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June 27, 1794 Recommends Alexander Murray for a Command in the Navy S. H. Stone George Washington Stone recommends Captain Alexander Murray for a command in the Navy. Murray served as a captain under Stone's command and distinquished himself as a brave and active officer of exceptional character and deportment. Stone cannot judge Murray's nautical talents but knows that he commanded several ships during the last war.
March 24, 1798 Request for Issue of Wood & Sharpening Stone for the War Office James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of wood and a Turkey oilstone [sharpening stone] for use by the War Office.
March 21, 1794 Account of Reuben Stone Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Reuben Stone, late private in the 6th South Carolina Regiment.
November 26, 1795 Samuel Stone is an Impostor! John Stagg William Eaton Since Samuel Stone holds no commission in the artillery or any other corps, he is, as suspected, an impostor.
May 25, 1798 Advice on Ship Which Will Not Comply With Orders John Harris Josiah Fox Letter, advises ship not ready to comply with orders.
February 3, 1797 Death of Red Pole Isaac Craig James McHenry Notification that after severe illness, Red Pole died. Shawnee acknowledged the assistance of the U.S. in his care. Requested a head stone or tomb stone to be placed over his grave.
February 17, 1797 Labor for Road Repairs Isaac Craig James McHenry Authorized a tomb stone for Red Pole's grave. All letters addressed to A. Wayne to be transmitted to McHenry. Road to Le Boeuf and Presque Isle requires a lot of labor for repairs and Craig uncertain if garrisons at both posts can provide enough labor. Asked for approval from Pennsylvania legislature during current session for assistance with labor shortage.
June 27, 1799 Reports Construction Plans for Laboratory and Arsenal Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Has made great effort to make full estimate of contemplated building construction. Reports that it will take more time than anticipated, and the lateness of the season and destitute state of laboratory stores suggest first building a laboratory and arsenal. Suggests building in brick and stone. Waits for his order to commence labor.
September 4, 1798 Contract between Wolcott and Huntington, Livingston, Bellows, Stone for muskets. [not available] [not available] Agreement between Oliver Wolcott Secretary Treasury, and Gordon Huntington, John Livingston, Josiah Bellows of David Stone at Walpole New Hampshire. Contract for fabricating 1000 muskets settled in full.
January 26, 1801 Receiving a Credit for the Fortifications at Boston William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is receiving a credit of $29.25 for articles purchased for the fortifications at Boston.
December 18, 1795 Military Stores Supplied by Maryland Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is Governor Stone's letter with a return of the military stores supplied by the State of Maryland for the expedition against the insurgents. Included is an account showing the prices for the stores in case the United States does not return them in kind. Hodgdon is asked to comment on the letter and the enclosures.
April 30, 1787 Discussion of Iron, Stone Supply & Frigates William Price Henry Knox Discusses pig iron available for frigates; also discusses availability of stone. Two vessels drifted down river and were damaged or destroyed near Fort Montgomery.
February 11, 1794 No Stone Unturned in the Public Service Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Lyman asserts that he has made few charges against the public relative to his recruiting. He was on horseback most of the time and even went into Vermont. Even though he was responsible for the most of the recruits that were enlisted and was using his own horse in, he has left no stone unturned in the public service. The charges he has made have not only been just but made with the strictest...
January 27, 1797 Transportation of Provisions Isaac Craig James Lang Orders to deliver oakum to E. Kirk for boat building. Requested Lang send a Kentucky boat loaded with oats and corn as soon as ice permits. Requested Lang make an inquiry into the mill stone Craig agreed to purchase from N. Chalfant.
December 12, 1794 Fortifications at West Point Daniel Niven Henry Knox Report to the Secretary of War, relative to the fortifications at West Point. Niven was employed in superintending lime-burning, collecting stone to Fort Clinton, making and repairing roads, making and repairing tools, and repairing parts of the rear wall of Fort Putnam. He employed many miners, masons, laborers, and teams.
October 11, 1800 Simmons Discussing Charges with Alexander Gibson and Requesting the Orders of Alexander Hamilton William Simmons Alexander Gibson Alexander Humphrey's late contractor produced for Simmons an account of logs harvested and stone mined for building 27 huts, the amount being $636 along with a charge of $141.42 for the use of blacksmiths' shops, barracks and store houses. The order to put the soldiers under cover at Staunton apparently came from Alexander Hamilton; however, these orders have not been produced, and the Secretary...
September 18, 1798 Receipt Rolls of Ordnance Detachments George Fleming William Simmons Receipt rolls enclosed. Separate receipts and signature of James Barnet to be mailed due to lack of signature on original submission. Fleming made out a draught by order of the Sec. of War to be sent to Col. Revere of Boston to cast brass cannons for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Fleming then collected evidences and attended the Supreme Court at Goshen after being served a writ regarding...
August 8, 1794 Letter from the Armourers at New London with pay grievances [not available] Samuel Hodgdon The Commissary of Military Stores states that several of the workmen have been afflicted with sickness which has hindered their work. As a consequence, the superintendent is stopping their pay for lost time. Letter states that this is very hard and that they are sick because of the insects in the area. Signers request pay for boarding during sickness. Signed by John Lewis; Theo Lewis; William...
June 11, 1788 Estimate of Building and Repair William Price Henry Knox Price encloses, per Knox's request, an estimate for the cost of repairing the long barracks for an arsenal of arms and the store in which the arms are currently deposited as well as building a stone wall around the redoubt of Fort Clinton. The foundation of the wall is to be four feet, which Price believes to be the minimum possible for such a heavy structure on gravelly soil. Price has employed...
March 9, 1792 Request for Supplies James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Immediate need for supplies, list included.
November 23, 1785 Preliminary Speeches by Cherokee Headmen at Treaty of Hopewell [not available] [not available] Tassel of Chota. Refers to red people as the original people of the the land. Presents beads as confirmation of friendship. Refers to encroachment by whites on indian land. Recalls past treaties, then introduces War Woman of Chota, who says she is fond of hearing of peace. The commissioners ask for the boundary lines and Tassel agrees to provide it the following day. Unsuckanail, of New Cusse...
July 12, 1794 Discussion of Ongoing Construction of Fortifications at New London Jebez Huntington Samuel Huntington Discusses work on the fortifications of New London, including blockhouses, earthworks, and a magazine. Explains that most of the appropriated funds were spent on blockhouses.
May 14, 1791 Purchase of Horses, Supply of Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Notification of contract with James Marshall for the purchase of horses. Updates on transport of troops and other horses to be purchased.
April 1, 1794 Fortifications of the Seaport Towns Henry Knox Unknown Recipient A general return of the situation of the fortifications of the seaport towns in the states of New England, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and New York. The document stresses the importance of fortifications at Newport, Rhode Island, in the event of war, advising that they be strengthened. The importance of New York is also stressed.
September 1, 1796 Estimate of Expenditures for August 1796 David Ames [not available] "Estimate of expenditures on account of the United States, in aid, and on account of the Armorers employed at Springfield in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in making public arms from August 1 to September 1 1796."