Theft of Powder & Tents by Soldiers at West Point William Price Henry Knox Describes catching two thieves pilfering the contractor's stores, and their earlier deeds in stealing powder & tents from the public stores. Discusses the affair in detail, including confessions of stealing and selling the items. Expresses confusion at the stealing of the powder, as he has kept tight control over access to the magazine.
January 19, 1798 Discussion of Launch & Performance of Frigate Captain Thomas Thompson Josiah Fox Letter, discusses launch of frigate; describes performance of Frigate; discusses sailing to sea.
June 17, 1791 Safe Transport of Materials Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Speedy transport of building materials, workmen, horses, and men across river now safe for campaign on frontier.
February 9, 1795 Summary of Speech's deliver'd by Blue Jacket & Meamymsecat two Shawnoe & Tetboxkiaka - a Delaware Chief at Greene Ville to Major General Wayne on the 8th & 9th Feby 1795. Blue Jacket [not available] Indians heard speech of A.Wayne, pleased with what was said regarding peace. Thanks for revealing true character of Gov. Simcoe, expressed hope no Indians would listen to him again. Details of treaty and prisoner exchange discussed. Details on receiving war belt from Brant c/o Gov. Simcoe to insight violence between Six Nations, the Delaware Nation, and the U.S.
October 2, 1798 Treaty with the Cherokee Nation of Indians Thomas Butler [not available] Articles of a Treaty between the United States and the Cherokee Indians.
August 13, 1790 [Proclamation] George Washington [not available] Peace treaty between United States and Creek Nation. Stipulated that the Creek Nation could not form any alliances with other nations, or pursue a treaty with an individual state. Prisoner exchange to take place. Boundary established, "where the old line strikes the Savannah [river]" extending North to the Keowee, from the top of the Occunna mountain range, to the Tugelo river, additional...
August 7, 1787 Describes Activities at Post Vincennes, Plans to Work with Indians, French Settlers Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports arrival of Captain Zeigler with his men and goods. Sent Major Hamtramck with 100 men to assist from the landing to the post. Describes an arduous journey with the rapids, the heat, the thickets, with the need to lighten the load. French settlers welcomed them on their arrival. Describes houses at the post--both log and bark, and number of American and French settlers. Met Monsieur...
August 7, 1790 Treaty of New York with the Creek Nation of Indians Henry Knox Senate of the United States This is the Treay of New York concluded between the United States and the Kings, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Creek Nation of Indians.