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December 20, 1791 Translated letter (implies transcription), Henry Knox to Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Timothy Pickering Letter, directs invitations to Six Nations chiefs.
April 17, 1791 Treaty Signing Location Proposed to Six Nations Timothy Pickering Six Nations of Indians Pickering proposed Painted Post as meeting place to discuss peaceful relationship and signing of treaty between United States and Six Nations.
October 30, 1790 Provisions for the Senecas Timothy Pickering Chiefs of the Seneca Nation Captain Ross, a trusted men, has been directed to travel to the Painted Post to provide beef, corn, and meal for the Indians. It is hoped that this will provide proof of the good will of the United States.
May 21, 1791 We Are Neither on One Side or the Other Young King of the Six Nations [not available] The Young King stakes out a position of neutrality between the British and the Americans and intends to send representatives to the treaty at Painted Post where the American will try to reach a peaceful settlement with the western tribes.
December 29, 1800 Issue of Painted Knapsacks for Recruits Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs issue of painted knapsacks for recruits.
July 1, 1791 COPY:Pickering Speech to the Six Nations Timothy Pickering [not available] Speech regarding peaceful intentions of U.S. and Six Nations; dispelled rumors of bad whitemen and evil Indians.
June 16, 1791 Supply of Troops to March to Frontier Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox satisfied requests for supplies and clothing made by Butler for troops to march to frontier. Knox mentioned letter from Butler to Five Nations would arrive at Niagara.
May 26, 1793 Report on preliminary proceedings of Federal Commissioners for Treaty at Sandusky Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Document details the route of the commissioners to the treaty area. Pickering and Randolph traveled together. Lincoln came separately with stores and baggage. Pickering and Randolph route comprised Sunbury PA, Northumberland, Munsey, Licoming, Painted Post and Bath New York, Williamsburg, Genesee River, New York. Lincoln traveled from Philadelphia to Albany, Mohawk River and Oswego. Upon arrival...
July 6, 1793 Recruits for Post at Wheeling Henry Knox Lieutenant Col. Clarke Reiterated orders from previous letter (28th ultimo) to proceed with construction of post at Wheeling, updates on number of recruits to staff post en route from Pittsburgh.
August 17, 1791 Disavowal of the Conduct of Said Commissioner Henry Knox George Clinton Knox disavows the ratification by Commissioner Pickering of a lease of lands belonging to the Cayuga Indians to John Richardson and the certification of an assignment of the lands of the Seneca Indians to the daughters of Ebenezer Allen.
June 8, 1791 Reports Travels of Colonel Proctor to the Western Indians Henry Knox George Washington Reports activity of Colonel Proctor and his journey to the Western Indians, requiring an escort from the Six Nations. Describes mode of journey along rivers and lakes. Reports efforts of Cornplanter and Six Nations for peace.
March 30, 1798 Expresses Gratitude for Post Note for John Stagg John Stagg William Simmons Letter, mentions post note for $37.75 received March 2, 1798.
May 5, 1791 Additional Forces for the Western Campaign Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the progress of the enlistment of additional forces for the upcoming campaign. He warns that the United States does not have the resources to provide rations for the women and children who have been forced to abandon their settlements but remain at advanced posts.
December 20, 1791 Letter from Secretary of War Henry Knox to the Reverend Samuel Kirkland on Colonel Pickering's meeting with members of Six Nations at Painted Post and instruction to Kirkland regarding Indian chief delegation to Philadelphia Henry Knox Reverend Samuel Kirkland In letter to Reverend Kirkland, Knox informs that Colonel Pickering held a conference with members of Seneca and Six Nations, with exception of Mohawks. Here it was agreed that certain chiefs should repair to Philadelphia while congress is in session to put into execution certain principles concerning civilization of said Indians. Colonel Pickering writes to those chiefs at Buffaloe Creek and...
December 12, 1800 Various wants for the new post James Bruff Samuel Hodgdon Letter from Capt. Bruff to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, regarding a long list of wants for a new post.
June 22, 1793 Orders to Suspend Building of Post Henry Knox Lieutenant Col. Clarke Issues with water depth at Wheeling, Knox suspended the building of a post until he obtained more information on the subject.
June 13, 1800 $1600 in Post Notes Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams has received sixteen hundred dollars in post notes on account of the armory. Hodgdon's letter of notice referred to as being put into the post office has not arrived.
June 9, 1791 Preparations for the Coming Campaign Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the preparations for the imminent campaign against the western Indians, including the deployment of troops, the availability of supplies, and the peace mission of Joseph Brandt.
February 26, 1800 The Post of Deputy Quarter Master General Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his concept of the duties and posting of the Deputy Quarter Master General. He believes that Col. Aaron Ogden will accept that post but would deem the post of Division Quarter Master beneath him.
February 14, 1794 Your Word as Your Bond Samuel Hodgdon John Steinmetz In order to end the business between him and Steinmetz, Hodgdon consents to receive all the stores comprehended in their first agreement. To commence the rent already mentioned after the present quarter is settled.
December 9, 1796 Use of Post Notes or Silver for Currency Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Post delivered five packages from Fort Franklin. Believed it best not to intervene with Treasurer issues relative to the money in the hands of Gen. Nevill. Suggested making exchanges of post notes for silver. Coffee and sugar on its way.
September 25, 1795 Acknowledged Receipt of Post Notes John Park Samuel Hodgdon In absence of Maj. Craig, Park acknowledged receipt of post notes in twenty dollar increments for use by Quartermaster's Department.
December 2, 1791 Knox discusses post bank notes with Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses post notes for pay of army.
August 7, 1798 Repairing and Painting the Carriages John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon The fifty boxes for the muskets will be finished soon and a thousand muskets will be cleaned and packed up for transportation. The carriages in the store need to be overhauled since the bands of the hubs are loose and need to be made smaller. Some of the older carriages need to be painted. Bryant asks permission to have them repaired so they will be ready to be transported on the next vessel...
July 28, 1787 Petition from the Inhabitants of Post Vincennes to Congress Inhabitants of Post Vincennes Josiah Harmar Pledge of loyalty to United States government and ask that their petition be transmitted to Congress