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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 18, 1789 Lincoln discusses federal nominations with Knox Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, discusses President's nominations.
March 21, 1796 Seeks Approval of President William Pickney James McHenry Refers to influence and confidence of the President and values his good opinion.
May 17, 1798 Power of President over the Navy, per Naval Armament document Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton believed the power of the President to authorize the use of force by the navy was for defense only. Offensive action required the sanction of the Department. Hamilton advised the President should approach Congress with his opinion on the limitation that should be imposed on his office so as not to exceed those specified in the Constitution.
August 1793 Dandridge communicates the directions of the President to Knox B. Dandridge Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re meeting at President's residence.
March 3, 1796 Requests Approval of the President David Harris James McHenry Includes advice and references to various families. Refers to the necessary stringent approval of the President.
September 2, 1789 Gardoqui thanks Knox for actions in behalf of his son James Gardoqui Henry Knox Letter, mentions death of President's mother; asks for advice about President.
October 18, 1796 Electors of President and Vice President for Maryland, Etc. James McHenry Colonel Howard Since Bright was enlisted for three years, and not during the war, he is not entitled to land. Enclosed is Howard's warrant for five hundred dollars for which a receipt is required. Who are likely to be the electors of the President and Vice President for Maryland?
July 26, 1789 Knox discusses Presidential appointments with Lincoln Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Letter, discusses President's nominations.
May 7, 1793 Lear conveys the directions of the President to Knox Tobias Lear Henry Knox Letter, President directs that a Frenchman with Wabash Indians be given boots and stockings.
March 11, 1793 Submit the Enclosed to the President Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Please to submit the enclosed to the President of the U. S. Mr. Lea who departs tomorrow will take charge of it, if approved."
June 22, 1797 Discussion of International Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Reports experience with W. Adams. Writes about international affairs and diplomatic causes. Gives opinion on President and Vice President. Reports exchange with Col. Pickering.
December 21, 1799 Certificate of the President James McHenry [not available] Certificate of the President, directing five hundred dollars to be passed to the credit of James Ross, Esq. applied to secret services.
March 1, 1793 Copy of document [not available] [not available] Document, Memorandum providing opinion on the time, place and manner of taking the President's oath of office.
1794 Reassures that the President Loves His Red Children Henry Knox Conyatauyou Wants to reassure the chief that the President heard him talk, and that the President's door is always open to the just complaints of his red children. He will give him a written instrument, which he may consider a guarantee of his rights to the land. Offers him money to make him comfortable on the path.
January 14, 1790 Reply of President Washington to Congress George Washington Congress of the United States Receives with pleasure, the assurances of Congress. Expresses confidence that Congressional deliberations will be directed by enlightened and virtuous zeal for the happiness of our country.
September 24, 1789 Littlefield asks Knox to forward his application to the President William Littlefield Henry Knox Letter, encloses application to President.
October 21, 1797 Reports celebration of the President's Birthday William Smith James McHenry Reports celebration of the President's birthday; mentions toasts made. Awaits news from the US, other than letters to the editor in the newspapers.
December 18, 1793 Information Relative to the Southwestern Frontiers Henry Knox John Adams "In pursuance of directions from the President of the United States, I have the honor to submit to the Senate further information relatively to the Southwestern frontiers."
September 27, 1796 With the President Declining, Who is to Succeed Him? Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Apologizes for not having written but he has been busy with work. Asks for news regarding the succession of the President and hopes that it will not bring strife. Describes a storm on Lake Huron. Encloses a letter for his sister.
March 2, 1793 Commissioners Appointed to Deal With Indians; Howitzers to Be Sent Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Upon approval of the President, the howitzers requested by Wayne will be provided. The President has appointed three Commissioners to negotiate with the Indians.
1798 Whereabouts of President Adams, Etc. James McHenry Unknown Recipient McHenry speculates on the whereabouts of the President and wonders whether or not the Republican militia paraded since they dislike the President. Did the blues parade? Did the new army parade? The Congress has ordered it do so without consulting the President.
July 28, 1789 Hickborn asks Knox to recommend him to the President Benjamin Hickborn Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to President.
May 3, 1799 Discusses Appointments, Power to Appoint by the President Alexander Hamilton James McHenry States belief that the President has no authority to appoint officers to the battalions.
October 17, 1791 Hamilton forwards the intentions of the President to Knox Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Letter, directs details of President's letter; mentions white aggression; mentions Indian treaties.
July 3, 1790 The President's Approbation of Your Visit Henry Knox Alexander McGillivray Knox informs McGillivray of President Washington's satisfaction regarding the visit of the chiefs of the Creek Nation to the seat of government.