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September 9, 1793 Capture of the Brig "Nancy" Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson Jefferson is asked to inform the British minister that two French privateers have captured the brig "Nancy" of Jamaica and taken her to New London. The Governor of Connecticut has captured this brig with a party of militia and will deliver her up to her master or owner but so far no such persons have appeared.
May 2, 1795 Recruitment Matters Timothy Pickering William Eaton Letter from the interim Secretary of War on the subject of recruiting. Makes mention of Samuel Huntington, governor of Connecticut.
July 15, 1792 Report from Fort Washington on Supplies, Indian Attacks, and Court Martial John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Nobody has yet arrived to take charge of the stores. Business goes on as usual. Have furnished wagons for hauling hay from prairie to Fort Hamilton; will be a great augmentation. Little news; Indians have attacked, broke enclosure holding cattle at Fort Jefferson and drove them off. Mentions men taken on General Harmar's expedition and the death of some. Indians kill everyone who comes to them,...
August 2, 1794 Estimate for SouthWest Territory expenses for 1793 to 1794. David Henley Henry Knox This is Henley's general estimate of the expenses incurred for the defense of the Southwestern Territory for 1793 with Governor Blount's estimate for the ordinary expenses of governments for the ensuing year 1794.
October 30, 1798 Detention of the Box of Pattern Muskets Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon is concerned about the detention of the box of pattern muskets because one hundred people will remain idle until they arrive. He will do his best to find them.
July 29, 1793 Arming, & Equipping of Vessels by Belligerents in American Ports Thomas Jefferson [not available] Jefferson, Randolph, and Hamilton each describe their versions of proposed rules concerning the arming and equipping of vessels by belligerents in American ports.
November 11, 1791 Proclamation of the Treaty of Holston [not available] [not available] Washington's official Proclamation of the Treaty of Holston. Thomas Jefferson ratifies treaty By the President.
November 9, 1793 Designs of Frenchmen to excite military enterprise against possessions of Spain Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Letter from Secretary Knox to the Governor of Northwest Territory. Mentions letter from Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson regarding designs of Frenchmen attempting to excite some military enterprise against possessions of Spain. President Washington asks that a letter to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky be considered as written to Governor St. Clair, and should take measures to prevent the...
July 20, 1793 Preventing Possible Breaches of the Truce Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox orders Wayne to withdraw any forces whose forward movements might be considered a breach of the truce with the northern Indians.
July 6, 1795 Destitute of Clothing John Wallington John Mills Wallington asks how to acquire clothing for the men in the garrison who are destitute of clothing.
January 20, 1801 Account of Men McHenry Knows in Washington James McHenry William Hindman Details on the character of Jefferson and his politics.
September 28, 1796 Description of Detroit Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Delayed writing Hodgdon in hopes of visiting him, just received news Brown cannot leave Detroit. Describes Detroit, its inhabitants as mostly French with some Scottish merchants. Will procure a fox skin for Mrs. Hodgdon next spring. Mentioned Dr. Barton never received Brown's letter and collection of plants from Fort Jefferson. Supposed rebels in Pittsburgh destroyed them.
March 28, 1793 Pay of Scouts in Pennsylvania Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan lists the counties in Pennsylvania that have been authorized to employ scouts and specifies the number of scouts for each county which has been limited to no more than eight at five to six dollars per day. He is not aware of any plan for paying those scouts employed in Kentucky.
February 25, 1793 Paying Our Debt to France Thomas Jefferson George Washington In response to the request of the President to assess the application to redress the debt to France in an amount equivalent to three million livres, Jefferson, Knox, and Randolph favor providing the whole amount. Hamilton argues that the sum should not exceed $318,000 because of the effect of depreciation.
November 2, 1792 Logistical Needs of Wayne's Army Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses his many logistical needs, especially the need for pack horses. The need for grain is acute, complicated by the fact that the river is too low to be used for the transport of supplies.
July 9, 1792 Hostile Disposition of the Savages Endangers the Hay James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on an Indian attack and his measures to protect his hay supplies
May 15, 1793 Letter Citation Thomas Jefferson M. Genet Cited in Steele to McHenry, 03/27/1796.
November 8, 1791 Report Concerning Indian Boundary Lines Thomas Jefferson [not available] Jefferson delineates the boundaries of the United States and Indian Nations.
June 29, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Lieutenant Charles Stuart William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $50.82 is due Lieutenant Charles Stuart on board the frigate "United States", being the balance due him upon the settlement of his account for recruiting seaman for the "United States", and for contingent expenses attending same.
May 28, 1792 Vetting a response to Mr. Hammond Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Secretary Jefferson asks for Secretary Knox's alterations for the response to Mr. Hammond.
June 1, 1793 Opinions Regarding Sending an Agent to the Choctaw Nation. Thomas Jefferson [not available] The cabinet members and Attorney General provide their opinions on sending an agent to the Choctaw Nation to solicit Choctaw support of the Chickasaws in their war against the Creeks. Jefferson and Knox support that action while Randolph fears Spanish support of the Creeks and Hamilton favors American mediation of the conflict between the Creeks and Chickasaws.
August 8, 1792 Report from Fort Hamilton James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on his monthly returns of the garrisons of Forts Jefferson and Steuben, the 1st Regiment, and the Corps of Kentucky Riflemen, including its strength and reorganization, his supply situation, and plans for furure movement
January 12, 1800 Discussion of Political Opinions James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Speaks of the federal party, expressing opinion on policies.
March 22, 1793 No available image George Washington Heads of the Departments No image available.
November 4, 1792 Troops Taken Prisoner, Information Gathered, Situation Unsafe for Travel James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson now commanding Fort Hamilton provided intelligence gathered by Lieut. Gaines during his outing with a search party for captured soldiers. Kentucky volunteers and pack horses to arrive at Fort Jefferson tomorrow, main road unsafe for travel.