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June 7, 1800 Request for Issue of Graphometer to Major Lewis Tousard Benjamin Stoddert John Harris Directs issue of one graphometer (with legs) to Major Lewis Tousard.
October 15, 1787 A request for final settlement is sent to Joseph Howell Peter Le Barbieuduplessis Joseph Howell Mr. Le Barbieuduplessis writes to Joseph Howell to request settlement of Adam Syfat's account. Syfat was wounded in both legs at the taking of General Cornwallis.
March 8, 1798 Season Favorable for Proving Powder is Fast Approaching Samuel Hodgdon Wheelen & Miller Letter, discusses money due on contract; mentions materials to manufacture gun powder; the season for proving powder is approaching.
September 2, 1794 Mulitiple Pay Issues Richard Sparks John Stagg Sparks discusses the pay of a number of individuals as well as the shortage of fuel and clothing.
June 29, 1792 Troops are Marched as Fast as They are Recruited Henry Knox Anthony Wayne In order to alleviate Wayne anxiety, Knox reports on the recruitment and transportation of men and supplies to support Wayne's expedtion against the western Indians.
May 28, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Daniel Rodney, Henry Neale, and Mr Thompson requesting pilot boat to deliver dispatches to Captain Richard Dale, Commander of Warship Ganges [not available] Daniel Rodney On the date of the initiation of the Quasi War with France, the War Office requisitions a fast sailing pilot boat for relaying naval dispatches to Captain Richard Dale aboard the Ganges. If the Ganges has passed Lewis Town, Delaware, pilot boat is to remain in readiness to convey dispatches. Assure pilot liberal compensation for service. Should something happen to Captain Dale, deliver dispatches...
October 20, 1789 Census of Six Nations Giving Numbers and Names of Tribes and Heads of Families at Grand River and on the Ohio Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Census, describes Six Nations population; describes Indian population. The total of the Six Nations population is listed at 3665
September 5, 1794 Sergeant Dowland's Pay, Etc. George Fleming Joseph Howell Sergeant Dowland, who has lately gotten a bad sore on one of his legs, requests that Howell send the remainder of his three-month's pay to Fleming. Other poor fellows, having earned their money, intrude upon Howell to provide their pay.
January 8, 1799 Notification of Shipment of Writing Supplies James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of writing and office supplies.
June 15, 1792 Notification of Advanced Payment for Waggoners Henry Knox General Edward Hand Directs inspected rifles forwarded to Pittsburgh; directs payment of Waggoners.
August 25, 1798 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, advises re state of timber supply in yard; discusses live oak timber for Frigates; discusses white oak timber; asks for information re timber supply.
June 29, 1792 Troops, Recruits, and Stores to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox assures Wayne that his troops, recruits, and stores are moving with dispatch toward Pittsburgh and discusses the movement of specific units. Although the President wants the troops trained at Pittsburgh, it is left up to Wayne as to whether that is the appropriate location.
July 22, 1788 Extension of State Claims Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Refers to Congress act to extend state claims. Mr. Pierce is in a fast decline;
January 6, 1797 Processing Bills for Payment Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Bill for transportation accepted, will inquire about fast payment. Noted Craig's receipt of blankets and shoes.
May 6, 1795 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Pickering Israel Chapin Jr Colonel Pickering Letter, discusses appointment to Superintendant of Affairs to the Six Nations; describes business conduct of the late General Israel Chapin; encloses extract of letter from Capt. Brant.
May 13, 1795 Forwarding of Suggestions for Frigate Construction & Beam Preservation Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, encloses Humphrey's suggestions regarding Frigates; discusses method to preserve beams.
May 26, 1798 Delivery of dispatches to Captain Dale James McHenry Willings & Francis Asks that a fast sailing pilot boat be prepared to sail at a moment's notice to carry dispatches to Captain Dale.
April 18, 1793 We All Wish for Peace John Watts William Blount Even though Noon-day was a good man, Watts does not want his murder by whites to interfere with the prospects for peace between the Cherokees and the United States.
July 21, 1788 Certificate of Supply to West Point Timothy Ketchum [not available] Troops and refugees at West Point were supplied, noted that no provisions were issued to Joseph Cone.
September 19, 1790 Request for the Wyandot Nation to Join the U.S. in War Against the Shawnee Arthur St. Clair Chiefs of the Wyandots Refers to an earlier meeting between the U.S. and several Indian tribes at Muskingum Falls [Ohio region], which apparently aimed at peace between the Indian tribes. Now St. Clair accuses the Shawnees & Miamis of being "set to do evil;" he calls upon the Wyandot to honor their alliance with the U.S. and declare war on the Shawnee. Informs them that the bearer of the message has a letter to the...
January 6, 1797 Regarding Frigate Construction & Ironwork Jacob Sheafe Josiah Fox Letter, discusses construction of Frigates; discusses iron work re Frigate.
May 20, 1785 Will forward balance; in want of money Philip Audebert Joseph Howell Will forward balance first safe conveyance along with what Captain Beatty must have paid. Is in need of money; furniture has only arrived on this day. Asks that Howell come to New York as fast as possible.
July 23, 1800 Duplicate Returns for June 1800 to Agent for Department of War in Tennessee [not available] [not available] Duplicate returns from the Department of War in Tennessee. Includes weavers reeds for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
June 7, 1793 Allocation of Money, Dispatches Henry Knox Isaac Craig Estimate for cost of horses by Quartermaster General enclosed. Block house to be build at mouth of Wheeling, requests information on hostile Indians near locations. Dispatches for General Wayne enclosed, orders fast and safe delivery.
March 28, 1800 Enclosed Affidavit of Joseph Cove John Cummings James McHenry Cummings submits Cove's claim for relief as a refugee. Cove was injured by frostbite and cannot make the journey to submit the papers himself.