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April 8, 1800 Transfer of Pay to Pay Master General William Simmons Thomas Underwood Pay of subsistence was received and forwarded to appropriate authority, Pay Master General. Amount sent by Underwood to Office was forwarded to Swan.
March 15, 1800 Notification of Future Actions by Pay Master General William Simmons John W. Patterson Settlement of William Colfax, Contractor, showed Patterson drew extra rations therefore the Pay Master General will hold Patterson accountable for cost of extra rations. Simmons advised Patterson to be more careful in the future.
January 30, 1800 Abstract of disbursements by John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General James Miller William Simmons Abstract of disbursements by John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General for warrant of General Macpherson, commanding on the Northampton Expedition for himself and suit.
March 2, 1798 Paying More Drafts on the Quartermaster's Department Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, discusses drafts on the Quarter Master General; asks for money to pay drafts.
March 27, 1800 Copy of Letter to Quarter Master General William Simmons James Miller Copy of letter to Quarter Master General on regulations issued by Secretary of War for the government of Miller.
October 14, 1800 Regarding the Quarter Master General's duties and accounts William Simmons Samuel Dexter Relative to accounts of John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General. Notes that Wilkins was not furnished with with any instruction as to his particular duties.
June 1, 1793 Regarding the Defective Manner in which the Quarter Master General Left his Business Henry Knox Isaac Craig Notes that Samuel Hodgdon, agent of Quarter Master General, has paid Craig's bill for $1100 and will write on subject of future drafts. Complains of the defective manner in which the Quarter Master General left his business; it requires a serious explanation. Further drafts must be preceded by a precise estimate.
September 9, 1800 Muster and Pay Rolls Forwarded to Pay Master General William Simmons Decius Wadsworth Muster and pay rolls sent to the Accountants Office were received and forwarded to the Pay Master General. Simmons corrected Wadsworth in his mistake for sending the rolls to the Office instead of the Pay Master General for his regiment.
April 1, 1794 Report on accounts; duties as Muster Master, and lack of free time due to work Colonel Robert Hays David Henley Discusses accounts and pay as a muster master. Laments how busy he is; cannot devote a day in a month to private business. Mentions muster rolls and procedures. Indians have done a good deal of mischief. Mentions the matter of settlements and General Robertson.
October 12, 1792 Regarding Balances Due and Present Quarter Master General's Account Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Acknowledges receipt of letter enclosing money, which will release Craig from embarrassment. Discusses money being carried into the present Quarter Master General (O'Hara) account. Mentions Mr. Read's pay and St. Clair's stores.
May 27, 1784 Verification of position as Deputy Muster Master General Richard Varick John Pierce Richard Varick sends to John Pierce a third letter requesting verification of his former position as Deputy Muster Master General.
December 30, 1800 Paying and employing necessary agents Samuel Dexter James Miller Judges that Quarter Master General is competent to employ and pay agents.
October 1, 1800 Delivery of Saddles, Bridles, Leather Halters to Quarter Master General Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of saddles, bridles, leather halters to Quarter Master General.
March 25, 1800 Mistake by Pay Master General William Simmons Abraham R. Ellery Ellery alluded to mistake made by Pay Master General on accounts for Quarter Master's Stores. Account examined by General Hamilton. Simmons attempted to ascertain the specific accounts, mentioning Coll. Stevens, Agent for the War Department at New York, and those of Bell, Smith, Gain, and Tenlych.
February 26, 1800 The Post of Deputy Quarter Master General Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his concept of the duties and posting of the Deputy Quarter Master General. He believes that Col. Aaron Ogden will accept that post but would deem the post of Division Quarter Master beneath him.
April 22, 1800 Update on the Account of Captain Ellery William Simmons William North Simmons recounted the efforts made to track down the accounts of Ellery through the Pay Master General and Major General Hamilton. No news.
January 25, 1793 Quarter Master Stores and Clothing; Shortage of Musket Powder Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses returns of Quarter Master stores and clothing. Discusses shortage of musket powder and the need for large supply prior to campaign.
February 20, 1795 Enclosed Financial Documents Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed general return, statement of whisky received, abstract of expenditures of Quartermaster's Dept., and other abstracts. Vouchers for expenses of Ohio mail submitted, requested they be examined.
August 9, 1793 Regarding Quarter Master General's Complaints Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discusses arrival of money to Craig. Has not seen letter Craig sent to Secretary of War and wonders what Quarter Master General O'Hara complains of. All of the indent is forwarded, together with clothing of artillery, cavalry, and sub legion. Legion is on the road.
November 26, 1793 Letter to Quarter Master General with money enclosed Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Encloses letter to the Quarter Master General containing $10,000 in post notes. Directs that it be quickly transported to destination.
February 21, 1798 Requested Warrrant to Pay Drafts of the Quartermasters Department Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, asks for warrant re Quarter Master's drafts.
November 15, 1793 Advances and estimates; Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Discusses estimates and advances in Quarter Master's department.
July 21, 1796 Request for Correct Accounting to the Quarter Master Samuel Hodgdon Daniel Haragan Hodgdon requests that the previous quarter master general's accounts be made up to April 1, 1796. Any monies or bills received after that date will be posted to Hodgdon's account.
March 20, 1800 Evils Discovered in Quarter Master General's Accounts William Simmons James McHenry "Evils" discovered in Quarter Master General's accounts by Simmons. Extravagant charges were too numerous too recount. Simmons selected one charge pertaining to officer transportation and their private effects. Simmons explained how and why officers should charge cost-accruing events.
March 20, 1795 Delivery of Indian Goods and Other Financial Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Instructions to deliver Indian good received and will be attended to. Pay and subsistence for mail boat crews enclosed. Requested accounts to be sent to Post Master General.