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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 19, 1796 Regarding Masts, Spars & Timbers for Frigate Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses terms for masts and spars; discusses timber for Frigate.
June 29, 1798 Delivery Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of musket and bayonet to John Vaughan.
October 31, 1788 Pension for Prince Negroe Captain Moses Cleaveland Joseph Howell Prince Negroe enlisted into the Continental Service in 1777, belonging to the Second Connecticut Regiment. He lost an eye and was rendered infirm. Asks that he be given a pension.
August 8, 1792 Ogden sends recommendation to Knox regarding visit of Prince Edward's family Samuel Ogden Henry Knox Letter, Ogden recommends royal bearer to Knox. Prince Edward and family traveling from Quebec to England wish to visit southern states.
February 23, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of Sergeant Prince Bryant William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $375.22 is due Sergeant Prince Bryant, late of Captain Dembler's company of Artillerists and Engineers, being his pay from November 21, 1796 to September 18, 1797, the date of his discharge.
June 28, 1786 Delaware Regiment John Pierce William Winder Thanks William Winder for the information provided in his previous letter. Encloses information regarding the Delaware Regiment.
January 1, 1798 Certification of payments; salary of Boyd Vaughan clerk navy yard William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $39.29 is due Boyd Vaughan, Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, being the balance of his salary from November 11, the date of his appointment, to December 31, 1797.
November 21, 1788 Request of information on Prince Negroe Joseph Howell Captain Moses Cleaveland Howell for information on Prince Negroe, to include his assigned Regiment, his commander, when he was sent home, whether he joined the Invalid Regiment.
March 29, 1793 Account of Nicholas Prince Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Nicholas Prince, late gunner in the 4th South Carolina Regiment, Artillery
August 4, 1796 Discussion of Specifications for 36-Gun Frigate Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses terms to build 36 gun Frigate.
January 3, 1789 Sayre solicits naval appointment from Knox Stephen Sayre Henry Knox Letter, discusses appointment re American Navy.
November 30, 1799 Bowles writes to Cowoppe William Augustus Bowles Cowoppe Bowles warns Cowoppe, son of Mad Dog, that Benjamin Hawkins is a dangerous man.
September 11, 1798 Extract of a Letter from the Secretary of War to His Excellency the Governor of Georgia James McHenry James Jackson Congratulations on adoption of state constitution. Admiration of Georgia and South Carolina for their vigilance in preventing three refugees from Port-au-Prince from entering their respective states.
October 4, 1798 Enclosed Engagement for the Loan of Cannons James McHenry Timothy Pickering Enclosed Official Document that stipulates the loan of cannons from ship Foudroyant, currently in Halifax Nova Scotia. Loan proposed by British Envoy Mr. Liston, and given by Prince Edward and Minister Plenepotentiary.
September 9, 1797 News from the American Minister to Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith describes his experiences as Minister to Portugal with particular emphasis on the ceremony in which he was presented to the Prince.
June 5, 1788 Indians Seeking Peace Prince of Notoly Andrew Pickens Chota Indians left their towns and land so the Creeks and White People can fight among themselves.
March 5, 1789 Return of Pensions Paid to Invalids of Rhode Island. Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Return of pensions paid to invalids of Rhode Island.
March 20, 1793 Delivery of Deed Henry Knox B. Walker Delivery of deed to Madam LeVal.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons William Ashmore Simmons urgently requests account details regarding monies advanced to Captain William Ashmore of Virginia Militia Cavalry, Dumfries, Prince William County by Pressley Neville for pay of militia to suppress an insurrection in Pennsylvania. Money was advanced to Ashmore by warrants, who then paid militia cavalry under his command from Virginia. Simmons gave specific details on the appropriate...
June 17, 1796 Hodgdon discusses military stores and accounting matters with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon requests that Major Craig offer all possible assistance to James Prince
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Daniel Bedinger William Simmons Daniel Bedinger William Simmons informs Daniel Bedinger that Edward Carrington will pay him commission.
January 12, 1790 Enclosed accounts settled Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Encloses accounts settled by Maj. John Patton with John Yeates, late Paymaster of the Delaware regiment; encloses other amounts as well.
September 19, 1797 Settlement of Accounts, with details William Simmons Daniel Bedinger Simmons examined account and vouchers of Bedinger and discovered a number of errors. Bedinger owes the United States $388.15, payment to be remit to Carrington. Simmons requests receipts forwarded to Office to close Bedinger's account.
July 29, 1799 Willingness to Serve as a Volunteer in the Army Robert Goodloe Harper James McHenry Harper discusses his current situation as a lawyer in Baltimore but assures McHenry that he stands ready to return to military service if the need should arise. He would require at least a colonel's commission although he would expect to be a brigadier. He fears an attack by the French.
March 17, 1800 Credit to Account William Simmons Abraham Venable Simmons received letter from Venable that enclosed the receipt of Mr. B. Giles. Credit of $584.41 to Venable's account.