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September 12, 1800 Muster rolls of the Cherokee David Henley [not available] Muster rolls of the Cherokee Indians under command of Will Shorey for punishment of offenders.
March 22, 1787 Money lodged in Charleston John Pierce Board of Treasury The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs the Board of Treasury that money previously lodged in Charlotte was currently in Charleston. Pierce states that he did not see the need to have it brought to him in New York since it would be ordered there anyway.
October 31, 1794 Captain Bissell's recruits paid Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Sends receipts for money received from John Chester for the pay of Bissell and his recruits
December 4, 1786 Shortcomings of the Current System of Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln appears to be commenting on the weaknesses of the central government of the Confederation. Those whose interests are undercut by the current system, namely creditors and holders of securities, will probably support strengthening the government with a revised constitution.
October 9, 1800 Letter from the Owner of the Columbian Centinel Benjamin Russell William Simmons Letter from Benjamin Russell, printer and owner of the Columbian Centinel (Boston newspaper), to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Citation only.
November 3, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Bissell William Simmons Russell Bissell William Simmons confirms receipt of Captain Russell Bissell's receipt rolls.
August 17, 1795 Confirms receipt of vouchers Peter Hagner Edward Miller Confirms receipt of a letter from Capt. Edward Miller that contained vouchers for Russell Gannis.
December 31, 1794 Subsistence accounts Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Bissell sends his and Ensign Frothingham's subsistence accounts to the War Office
August 24, 1797 Settlement of Accounts William Simmons Henry Smith Simmons requests monies owed to Treasury by Smith. Letter was motivated by the Resolve of the House of Representatives. The balance of the funds owed should be refunded to the Treasury of the United States or vouchers must be produced. Specifics of account ammended to letter: payment of militia under command of Lieut. Sol. Setton for the protection of Russell County. Total amount $922.33.
June 11, 1794 Settling the Accounts of the Bissells Joseph Howell John Chester Howell explains the settlement of the accounts of Ensign Daniel Bissell and Captain Russell Bissell.
October 30, 1794 Account of Peter Bette Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Peter Bette, late private in Lee's Legion.
March 26, 1787 Order to transmit money John Pierce Thomas Commander Russell Acting under the authority of the Board of Treasury, Pierce orders Russell to transmit to John Neuville the $57,600 that is the property of the United States and was originally intended for the supply of the Army.
July 13, 1799 Consideration & Signing of Death Warrant for Court-Martialled Private John Adams James McHenry Adams notes that he has weighed the case of Joseph Perkins, a recently court-martialled private, and signed a warrant for his execution. In the manner of the discussion of Sgt. Richard Hunt's court martial, Adams signifies his willingness to have the department heads [Cabinet] review this case as well.
December 14, 1792 Account of Jesse Chandler Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Jesse Chandler, late a private in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons. Chandler is owed 167 dollars.
July 30, 1794 Pay of Capt. Bissell and His Recruits Joseph Howell Russell Bissell The Treasurer will remit to John Chester the sum of $103.20 to be transmitted to Capt. Bissell for the pay of him and his recruits
March 21, 1793 Settlement with Private George Grymes, Virginia Artillery Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Settlement of account of Private George Grymes of Virginia Artillery.
November 11, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Chester Simmons informs Chester that receipts were received from Capt. Decius Wadsworth and Capt. Russell Bissell.
March 19, 1793 Settlement with Private Justus Shaffer, Pulaski's Legion Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Settlement of accounts with Private Justus Shaffer, Pulaski's Legion.
June 7, 1796 Pay of Private John Lowry & Private William Davidson William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $40 is due Private John Lowry, private of Captain Van Rensselaer' s Company 4th Troop, and Private William Davidson, of Captain Webb's 2nd Troop, being their pay from December 1795 through May 1796.
August 7, 1794 Pay for the Bissells and Their Recruits Joseph Howell Russell Bissell The Treasurer has remitted $135 to John Chester for the pay of Capt. Bissell, Lt. Daniel Bissell, and their recruits for the month of July. Ariel Cay cannot be paid as he is confined by civil authority.
July 17, 1794 Assurance of Compliance with Instructions Regarding Pay Roll Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Bissell promised to follow instructions regarding settlement and pay of troops. Previous receipt rolls deviated from the Circular Letter Instructions because Bissell had not received it.
November 19, 1798 Certification of payments; Sergeant Joseph Updegraff in Captain Alexander Gibsonís company of infantry William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $90.06 pay to Sergeant Joseph Updegraff as a private in Captain Alexander Gibsonís company of infantry.
April 15, 1793 Settlement with Private John Cockley, 1st New York Regiment Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Settlement of account with Private John Cockley, 1st New York Regiment.
June 11, 1794 Letter Citation Joseph Howell Russell Bissell Cited in Bissell to Howell, 06/29/1794.
January 21, 1793 Account of Private Brannon Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Jonathan Brannon, late private in Colonel Lee's Legion. Brannon is owed 198 dollars.