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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 12, 1798 Information to Correct Accounts for Samuel Lewis John Steele William Simmons Letter, encloses certificate signed by the Register of the Treasury regarding the account of Samuel Lewis.
July 22, 1788 Warrant granted to General Scott Joseph Howell James Wilkinson Encloses copy of warrant certified by register of treasury granted to General Scott for pay.
November 1, 1788 Continuation of registers Joseph Howell James Ewing Sends a further continuation of registers, issued by late commissioner. Cannot send printed register without direction of Board of Treasury.
May 14, 1787 Circular enclosing register of certificates Joseph Howell New Hampshire Circular enclosing register of certificates issued by John Pierce to several states.
November 16, 1795 Confirms receipt of certificate William Simmons Comptroller of the Treasury Acknowledges the receipt of a letter from the Comptroller of the Treasury enclosing a certificate from the Register of the Treasury.
April 18, 1798 Closed Account of Major Hamtramch for Funds Advanced Him by Arthur St. Claire John Steele William Simmons Letter, encloses certificate signed by the Register regarding the account of Major Hamtramck.
May 15, 1787 Certificate for Colonel Nicola Joseph Howell Matthew McConnell Encloses certificate from Register of Treasury for Colonel Nicola.
October 15, 1795 Concerning the estate of Johnson Fleetwood William Simmons Joseph Nourse Informs the Register of the Treasury that a settlement has been made on the estate of Johnson Fleetwood, a late private in the Delaware Regiment. Requests additional evidence that he was killed in combat.
October 20, 1788 Register of Certificates Joseph Howell James Ewing Regarding register of Certificates issued by late commissioner of Army Accounts, encloses a continuation of the register.
December 27, 1798 Reports Close of Account with Ebenezer Stevens John Steele William Simmons Letter, encloses certificate of the Register regarding the account of Ebenezer Stevens.
[not available] Reference to printed register Joseph Howell William Duer Makes reference to printed register.
March 10, 1800 Letter from the Register of the Treasury Joseph Nourse William Simmons Letter from Joseph Nourse, Register of the Treasury, to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Citation only.
February 4, 1784 Money for clothing allowance Joseph Nourse John Pierce Nourse - Register of the Treasury - says that his office has in its possession money that was provided as a clothing allowance to General Smallwood. Since obviously, this is not the money that was actually provided, he wants to know what he should do with the money he has.
April 3, 1797 Arrangement of Salaries in the War Department, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Although the law authorizes specific amounts for the compensation of clerks in the War Department for the year 1797, it is Wolcott's opinion that the Secretary of War may establish the pay of any of the clerks in his department. He maintains that it is incongruous that the Accountant should be allowed a clerk with a higher salary than any established for the Offices of the Register of the...
July 3, 1800 Status of Mr. Ames Account Peter Hagner Joseph Williams Hagner reported to Williams that Mr. Ames' account showed he paid Solomon Rockwell and Brothers for 10 tons of refined iron. Williams must apply to the Register of the Treasury for information on past accounts. Hagner included set of forms required for submitting accounts to Office.
October 22, 1788 Regarding possession of printed register of certificates James Ewing Joseph Howell Regarding possession of printed register of certificates, Ewing says that this is not the case.
July 12, 1785 Unable to comply with request John Pierce Matthew McConnell John Pierce informs Matt McConnell that he is unable to comply with his request.
January 29, 1799 Settlement of suspended vouchers belonging to the accounts of John Wilkins John Steele William Simmons Steele has been told that Simmons declined acting on Quarter Master general expenditures. As it would be highly inconvenient after having closed account on books of Treasury, has directed Register to collect from accounts all vouchers suspended and transmit to Simmons' office.
June 1, 1787 Board of Treasury John Pierce Joseph Howell The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs Joseph Howell, Accountant at the Pay Office, that he has written the Board of Treasury in favor of him.
November 1, 1788 Continuation of register of certificates Joseph Howell William Skinner Encloses continuation of register of certificates issued by John Pierce.
November 26, 1792 U.S. Treasury issues warrant to Secretary at War for payment of Israel Chapin Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Fiscal, Secretary of Treasury issues warrant for the payment of Israel Chapin for incidental expenses incurred in the Indian department.
February 3, 1792 Amount of the Surplus Available Joseph Nourse Alexander Hamilton Joseph Norse, a register of the Treasury, gives Hamilton an account of the appropriations for 1790 as compared with payments for the same year in an effort to determine the amount of the surplus available. He concludes that there is a surplus of $40,000. Enclosures provide a detailed accounting of appropriations and expenditures.
May 15, 1799 Copy of the Register for the Ship "Nancy" Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon The purpose of the enclosed letter from Mr. Saunders to the Collector of the port of Philadelphia is to obtain a copy of the register of the ship "Nancy," Captain Burton, Master. Saunders has agreed to provide a copy of the bill of sale but the register has been mislaid so Hodgdon is asked to forward a copy.
February 16, 1797 Recommendation of Timothy Banger for Employment Joseph Nourse Samuel Hodgdon Nourse recommends Timothy Banger for employment somewhere in the country either with the Quartermaster or in the Commissary of Military Stores. He is currently employed in the Office of the Register of the Treasury, writes a good plain hand, and has a knowledge of accounts. His moral character is also very good.
January 28, 1784 Storekeeping and pay matters John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses stores and pay matters.