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February 9, 1793 Forwarding of Ammunition to Pittsburg Henry Knox Isaac Craig Will forward supply of flints, powder, military stores from Philadelphia to Pittsburg.
December 23, 1796 Pay of troops at Pittsburg William Simmons Isaac Craig Notification to Craig that a warrant has been issued for the pay of the troops in and around Pittsburg.
October 29, 1796 Craig's account and pay of the soldiers at Pittsburg William Simmons Isaac Craig Sums from two accounts will not be placed to Craig's credit on the War Department books until they are verified. Surplus money left in Craig's hands after paying the troops at Pittsburg for two months is to be used for paying them for additional months. Cited in Craig to Simmons, 11/04/1796.
November 16, 1793 Accounts; officers at Pittsburg; contagion eradicated Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mentions Britts' account. The officers are in operations in Pittsburg. Late contagion has been eradicated.
July 5, 1793 Powder, Lead and Muskets to be Sent to Pittsburg Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Request to send musket powder, lead and 750 new muskets to Pittsburg.
July 26, 1792 Report from Captain William Faulkner on status of company and receipts from the recruits for their bounty William Faulkner Joseph Howell Captain William Faulkner, reporting from Headquarters at Pittsburg, notes that he has not made settlement with Goudy. His company is complete; mustered and marched to Pittsburg. Will procure receipts from recruits for bounties. Asks that letters be forwarded.
June 20, 1794 When the Box Reaches Pittsburg Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Howell wants to be informed when a box, containing sundry papers forwarded from Caleb Swan to the War Department, reaches Pittsburg.
July 10, 1793 Requesting Prices of Indian Goods and Transportation from Philadelphia to Pittsburg Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Commissioners for Sandusky Conference request price of all Indian goods and cost of transportation from Philadelphia to Pittsburg.
July 5, 1793 Payment for Transportation of Baggage to Pittsburg Samuel Hodgdon Andrew Michaux Payment of $25.13 to Andrew Michaux for transporting baggage to Pittsburg.
March 1, 1796 Request for Estimate for Transportation of listed Arms to Pittsburg Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests estimate of transportation to Pittsburg for a quantity of 12 pounders, shot, howitzers, shells, cannon powder, musket powder, rifle powder, and muskets with bayonets.
December 7, 1792 Armorers at Pittsburg to be paid through Quartermaster's Department John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg notes that Secretary of War has directed him to inform Hodgdon that armorers at Pittsburg are to be paid by the Quartermaster's Department.
August 8, 1800 Reports Local Costs for Powder, with Shipment Israel Whelen Samuel Dexter Provides an estimate on the price of powder at Philadelphia and Baltimore, and cost of hauling to Pittsburg.
September 6, 1794 List of articles wanted for the armories at Pittsburg [not available] [not available] List of armorer supplies, tools and equipment wanted for the armourers at Pittsburg. A copy of this inventory was forwarded to Col Hamilton 6 Sept 1794. Document is not signed.
August 29, 1800 Certification of payment; John Scull, Printer, for printing proposals for supply of rations in Pittsburg Gazette William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $45 to John Scull, Printer, for printing proposals for supply of rations in Pittsburg Gazette.
August 23, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners to Lieutenant Tinsley, commanding officer Fort Franklin, [no. 2] requesting assistance in delivery of letters to Pittsburg Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Lieutenant Tinsley Federal commissioners at Sandusky conference request assistance in getting letters to Major Craig at Pittsburg as quickly as possible. They recommend use of Indian Runners; but if available can use trustworthy Allegheny Indians who are knowledgeable of the path the Pittsburg. Request help for Sylvester Ash with passage by water; asking for canoe men. Letter closes by suggesting one letter by...
May 4, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Francis Hamtramck Simmons informs Hamtramck that he may forward his vouchers until the paymaster can settle his other claims.
May 5, 1791 Housing Henry Knox Isaac Craig Housing and stores buildings to be constructed. Tents for levies.
November 21, 1796 Receipt of Meriwether Lewis for issue of horse and pistols. Meriwether Lewis [not available] Pittsburg. Received from Isaac Craig. A receipt of government issued horse, pistols and holsters, the property of the United States, accountable to be returned to Samuel Hodgdon in Philadelphia. Signed by M. Lewis, Ensign of the 1st US Regiment
February 16, 1789 Illness of Secretary of War and correspondence William Knox Arthur St. Clair William Knox hopes correspondence will be at office previous to departure of the next Pittsburg mail.
February 23, 1793 Receipt of Letters and Returns Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox acknowledges receipt of letters and returns of stores, and of articles forwarded to several posts and issues at Pittsburg.
May 26, 1793 Instructions to Get Two Guides and Proceed with Letters to Pittsburg Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Jasper Parrish Commissioners instruct interpreter Jasper Parrish to proceed to Pittsburg with two trusty Indians from Cornplanter's settlement, obtain more interpreters for treaty negotiations at Sandusky, and procure more white wampum. If Major Craig does not respond in timely fashion, apply to General John Gibson, who will expedite the effort. Commissioners plan to embark for Sandusky on 20 June 1793
August 15, 1800 Certification of payment; Lieutenant Robert Sample for recruiting and travel expenses, Fort Adams to Pittsburg William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $72.87 to Lieutenant Robert Sample for recruiting and travel expenses, Fort Adams to Pittsburg.
July 5, 1793 Request to Transmit Money to Major Craig at Pittsburg Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Transmit to Major Craig at Pittsburg $2500 for the Quarter Master General's Department.
August 10, 1792 On the Timing of Arrival of Goods at Pittsburg Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox says that a sufficient time has hardly elapsed for any articles sent forward to the arrived yet. Asks that Craig be particular in notifying of the days when the stores are delivered and the names of the wagons.
April 26, 1794 Movements of troops to Pittsburg John Stagg Isaac Craig Reports that recruits preparing to march for Pittsburg to descend Ohio River for Fort Washington. Ensign McClean marches from Philadelphia to Carlisle. A Captain and 40 men are ordered from West Point to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Mentions recruits in Virginia under Captain Heth also ordered to Pittsburg.