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November 26, 1791 Letter Citation Robert Denny Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Denny, 12/10/1791.
July 13, 1800 Requesting Mr. Denny to Forward Loaned Books, Etc. Jacob Wagner Samuel Hodgdon Wagner asks Hodgdon to assist him in urging Mr. Denny to return the books that Wagner had loaned him.
May 16, 1788 Seniority of commissioned officers Peter Muhlenberg Josiah Harmar Letter, discusses rank of quota officers. The ranks of Denny and Spear to remain suspended until pretensions are laid out before the board. If Denny is senior officer, he may be commissioned accordingly.
June 20, 1796 Submits Voucher Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Has altered the enclosed voucher because Denny, the person signing it, has been absent and will be for some time, and Hunt believed Hodgdon wanted it immediately.
May 29, 1791 Poor Beatty, Lottery Tickets, Etc. Ebenezer Denny Joseph Howell Poor Beatty could stand it in New Brunswick no longer so Denny had to go up so Beatty could retire to his brothers in Prince Town [Princeton] where he will remain for at least a fortnight. Six of Denny's and Howell's [lottery] tickets turned out blanks, there were three prizes of 50, and one still on the wheel. Captain Steadford had great success. General Harmar should have had the opportunity to...
December 10, 1791 Certificates of John Bennett and John Strahan Joseph Howell Robert Denny The certificates issued for John Bennett and John Strahan of Lee's Legion and issued to Mr. White are found to have been cancelled by the Treasury but it is not evident who funded them or who disposed of them. Richmond is of the opinion that Mr. White lodged all the certificates remaining in his hands with Mr. Harwood or Mr. Johnston. Denny is asked to examine all the receipts lodged by Mr. White...
January 14, 1798 A Profound Secret, Etc. Robert Craig James McHenry There seems to be a mistake in that part of the recent communication respecting Mr. Shelby attending the assembly at Knoxville. Mr. James is currently in Philadelphia doing business with Robert Morris respecting a contract they have regarding lead mines.
October 27, 1786 Money drawn from office John Pierce John White Informs John White that Major John Davidson drew from the office the sum of 4826 dollars, which was charged to Albert Denny.
April 24, 1798 Very Few in the Country Who Favor the French David Denny James McHenry In addition to recommending Washington Carmichael for a lieutenancy in the Army, Denny assures McHenry that very few in the countryside have regard for the French during the ongoing controversy [Quasi-War].
January 5, 1798 Concerning domestic opposition in the United States James McHenry Robert Craig Discusses the domestic situation in the U.S., where he says the opposition has been viciously opposing the government and possibly inciting insurrection or a foreign invasion.
May 9, 1794 Town at Presqu' Isle Alexander James Dallas Henry Knox Encloses copies of letters which have been received from General Wilkins and Captain Denny relative to the arrangements being made for laying out a town at Presqu' Isle in Pennsylvania, and the possible opposition which the Indians may give to the accomplishment of that object.
June 1, 1798 Land Allocation Chiefs of the Oneidas Joseph Hopkinson Four Indian Chiefs of the Oneida nation state that the twelve hundred and eighty acres should not be given to Lewis and John Denny. It was specified the land be divided into five equal lots to be granted to Sarah Docksteder, Jacob Docksteder, Cornelius Docksteder, Jan Joost, and Nicholas.
December 14, 1790 Reports on the Recent Harmar Expedition Henry Knox George Washington Knox encloses reports from Lieutenant Ebenezer Denny, Governor St. Clair, and Brigadier General Harmar about the recent western expedition, which includes a list of killed and wounded. He references a separate expedition of federal troops under Majors Whitely and Hamtramck. Hamtrack destroyed Indian towns on the Wabash without opposition. Knox speaks highly of Lieutenant Denny.
June 27, 1798 Act of Oneida Chiefs on Land Allocation Joseph Hopkinson Sachems and Warriors Oneida Nation Documentation of Oneida chiefs intent for the land ceded to the United States.
March 5, 1798 Speech to the Oneida Nation on Land Purchase John Jay [not available] Jay promised treaty with President for the purchase of land, with exceptional use of certain areas by the Oneida Indians. Indian families are to be allowed to live on the aforementioned land.
June 2, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of Lieutenant Robert Lee William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $45.20 is due Lieutenant Robert Lee, being the balance of his account for pay and subsistence through April 1796, payable to Robert Gray.
August 10, 1786 Reports Intelligence of an Indian Attack Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Ensign Denny brings intelligence from the Miami Indians that General Clark and his men, authorized by the state of Virginia, are forming an expedition to attack the Indians.
January 16, 1797 Pay & Subsistence of Lieutenant Robert Lee William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $66.64 is due Lieutenant Robert Lee, being his pay and subsistence for November and December 1796.
June 30, 1788 Monies for recruiting service; appropriate specie, and disputes over rank Josiah Harmar Peter Muhlenberg Harmar discusses monies for recruiting service; the matter of paper money and specie, and disputes over rank between Ensigns Denny and Spear. Indicates that Spear is the senior officer. The same principles should operate in case of Captains Ferguson and Ziegler.
April 26, 1792 Account of Robert Provost Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Robert Provost with the United States.
November 30, 1795 Account of Robert Sifson William Simmons Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Robert Sifson, late Sergeant in the 2nd Virginia Regiment.
October 18, 1800 Recommendation of Robert Bell Unknown Author Samuel Dexter The author recommends Robert Bell to the Secretary of War.
1798 Oneida Indians to Sell Land to United States Simeon DeWitt John Jay Egbert Benson, John Taylor; and Simeon De Witt reported that their meeting with the Oneida Indians resulted in the affirmation to sell land to the United States. Conditions of sale include the allowance of Indian families to retain their lands.
December 11, 1797 Letter of Introduction for Robert McCormick Robert Oliver James McHenry Oliver provides a letter of introduction for Robert McCormick, who plans to established manufactories near Philadelphia.
April 22, 1797 Disability of Robert Cosby N.H.S. Fourniere War Department Certification by Fournier of the wound and disability of Robert Cosby.