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August 2, 1792 Marching orders to Point Pleasant Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox orders Captain Preston to commence the march for Point Pleasant, at the mouth of Great Henhawa River. Route will begin at Green Briar Court House under escort of Captain Gibson's company. Draw rations at present rendezvous and en route. Keep journal, noticing weather and distances of each day's march. At Point Pleasant, will receive further orders from Major General Wayne....
August 2, 1792 Procurement of equipment and route of travel Henry Knox William Preston Because of the remoteness of Captain Preston's situation, SecretaryKnox forwards money for personal equipment, and one month's pay for the men. Equipment will be transported to Pittsburgh by Major General Wayne to Point Pleasant, mouth of Great Henhawa. Captain Gibson's company will provide escort from Green Briar Court House to Point Pleasant. Discusses difficulty of transport of arms and...
March 2, 1793 Orders from Secretary of War Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox orders Captain Preston to proceed to Point Pleasant, the mouth of the Great Henhawa River. He is to meet with Major General Anthony Wayne for further orders, then proceed with Lieutenant Bowyer, Lieutenant Craig, Ensign Gray and Ensign Sanklin.
June 9, 1797 Certification of Wounded Soldier Andrew Lewis Capt. William Clendinen [not available] Certifies that Andrew Lewis served as a soldier in a volunteer militia unit to protect inhabitants of Virginia. While sent on an express to warn the local inhabitants of an impending Indian attack, he was wounded and his arm was subsequently amputated.
December 27, 1789 Indian Attacks George Clendinen George Washington Clendinen begged leave to innumerate the Indian attacks that occurred in his county. He believed if protection was not given, majority of settlers would leave frontier.
June 8, 1798 Nine Pounders to be Sold at Auction Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon notes that two long nine-pounders are to be sold at auction and inquires as to whether they should be purchased for public use.
June 22, 1792 Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Compensation for additional service promised. Updates on forges and clothing.
April 15, 1798 Account of Capt. John Van Bibber Capt. William Clendinen James Wood Clendenin discusses with Gov. James Wood the account of Capt. Van Bibber who has not settled with Mr. Cavendish who transacted his business relative to the provisions to the militia under Clendenin's command.
September 22, 1792 Inspection of Shot and Shell Henry Knox Isaac Craig Colonel Procter has returned from inspecting shot and shells cast by Patrick Campbell at Loudon and Mount Pleasant furnaces. A considerable part is on the way to Pittsburg.
July 28, 1792 Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the deployment and outfitting of some of his forces, the need for rifle uniforms, and the punishment of a difficult young man named Lieut. Smith.
July 28, 1792 Acknowledged Receipt of Orders Reorganizing Sublegions, Update on Troop Movement Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne gave locations and marching orders for troops in Ohio County, information on new recruits acquired in Pennsylvania, and details on the arrest of Lieut. Smith.
August 3, 1792 Detailed Plans for Gibson; Preston; Thomas Lewis, and Howell Lewis Companies Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Detailed account of supplies, number of troops, and locations to which they'll march. Enclosed invoices with materials distributed.
January 24, 1796 Williams solicits Washington's opinions regarding scientific experiments John Williams George Washington Williams seeks Washington's advice regarding the atmospheric experiments he has been conducting with thermometers and barometers.
March 10, 1799 Recommendation of William Adams Jonathan Williams Samuel Hodgdon William Adams is a gun stock maker who has arrived from Ireland and has been employed for six months as a carpenter. Since he appears to be a very industrious and deserving young man. Williams recommends that he be employed by the public in his normal line of work.
October 15, 1794 Satisfaction Relative to the Cecil Company's Contract, Etc. Samuel Lewis Tench Coxe It will soon be obvious how much satisfaction can be given by the Cecil Company relative to the contract they have negotiated. Mr. Nancy cannot be spared before he has completed five or six guns.
October 8, 1796 Discusses Situaton at West Point with Indians James McHenry George Washington Discusses situation at the garrison. Refers to affairs at West Point, including with Indians. Suggests possibility of separating troops detached from West Point. Mentions French monarchy.
November 28, 1794 Pay matters at West Point George Fleming Joseph Howell Cover letter transmitting pay vouchers of the West Point garrison. Notifies Howell that he has requested 6,000 dollars from the Secretary of War for contingent expenses of the West Point garrison. Cited in Fleming to Howell, 01/03/1795.
October 13, 1798 Barrels Belong to the Philosophical Society Jonathan Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams notes that the three barrels from General Wilkinson belong to the Philsophical Society and should be sent on to Mr. Peal's museum.
July 24, 1795 Pay for West Point troops William Simmons William Willson Informs Lt. Wilson that all the troops at West Point will be paid together.
March 31, 1798 Distribution of Fuel at West Point Philip Rodrigue James McHenry Rodrique announces that he he has closed the account of fuel distributed at West Point during the last six months and enclosed the related vouchers.
November 7, 1794 Pay matters at West Point George Fleming Joseph Howell Cover letter for "a package of vouchers." Notifies Howell that he has requested 6,000 dollars from the Secretary of War for contingent expenses of the West Point garrison.
May 18, 1800 Correspondence with John Adams John Williams James McHenry Upon his retirement, Williams asks McHenry to forward an enclosed letter to John Adams.
October 3, 1794 Funds for the Ordnance Dept. at West Point [not available] George Fleming $3,000 has been remitted to Nicholas Fish for the incidental expenses of the Ordnance Department at West Point and for repairs directed and articles purchased by the President.
September 27, 1798 Account of Garrison at West Point D. Denniston William Simmons Enclosed is the account against the garrison at West Point as seen by Colonel Stephen Rochefontaine and passed through the hands of Lt. Forman, the present commandant at the Point.
August 21, 1794 Pay matters at West Point George Fleming Joseph Howell Cover for Fleming's account of contingent expenses and muster and pay rolls for the ordnance detachment at West Point. Discusses pay and administrative issues at the West Point garrisonl. Notifies Howell that he has requested 6,000 dollars from the Secretary of War for contingent expenses. Cited in Howell to Fleming 09/04/1794.