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October 23, 1794 William Doughty clerk of shipyard Philadelphia Oath of office witnessed by Hilary Baker William Doughty [not available] Doughty oath of allegiance as clerk of shipyard port of Philadelphia.
November 8, 1799 Travel from Philadelphia to New York Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Writes that sister Lucy is desirous of returning home from Philadelphia and asks Hodgdon to find someone who may be coming to New York to accompany her. Says that any expenses may be charged to his account.
January 6, 1797 Compensation of Joshua Humphreys, constructor of the frigate building at Philadelphia William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $500 is due Joshua Humphreys, being his compensation as Constructor of the frigate building at Philadelphia from October through December 1796.
April 3, 1798 Request for Sale of White Pine & Yellow Oak Planks in Philadelphia Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Knox informs Humphreys that he has a sizable quantity of white pine and yellow oak planks, and asks if Humphreys could inform him of the possibilities of selling the lumber in Philadelphia.
March 31, 1797 Notification of Estimated Costs for Posts, Appointment of Agent for Q.Master's Dept. in Philadelphia John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wilkins directed by Sec. of War to appoint an agent for the Quartermaster's Department in Philadelphia, Wilkins notified Hodgdon he would receive a letter of Attorney authorizing Hodgdon to act as agent for Wilkins.
June 14, 1798 Appointment of James Hulehan as clerk ship yard Philadelphia [not available] James Hulehan James Hulehan is appointed Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia. Pay $500 per year. Duties described.
December 12, 1800 Request for Issue of Arms & Accoutrements for Philadelphia Recruiter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of arms & accoutrements for use by recruiter in the city of Philadelphia.
June 7, 1800 Requests Funds to Cover Transfer of Navy Offices from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. Purveyor's Office Benjamin Stoddert Requests Funds to Cover Transfer of Navy Offices from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.
March 8, 1798 Receipt for Transporting Goods Henry Irvine [not available] Receipt for shipment of goods from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh for new galleys.
December 11, 1794 Non-indebtedness sworn John Stagg Hilary Baker Non-indebtedness sworn before Philadelphia Alderman, Hilary Baker.
June 21, 1793 Estimate of expense to transport shot and shell Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the expenses of bringing the shot and shells from Susquehanna and the Head of Elk to Philadelphia.
September 3, 1797 Removal of the War Office from Philadelphia, Etc. Stephen Rochefontaine Samuel Hodgdon The enclosure is received with the account of clothing delivered to the sundry detachments of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers which has been entered into the Quartermaster's book. Rochefontaine expresses relief that the alarm about the yellow fever is partly unfounded but the removal of the War Office from Philadelphia to the country gives pleasure because there is no reason to expose...
June 25, 1787 Dr. Bronson not able to attend trial at Philadelphia Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Delivered letter to Doctor Bronson who says his lame leg probably will not permit him to attend the trial in Philadelphia and that he will write to Howell to inform of situation.
November 5, 1796 Request for pay Richard S. Blackburn William Simmons Requests that his pay be sent to him at Dumfries before he departs for Philadelphia
May 5, 1799 Advance for Families in Philadelphia, Etc. Matthew Ernest Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of accounting matters, Ernest surmises that of the $180 advanced by Hodgdon to Bradshaw and Cook, $108 is intended for their families in Philadelphia.
October 16, 1794 Questions Inspection of Artillery Clothing In New York, Philadelphia, and New England Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to letter about small parcel of artillery clothing and problems of inspection between New York and Philadelphia.
May 8, 1798 Saltpeter to Philadelphia Under Perfect Security Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Lloyd Halsey Hodgdon orders Halsey to deliver a quantity of saltpeter to Philadelphia with all convenient speed and under perfect security.
April 15, 1800 Instruction for Shoes to Be Shipped to Philadelphia, & That More Be Contracted For James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Directs that two thousand pairs of shoes be shipped to Philadelphia and that an additional two thousand pairs be contracted for.
February 22, 1798 Absence From This Town Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan inquires as to whether the present circumstances of his accounts will allow him to be absent from Philadelphia for a short time without causing any undue inconvenience.
November 5, 1793 Defray Cass's Expenses Jonathan Cass Samuel Hodgdon Cass was ordered from New Hampshire to Philadelphia to settle his recruiting accounts and join the army of Major General Wayne. Because of the [smallpox] contagion in Philadelphia which made the city unsafe, he travelled on to Pittsburgh. He asks Hodgdon if the public would defray some of the expenses of transporting three trunks, a barrel and four bails which contain his baggage to Pittsburgh.
February 1, 1793 Reference to Invoices from Property in Philadelphia James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Letter from O'Hara to Hodgdon. Refers to merchants in Philadelphia and Secretary of Treasury.
October 18, 1798 State of the Disease in Philadelphia, Etc. James McHenry John Adams McHenry declares that the sickness in Philadelphia has sufficiently abated to allow Congress to reconvene.
May 21, 1794 Advice to Settle Accounts in Philadelphia Caleb Swan Henry Bedinger Swan advised H. Bedinger to settle accounts of his brother, G. Bedinger, in Philadelphia. Swan enclosed a list of charges against G. Bedinger.
March 17, 1790 Estimated cost of rent of buildings in Philadelphia to store military stores Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimated cost of the rent of buildings in Philadelphia to be used for military stores.
November 11, 1797 Appointment as clerk of ship yard at Philadelphia James McHenry Boyd Vaughn Vaughn appointed clerk of Philadelphia Naval Yard.