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October 27, 1797 On Yellow Fever in Philadelphia, and the Suitability of That Place for Congress Charles Lee John Adams Informs Adams about the chances of yellow fever in the city of Philadelphia, claiming that the onset of winter will stop the sickness; reminds Adams of his authority to recommend a change in meeting-place for Congress.
June 16, 1796 Request that certain pieces of live oak be sent from New York to Philadelphia [not available] John Blagge Joshua Humphreys requires pieces of live oak to complete the frigate at Philadelphia. Will be considerable time before it arrives from Georgia, therefore, request goes to Blagge to send certain pieces of live oak on a vessel from New York to Philadelphia.
September 7, 1799 No Case of the Fever Found in Philadelphia William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons thanks Hodgdon, who remained in Philadelphia despite warnings of a possible outbreak of the fever, for watching over his house and property and keeping him aprised of events in the capital city.
November 24, 1800 Refers to Samuel Hodgdon in Philadelphia Samuel Dexter Caleb Gibbs Refers to Samuel Hodgdon in Philadelphia. Mentions Castle Island in Boston and the date October 1790.
August 6, 1800 Expenditures for General Court Martial, Philadelphia Campbell Smith Samuel Dexter Smith requests payment of $500 to Samuel Hodgdon for expenditures of general court martial at Philadelphia.
February 10, 1792 An invoice of goods used for trade with Indians Samuel Hodgdon [not available] A return of merchandise forwarded from Philadelphia by Colonel Clement Biddle for Indian purposes.
June 20, 1796 Request for transfer of live oak for frigate construction at Philadelphia [not available] William Pennock Joshua Humphreys is in need of a shipment of live oak for frigate construction at Philadelphia. Therefore Naval Agent William Pennock should take measures to ship to Philadelphia at first opportunity.
July 10, 1793 Requesting Prices of Indian Goods and Transportation from Philadelphia to Pittsburg Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Commissioners for Sandusky Conference request price of all Indian goods and cost of transportation from Philadelphia to Pittsburg.
June 8, 1796 Account of Major General Anthony Wayne William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $828.45 is due Major General Anthony Wayne, being for the support of a detachment of dragoons from Philadelphia to Pittsburg in 1792 and the subsistence of a detachment of dragoons from headquarters to Philadelphia, and for sundry other expenses.
October 24, 1797 On the Safety of Philadelphia for Congress, and Why France Will Continue to Plunder American Shipping While Her War With England Lasts Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Adams Wolcott advises the president on the safety of Philadelphia as a place for Congress to convene, given its recent outbreak of sickness; Wolcott assures him that it is now safe. Opines on U.S.-French relations, and on whether Adams' new envoys to France will be received. Says he believes no treaty will be accorded by the French until they have peace with England, since 1) it is in the interests...
November 2, 1795 Salary of William Doughty, Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia Peter Hagner Timothy Pickering Hagner certifies that $67.25 is due William Doughty being his salary as Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia from October 1 to November 2, 1795, the day of his resignation.
November 18, 1799 Papers Lodged with Mr. Bingham James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Hamiton's request for Mr. Bingham's papers has been received but Bingham has not returned to Philadelphia so a servant has been dispatched to contact him.
November 14, 1798 Correspondence with Washington James McHenry Timothy Pickering Refers to correspondence with General Washington and their meeting in Philadelphia.
March 14, 1799 Requests March through Pennsylvania James McHenry William MacPherson Requests march on short notice from Philadelphia through Pittsburgh. Requests promptness.
September 16, 1784 Letter from Mr. Wetmore Hezekiah Wetmore John Pierce Wetmore discusses his health and an upcoming trip to Philadelphia to see Pierce.
October 7, 1800 Expense for Removal from Philadelphia to Washington Unknown Author William Simmons Lists expenses related to travel, transportation, and shipping of home goods and family from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.
August 17, 1792 Discusses Appointment of Attorney in Philadelphia James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Discusses extract of letter from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Secretary of War about the appointment of an attorney or deputy in Philadelphia. Recommends immediate appointment.
June 3, 1799 Baltimore Naval Committee Members to Travel to Philadelphia to Consult McHenry Robert Gilmor James McHenry Acknowledges receipt of a copy of McHenry's letter to Mr. Foncin, superintendent engineer of Fort McHenry. Informs McHenry that two members of the Baltimore Naval Committee are traveling to Philadelphia to meet and negotiate with him on the Fort McHenry project, with the full authority of the whole committee.
May 6, 1794 Fortifications of Philadelphia Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Revenue Office requests that there may be issued to Tench Francis a warrant for $6000, a sum immediately necessary to carry on the works for the defense of the port of Philadelphia.
March 8, 1794 Take Care of Baggage ordered to Philadelphia George Baynton Samuel Hodgdon Baynton assigns to Hodgdon's care as Quartermaster his baggage which has been ordered to Philadelphia.
August 8, 1798 Back Pay for McRea Griffith James McRee William Simmons Enclosed is Lt. Fergus's receipts for $200 paid him for the recruiting service. McRea has received no pay since he left Philadelphia, having received an advance through January 1798. He would like to have transmitted the pay due him.
March 22, 1798 MEMO: Naval Expenditures and Disposition of Materials Philadelphia Navy Yard [not available] Report of War Office stated that $12,053.81 had been paid for rent, fixtures, implements, clerk hire, and commissions of agents at Philadelphia Yard. An estimate of application of balances lists $1,474.87.
April 12, 1798 Discusses International Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Talks about activities and affairs between the Hague and Philadelphia--who works on what and with whom. Mentions diplomatic relations with several different countries.
October 15, 1795 Directions for Ship Building Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Offers suggestions for measurements related to frigates.
December 10, 1799 Enclosed Return Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Discusses yearly allowance of stationary for regiments.