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November 14, 1785 Robert Morris requests Mr. Harrison's business from Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce Robert Morris requests that John Pierce forward to him all business pertaining to the settlement of Mr. Harrison's accounts.
February 25, 1784 Letter from Robert Morris to John Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce Discussion of financial matters.
August 2, 1785 Value of U.S. property in possession of Robert Morris Gunning Bedford Samuel Hodgdon Gunning Bedford sends an inventory and valuation of government property in the possession of Robert Morris to Samuel Hodgdon.
January 6, 1797 Alexander's Detention Staats Morris William Simmons Capt. Morris notes that Alexander's receipts are not included in his receipt rolls because he has been informed that Alexander has been detained in Philadelphia by the civil authorities. If that is the case, Morris asks that the recruiting officer in Philadelphia or some other official release Alexander and send him forward to Morris. Robert Dean's pay has also been omitted because he is being...
February 10, 1784 Money to Pay Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Request to Robert Morris for money to pay accounts due.
February 28, 1784 Accounting matters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Payment of accounts.
March 22, 1784 Account with Robert Morris John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Personal letter giving instructions for the repair of Faesch's carriage. Also discussues Faesch's account with the Financier of the United States, Robert Morris.
June 15, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Kilty Simmons informs Kilty that receipts from Capt. Staats Morris and Ensign Robert Moffett were received.
January 14, 1784 Pay Account Settlement Robert Morris John Jacob Faesch Robert Morris sends to John Faesh a letter on the subject of account.
May 5, 1784 Concerning pay and rations John Pierce Robert Morris The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General sends a receipt of funds disbursed for pay and rations to Robert Morris.
May 21, 1800 Information Regarding Extra Pay Allowances William Simmons Robert Gilmor Simmons received accounts of Capt. Morris. Simmons requested information regarding proper authorization for extra pay to Morris.
March 15, 1784 Repair of arms Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Reports the completion of a contract for the repair of arms.
September 29, 1784 Request for funding John Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce sends to Robert Morris a request for funding to be expended for troop rations.
February 12, 1784 Funds for Retiring Officer Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Cover letter for estimate of money due to an officer retiring from the Army.
September 20, 1784 Funding for the Pay of Harmar's Army John Pierce Morris John Pierce sends to Robert Morris a request for funding to pay Colonel Harmar's troops.
May 21, 1784 Colonel Rodures' accounts J. Reid Robert Morris John Reid sends to Robert Morris a letter detailing that status of the late Colonel Rodures' accounts.
July 13, 1797 Replacement for the treaty negotiations Robert Morris James McHenry Morris asks Knox to appoint another men to attend the peace treaty for if his son's attendance is required, he will probably resign.
August 11, 1797 How Indian land should be purchased. Robert Morris James McHenry Morris argues that the Indians have the right to stipulate how the money for the purchase of Indian land shall be appropriated and it seems that they would prefer an annuity.
February 23, 1784 Muskets and forage Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Payment for muskets and estimates for forage.
January 3, 1784 Letter Citation Henry Knox Robert Morris Cited in Morris to Knox, 01/19/1784.
May 1794 Letter from the War Office providing dimensions of various European Frigates [not available] [not available] Dimensions of several European frigates - copied from a list in the possession of Thomas Penrose, Philadelphia.Penrose's list provided to the War Office by Robert Morris
May 17, 1784 Itemized list of warrants drawn John Pierce Robert Morris The Pay Office encloses to Robert Morris an itemized list of warrants drawn.
September 6, 1784 Request for funding John Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce requests funding from Robert Morris on behalf of Major William North.
March 27, 1784 Payment of estimates Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Requests payment of estimates respecting the armory.
September 15, 1784 Financial matters Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish, deputy commissary of military stores, explains his financial situation and sends a request for money to Samuel Hodgdon.