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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 15, 1797 Request for Return to War Office James McHenry Josiah Fox Letter, asks for Fox to return to War Office.
June 7, 1800 Attempts to Settle Accounts as the War Office Closes in Philadelphia and Moves to Washington, D.C. Purveyor's Office Benjamin Stoddert Purveyor's office reports receipt of money from War Department. War Office at Philadelphia is to close this day June 7th, 1800.
April 2, 1793 Pay warrant and receipt for salaries of the War Office War Department [not available] Document, Account for War Office salaries for January, February, & March 1793
January 6, 1791 Pay warrant and receipt for War Office salaries War Department [not available] Payment Warrant, War Office salaries paid.
October 21, 1784 Return of pay and emoluments Joseph Carleton John Pierce Requests a return of the pay and emoluments of the officers employed in Pierce's office (Office of Army Accounts at the Board of Treasury) for estimating the costs of the war office in the coming year for Congress.
[not available] Estimate of Expenditures of the Purveyors Office for 1801 Israel Whelen [not available] Estimate includes salaries, stationary, firewood handles, office rent.
July 20, 1789 Employees of War Office provide receipt for half pay to Secretary at War War Department Henry Knox Payment Warrant for War Office Salaries. War Office employees acknowledge receiving half pay for April, May and June 1789.
May 30, 1785 Salaries and the arrival of Mr. Pierce Joseph Howell Philip Audebert Encloses duplicate receipts of the men in the office for their salaries. Learns of Mr. Pierce on Sunday. Need a large room for the office.
August 31, 1791 Account of Peter Dolliver Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Peter Dolliver, late Captain in Colonel Henry Jackson's regiment.
August 22, 1791 Account of Gabriel Peterson Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Gabriel Peterson, late lieutenant in the 8th and 2nd Regiments of Pennsylvania.
July 21, 1795 Request for office supplies William Simmons Timothy Pickering Forwards a request for office supplies to the Secretary at War.
March 28, 1793 Vandenbrock asks a favor of Langier R.J. Vandenbrock J. H. Langier Letter, ask Langier to pick up his pay at the War Office
November 12, 1791 Account of John Robins, Deceased Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with John Robins, late Lieutenant of Colonel Moylan's Dragoons.
March 31, 1790 War Office salaries January, February, and March 1790. War Department [not available] Account, War Office salaries.
August 11, 1791 Certification of Samuel Bryson's Account Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account of Samuel Bryson, late Lieutenant in the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
April 12, 1796 Request for Assistance in Settling Account With War Office Samuel Shore Josiah Fox Letter, asks for assistance regarding a War Office account.
May 30, 1787 Regarding time away from office and unfamiliarity with transactions Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Expresses unhappiness at being away from office. Says he is an entire stranger to the documents necessary to be forwarded to Mr. Pierce because the transaction occurred in the Pay Office. Business should be transacted by Mr. Audebert. Mentions the Board of Treasury and arrearages due South Carolina line.
March 24, 1784 War office salaries John Pierce Philip Audebert Discusses the salary of the gentlemen in the war office. Also discusses family matters.
July 1, 1790 Salaries of the Secretary of War and his Gentlemen War Department [not available] Account, Salaries of the War office.
February 5, 1783 Pay Request J. Walker John Pierce Request by Walker for payment due from the War Office. Also forwarding his accounts of pay for the last years service.
June 26, 1800 Movement of office to Washington Peter Hagner Elias B. Dayton Accounts would have been settled had it not been for the movement of the office to Washington.
March 30, 1797 Clerks in the War Office William Simmons James McHenry Cover for an account of the clerks employed in the War Department Accountant's office and their salaries.
February 20, 1801 Interrogatives regarding the Quartermaster General War Department [not available] An unknown War Office official is posing questions regarding the authority, orders, and movements of General Wilkins.
August 28, 1791 Account of Enos Reeves Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Enos Reeves, late Lieutenant of the 11th and 1st Pennsylvania Regiments.
September 23, 1790 Stagg relays office matters to Knox John Stagg Henry Knox Letter, discusses business of War Office.