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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 26, 1791 Joseph Howell receipts for Ohio County Virginia Pay and Rations Joseph Howell [not available] Howell certifies that he has examined and certified above pay accounts
September 13, 1789 Message to the Cherokee from the Commissioners Plenipotentiary for Restoring and Establishing Peace and Amity Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department [not available] A message to the Cherokee nation of Indians, from the commissioners plenipotentiary for restoring and establishing peace and amity between the United States of America and all the Indian nations situated within the limits of the said States, southward of the river Ohio. From Savannah, the commissioners transmitted friendly talks to the Cherokees, Chickasaws, and Choctaws. The talks mention...
July 29, 1790 [Deposition of Charles Johnson, taken before the Secretary of War] Charles Johnson [not available] Describes Indian attacks and murder of several people, including burning one man alive. Goods and property taken, quoted "several thousand pounds value." Believed that there were many Americans currently held prisoner by Indian Nations.
September 22, 1790 Report of John Nicholson, Esq., on Letter from Secretary of War-Pensioners, 1790. Jonathan Nicholson [not available] Reports payment of sundry pensions. Discusses certain provisions not made in cases where commissioned officers who died were not in actual service or captivity at the time. Mentions the case of Mrs. Catherine Thompson.
October 2, 1792 Receipt for Salaries of the War Office War Department Henry Knox Account, War Office salaries paid for July, August, September 1792. Subscribers acknowledge amount of salaries.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress to Secretary at War Charles Thomson Henry Knox Resolution to protect inhabitants north of the Ohio river. Orders Commanding Officer to detach two companies of troops to the rapids of Ohio River to protect against and prevent Indian attacks.
August 12, 1793 Journal entry: decision by Federal Commissioners to proceed without delay to Miami River Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Captain Henry Ford Commissioners have received no information from the Indian Council at rapids of Miami and have decided to proceed to Miami bay or river in order to communicate and receive an answer. Captain Ford, commander of vessel Dunmore, contacted by letter.
November 14, 1794 Copy of a Letter Sent to Mr. Harrison Samuel Hodgdon William Henry Harrison No letter is shown.
February 22, 1795 Proclamation - Peace Between the United States and Indian Nations North West of the Ohio River Anthony Wayne William Henry Harrison Peace established by A. Wayne between United States and Indian Nation. Mutual surrender of prisoners, cessation of hostilities, and general treaty to hold council for all causes of controversy. Punishment for violation of treaty threatened.
May 22, 1797 Background Information on Hamilton, a merchant William Henry Harrison James McHenry Report on man named Hamilton who was trying to persuade settlers in Cincinnati to become settlers of land west of Mississippi and offered land donations as incentive. Harrison described him as a suspicious character and believed him a liar.
July 17, 1797 Letter Citation James McHenry William Henry Harrison Cited in Harrison to McHenry, 08/13/1797.
August 13, 1797 Suspicious persons at Fort Washington William Henry Harrison James McHenry Harrison replies to McHenry's request for information on suspicious persons at Fort Washington, mentioning the actions of several men. Also informs him that the Spanish are planning on building a large fort down the Mississippi.