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July 14, 1791 Red Jacket's Speech of July 14th Red Jacket [not available] In his speech, Red Jacket discusses the peace talks and Indian agents.
June 10, 1794 Jacket for Colonel Sargent Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon An express arrived with a jacket for Col. Sargent who had already left. Since the express horse is lame it will not be able to overtake him on his way to Pittsburgh.
July 14, 1791 Response to Red Jacket Timothy Pickering Red Jacket This appears to be Pickering's response to Red Jacket's speech.
October 14, 1799 Indian Affairs are in a Critical Situation Arthur St. Clair James McHenry Governor St. Clair discusses recent conferences with several Shawanese chiefs and with the Wyandots; He is concerned that these tribes may soon break off relations with the United States.
February 9, 1794 Proceedings of a Council holden John Stagg Unknown Recipient Speeches by General Israel Chapin, Red Jacket, and Major Littlehales regarding gifts, boundary lines, and council fires to discuss proposals of the President of United States.
July 15, 1791 Choice of an Indian Agent, Etc. Good Peter [not available] Good Peter and Red Jacket discuss the choice of an Indian agent and the potential for peace.
May 25, 1795 Extract of a letter from Detroit dated 5/25/1795, Communicated by W. J. Williams. John Foster Williams [not available] Indians are timid to sign peace treaty due to the lies told by traitors. Blue Jacket doing his best to persuade them to join the United States, writer feels they will acquiesce once they are away from the "Hell hole". Change in posts for Col. McKee to upper Canada.
July 13, 1791 Red Jacket's Speech Red Jacket [not available] In his speech, Red Jacket discusses the peace talks, the British forces on the frontier, British and Indian relations, and Indian independence.
July 10, 1791 Notes on the Speeches of Good Peter and Red Jacket A. Bolt Red Jacket Bolt describes in his notes the speeches of Red Jacket and Good Peter and discusses the progress of civilizing the Indians.He talks of the hostility of the Western Indians and mentions Indians and Indian warfare. He alludes to prisoners of war and land sales.
September 1797 Indian Treaty Proceedings, 1795-1797 Red Jacket Jeremiah Wadsworth Seems to mostly contain expressions of friendship and fair dealing.
February 3, 1797 Death of Red Pole Isaac Craig James McHenry Notification that after severe illness, Red Pole died. Shawnee acknowledged the assistance of the U.S. in his care. Requested a head stone or tomb stone to be placed over his grave.
December 15, 1792 Facts in the Communications of the Six Nations, Etc. Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox wants Wayne to meet with the Cornplanter and Red Jacket to explain the facts contained in the communications of the Six Nations. The hostile Indians have been asked to meet with representatives of the United States at the appointed time and place.
November 1796 On Breaking Alliance with British, and Establishing Friendship with United States Blue Jacket Chief of the Shawnees President of the United States Indian chief Blue Jacket, of the Shawnees, relates how he and his people once fought for the British, having been urged to do so by them; now cites deception by the British and wishes only friendship with the Americans. Submits a testimonial of friendship with the English king; now states that he will throw that one away in return for a similar document from the U.S. President.
December 12, 1792 Knox directs Chapin regarding Indian affairs Henry Knox General Israel Chapin Letter, Knox directs that Chapin ensure messages be delivered to hostile Indians; Knox directs Red Jacket be sent to War Office; alludes to Indian delegation.
December 6, 1792 Report on the Council with the Hostile Western Tribes Henry Knox George Washington Knox reports to the President on the council held between the chiefs of the Six Nations and the chiefs of the hostile western tribes.
November 25, 1790 Speech of Red Jacket to Timothy Pickering Red Jacket [not available] Red Jacket makes speech to Colonel Pickering. Red Jacket complains about compensation received for land.
February 21, 1793 Instructions to Indian Agent Israel Chapin Henry Knox General Israel Chapin Knox directs Chapin to proceed to Canandaque [Canadaigua], by way of New York and Albany. He is to take with him the Farmer's Brother and other Seneca Indians who arrived in Philadelphia with Jasper Parish, the interpreter. Chapin will be given $400 to defray expenses. He is also given $150 to purchases horses for the Farmer's Brother and Red Jacket, the Seneka Chief.
November 25, 1790 James Dean is deposed regarding the dispute between Phelps and Red Jacket James Dean [not available] James Dean provides a deposition pertaining to the disputed terms of the treaty between Oliver Phelps and the Senecas [Red Jacket]. Dean witnessed the treaty as the interpreter. Dean states that Phelps agreed to pay the Senecas 5,000 dollars the first year and 500 dollars every year thereafter for land.
February 9, 1795 Summary of Speech's deliver'd by Blue Jacket & Meamymsecat two Shawnoe & Tetboxkiaka - a Delaware Chief at Greene Ville to Major General Wayne on the 8th & 9th Feby 1795. Blue Jacket [not available] Indians heard speech of A.Wayne, pleased with what was said regarding peace. Thanks for revealing true character of Gov. Simcoe, expressed hope no Indians would listen to him again. Details of treaty and prisoner exchange discussed. Details on receiving war belt from Brant c/o Gov. Simcoe to insight violence between Six Nations, the Delaware Nation, and the U.S.
February 13, 1793 Delivery of Rifles to Senecas John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Orders to deliver seven rifles to Jasper Parish then to be given to the six Seneca Indians presently in city.
January 26, 1793 Accountability for Legion Stores & Pay, Recruitment Issues Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox requests that all articles and stores sent to the Legion be strictly accounted for. This should not take time from training the marksmen but strict accountability of public property is very important. Recruiters should know that adding new men to the Legion is solely their responsibility because no additional pay is forthcoming.
1797 Memorandum regarding travel itineraries James McHenry [not available] Memorandum regarding travel itineraries.
July 15, 1791 Appointment of an Indian Agent Good Peter Red Jacket Good Peter discusses the appointment of an Indian agent and the possibility of war.
May 19, 1796 Goods to the Indians, Etc. James McHenry James Wilkinson A list of matters to be addressed from the Secretary of War to General Wilkinson.
June 22, 1795 Participation During an Impending Council Fire Chiefs of the Potawatomies, Ottawas, & Chippewas [not available] Speeches delivered by chiefs of sundry tribes regarding participation in an impending council meeting.