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March 1, 1792 The Situation at Marietta, Etc. Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs Washington that he has drafted a letter to General St. Clair and has received information from Judge Putnam, both of which require the president's examination along with several officer appointments. (See transcript below.)
July 17, 1798 Relative Rank of Officers in the Provisional Army Alexander Hamilton Timothy Pickering Hamilton says that, if indispensable, he is willing to inhabit a lower rank than Knox but is not amenable to the same situation in relation to Pinckney. He is unwilling to occupy a lower rank to every officer who held superior rank in the Revolutionary War.
April 2, 1798 First at Sea if the Political Horizon Thickens Samuel Hodgdon Captain Thomas Truxtun Hodgdon assures Truxton that as many articles as are available will be forwarded to his ship and the rest will arrive as they come to hand. He adds that he hopes Truxton's ship will be the first at sea if the political horizon thickens.
August 18, 1795 My Situation Is Become More Presssing John Vermonnet William Simmons Vermonnet laments that he has yet to receive orders from the Secretary of War nor has he received an answer from Simmons on account of his salary. Since his situation has become even more pressing, he requests a prompt reply relative to this important matter.
April 1797 Draft Letter, James McHenry to Unknown Recipient James McHenry Unknown Recipient Draft letter regarding political situation with France.
November 17, 1799 Political Concerns of the United States George Washington James McHenry General Washington admits to having been "stricken dumb" by McHenry's recent letter. He fears that political events in the United States are moving quickly toward a crisis but only God knows what will be the final result.
September 30, 1800 Discussion of Political Matters John Adams Samuel Dexter Appears to be a political discussion concerning the upcoming election, ministers, and American policy.
October 4, 1799 Local Political Sentiments, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that shipped stores will likely not reach Fort Wayne until winter. Craig also mentions local political sentiments.
May 10, 1794 Extract of letter Henry Knox Henry Jackson The Secretary of War discusses the delay returning to War Office and military stores.
October 10, 1798 Relative Rank of Major Generals, Knox's Pecuniary Situation, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Wolcott refers to the fact that the three Major Generals for the Provisional Army were appointed the same day although it is clear that Hamilton was intended to be the first Major General. He believes Knox should decline service as his pecuniary situation makes him a likely tool for speculators. There should be nothing done regarding the organization of the Army until deliberate consultations...
June 20, 1800 Political Views and Accounting Matters Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig expresses political views to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig also mentions accounting matters.
November 16, 1799 Complaints Relative to the Pay of the Troops James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry assures Hamilton that it pains him greatly that, for whatever reason, the troops are not being paid promptly and that he will take the necessary steps to correct the situation.
March 18, 1799 His Character as an Officer & His Political Principles Alexander Hamilton Jonathan Dayton Hamilton directs Dayton to deliver the enclosed letter to Major Ford which orders Ford to take command of some detachments of Artillerists who will march as auxiliaries to the volunteers under McPherson. He also inquires as to Ford's character as an officer and his political principles.
October 22, 1799 Letter from James McHenry James McHenry John McHenry James McHenry writes to his nephew, John McHenry. The Secretary at War discusses the situation in France, the gubernitorial elections in Pennsylvania, and the overall formation of national political parties in the United States.
October 11, 1799 Political Climate Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mentioned process of election for city and county, along with the positions held. Mentioned the "demons" and corrected himself by calling the party "demos" for democrats. Hodgdon called the democrats a "lying race".
May 3, 1797 Suspension of the Evacuation of These Posts Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Gayoso de Lemos assures Lieutenant Pope that political reasons require a minimal and temporary Spanish presence in United States territory and no disrespect is intended by the King of Spain.
October 22, 1799 Political Discussion of Federalists and Anti-federalists James McHenry William Loughton Smith Reports the general state of the country, described as "tranquil" with the Indians. Recruiting for the military is successful and the overall commerce of the country is prosperous. Discusses the politics of the day, reporting a split in the Federalist Party over Adams' decision to make peace with France.
May 26, 1798 Political Affiliations of Indians Edward Price James McHenry Extract from letter by Col. Hawkins discussed relations of Indians with Spanish and French. The effects of an alliance between British and United States on the Creeks discussed. Officer misconduct recounted.
May 9, 1799 Draft Letter [not available] [not available] Letter, discusses relative rank of officer re acceptance of commission.
October 31, 1787 Relative to situation in Luzerne County; Colonel Buttler's conduct during late riot Peter Muhlenberg Timothy Pickering Colonel Dennison laid before the council several papers related to situation in Luzerne County. Council wishes to deliberate on measures. Sufficient number of troops will be sent to take part in Tioga. Captain Ross has been commissioned. Colonel Butler apologizes for his conduct during the late riot; stating reason for such conduct; council finds charges against Butler on slight grounds;
May 13, 1800 Demand for clothing among the troops Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses copy of a letter from Col. Rice relative to the issue of clothing for his troops. States that if the troops are not to be disbanded by the end of the year, they will be in a "very naked and distressed situation, unless clothing be issued."
October 24, 1798 Our Situation Relative to Clothing for the Army Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon expresses his concern regarding clothing for the Army at the northern posts. As winter approaches, clothing should be transported immediately.
September 13, 1792 Indians Turning Away from Spanish James Seagrove Henry Knox Political alliances with Eufath discussed. Seagrove believes Indians have turned away from Spanish and will ally with United States. Noted the lower towns, which had previously supported Bowles, now support U.S. with assistance of Kinnard.
April 24, 1786 Widow applying for pension Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell The author is verifying the Army service of James Wilson whose widow is applying for government benefits.
July 19, 1796 Paucity of Iron and Steel at Springfield David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames promises to forward a sample musket constructed at the Springifield Armory as soon as he can find a vessel travelling to Philadelphia. He discusses the situation relative to supplies of iron and steel. The purveyor who is supposed to furnish the iron and steel said he only purchased the amount ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. It seems a pity that the workers should be idle for want...