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December 12, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce discusses the time for receiving claims by members of the Virginia Line. Pierce also directs Dunscomb to forward his records to the Paymaster's Office without delay. Pierce expresses his intent to complete all registers by 1 August.
February 18, 1784 De Brahm's account Major De Brahm John Pierce Cited in Pierce to DeBrahm 03/17/1784 CITATION Only. Contained a narration concerning the seventy-six dollars of the clothier. DeBrahm may have discussed matters concerning his account with the Office of Army Accounts. Also may have requested business from Pierce.
February 28, 1786 Receipt for Accounts Ebenezer Jackson John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Jackson, 02/21/1788. Mentioned a receipt that Pierce required for his accounts and that he would forward it to Pierce's office
November 1, 1794 Account of John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce The receipts of Mr. Swan have been received for the amount deposited with Pierce so he has been exonerated from accountability for the same.
May 1, 1786 Settlement of an Officer's Pay Account Major Archibald McAllister John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to McAllister, 10/26/1786. Provided evidence that his claim for pay was presented to Pierce prior to August 1785.
June 27, 1785 Letter from the Board of Treasury [not available] John Pierce Walter Livingston and Samuel Osgood issue a book of blank drafts to Pierce. Pierce is to sign these drafts to address arrearages.
April 1, 1797 Money for Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons John Pierce Cover for letter forwarded from Brigadier General Wilkinson to Pierce. Also requests that Pierce pay him two hundred dollars owed to Wilkinson that Wilkinson wants Pierce to pay over to Mrs. Wilkinson.
May 9, 1786 Questions Concerning Officer's Pay Henry Godwin John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Godwin, 05/18/1786. Godwin questioned Pierce on the documentation necessary for certain officers to claim subsistence and commutation pay.
May 14, 1786 Cited letter or document, Peter Dolliver to John Pierce Peter Dolliver John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Dolliver, 05/19/1786. Dolliver asked Pierce for an accounting of the charges against him in the records of the Office of Army Accounts
February 5, 1784 Payment in Gold John Pierce James Lovell CITATION Only. Cited in Lovell to Pierce 02/16/1784 in which Lovell agrees to Pierce's request to furnish the monthly payment of fifteen hundred (1500)dollars. He says he will pay in gold so as to avoid the disagreeable weight of coin.
March 27, 1788 Memorial of Hannah Pierce John Pierce Board of Treasury Report on the Memorial of the widow of Lieutenant Pierce, late in Captain Simon Spaulding's company, raised in the town of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.
June 9, 1788 Regarding warrants; Mr. Pierce's health Joseph Howell John Hopkins Mr. Pierce is indisposed and absent from the city and is under necessity of retiring from all business. Encloses warrants.
December 14, 1796 Question about Pierce's payroll William Simmons John Pierce Simmons requests to know who made an advance to Captain Pierce's detachment that appears Pierce's payroll.
April 25, 1786 Pay of Willett's regiment Marinus Willett John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Willett, 04/25/1786. May have concerned the pay of Willett's regiment which Pierce discusses in Pierce to Willett, 04/25/1786
February 12, 1784 Dr. Crosly's Affairs Doctor E. Crosly John Pierce Discusses problems with a pair of shoes; mentions notes sent by Pierce and his intention to send Pierce a certificate. Requests Pierce to remember the settlement of his subsistence money. Mentions that Pierce's sister has the small pox.
July 7, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce informs Dunscomb that the Treasury Board has directed that no further copies of paymaster registers be provided to individuals. Pierce also discusses counterfeit certificates.
December 21, 1785 Mr. Pierce's travel plans John Pierce Joseph Howell Asks that Howell make copy of letter before forwarding it. Pierce will set out on Monday, 2 January, weather permitting.
June 25, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Joseph Pierce Simmons informs Pierce that he will comply with the request to forward a letter to Capt. John Pierce at Fort Adams.
September 27, 1785 Pierce sends Money to Artson John Pierce G. Artson John Pierce forwards money to Mr. Artson for the pay due to Mr. Reid and as repayment of a sum previously borrowed by Pierce.
March 30, 1784 Money returned Elisha Horton John Pierce Returns a sum of money that Pierce advanced him. Thanks Pierce for his "generous disposition" towards the Army.
April 27, 1786 Settlement of Army accounts A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb, 05/06/1786. May have mentioned his papers regarding settlement of Army accounts which Pierce discusses in Pierce to Dunscomb, 05/06/1786. May have also mentioned an intended journey to New York
May 27, 1784 Letter Citation A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb, 06/08/1784.
December 29, 1783 Letter Citation Robert Troup John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Troup 01/17/1784.
September 1, 1796 Balance Due the Treasury by John Pierce James McHenry John Pierce Capt. Pierce is ordered to pay Samuel Meridith, Treasurer of the U. S., the sum of $212.53, being the balance left in his hands for recruiting and contingent expenses related to marching a detachment of recruits from Philadelphia to Pittsburg.
September 10, 1784 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce John White Pierce informs White that the States have each pursued their own measures in seeking financial settlements with members of their respective Lines. This circumstance, Pierce states, will likely result in a financial hardship for the United States. Pierce hopes this matter will soon be addressed by Congress but, in the meanwhile, Pierce urges White to be careful at establishing precedent with...