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June 8, 1795 Barrels of Whiskey in Public Store Andrew Marschalk Miller Marschalk informs Miller that he has taken one barrel of whiskey into the public store and allowed 37 barrels to pass, per the enclosed certificate.
1798 Cash Advanced to Recruits for the Frigate "Constitution" John B. Cordis [not available] Cash advanced sundry seamen recruited for the United States Frigate "Constitution."
September 14, 1793 Request for a safe conveyance Thomas Jefferson Samuel Sterett Thomas Jefferson with compliments to Mr. Sterrett will thank him for giving a safe conveyance to inland, which he prefers making from Baltimore. Mentions bill of exchange, Van Shepherd and Hubard.
June 27, 1798 Recommends Thomas Robinson to Command a Navy Vessel W. North Benjamin Stoddert Robinson had offered his sentiments to the Secretary of War regarding the appointment of Captain Thomas Robinson to command one of the armed ships of the United States but since Stoddert is Chief of the Naval Department the information should be directed to him. Robinson has been master of a vessel for at least 13 years and served as Master's Mate of the "Warwick" during the late war. He is a...
March 23, 1801 Details of Post-Presidential Journey Home John Adams Samuel Dexter Adams relates the details of his journey home after the end of his term as president, and of the state of his home, sending respects to Jefferson, and compliments to Madison, Lincoln, Dearborn and Stoddert.
May 15, 1800 Regarding McHenry's Resignation Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton consoles McHenry regarding his resignation - allegedly forced by President Adams - and assures McHenry that he should be happy at being released from the fetter. Property, liberty, and even life are at stake with the impending anti-federalist rule under Jefferson, according to Hamilton.
November 22, 1799 Sanction of the Executive for military operations Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Secretary McHenry acknowledges to General Hamilton that in ordinary cases, when no pressing exigencies require the contrary, the sanction of the Executive may not be necessary for certain operations.
December 11, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Secretary at War William Simmons James McHenry William Simmons discusses the pay of naval personnel with the Secretary at War, James McHenry.
January 2, 1794 Letter from the new Secretary of State Edmund Randolph Alexander Hamilton Edmund Randolph, having just taken his oath of office as Secretary of State, writes Alexander Hamilton and Henry Knox, also in Washington's cabinet. Randolph replaced Jefferson, who openly disagreed with Hamilton while Secretary of State, so Randolph promises to largely keep his own opinions to himself.
May 2, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Kilty Simmons authorizes Kilty to make payment to Lt. John Rogers.
October 29, 1794 Right Wing is Fully In Measure with the Left Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports on the progress of the expedition to confront the insurgents in western Pennsylvania. [Whiskey Rebellion]
August 24, 1793 Sketches of Notes for the President Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Jefferson submits to the other Cabinet members and the Attorney General some notes intended for the President which he took from memory and asks them to add to them from their own memories, particularly as regards the final conclusion as to the express-vessel.
June 19, 1793 Somewhat the Appearance of Evasion Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton '"Thomas Jefferson has the honor to enclose to the Secretaries of the Treasury and War drafts of two letters of this day's date to ministers of France and England. He confesses himself not satisfied with the latter altogether as it has somewhat the appearance of evasion. The gentlemen will be pleased to propose any alteration either may desire, handing the letters round to him to be finally...
May 9, 1794 Injury to a Private Vessel by Unauthorizede Persons Alexander Hamilton George Hammond Hamilton discusses a case in which a private vessel, engaged by the British Consul at Norfolk, has been damaged by unauthorized persons. This constitutes a private trespass which must be redressed through the ordinary course of law.
May 16, 1798 Advances Funds for Seamen and Officers on Frigate Constitution James McHenry Samuel J. Deblois Directs funds for recruitment for seaman and officers on the frigate Constitution.
May 17, 1798 Authorizes Advances for Seamen and Officers on Frigate Constellation James McHenry John Rogers Encloses blank bond to be signed by responsible persons as advance to pay officers and seaman for the frigate Constellation under Captain Truxtun. [Truxton]
November 26, 1800 Election and Retirement Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Rule mentioned by McHenry was enacted under the Confederation and Wolcott believed it was no longer in practice under the present government. Requested that Hamilton refrain from writing any more on politics. Wolcott certain that if Jefferson was elected, Marshall would retire due to difference in opinion. Pamphlet McHenry sent to Wolcott was not written by General L., and is a forgery. ...
May 24, 1797 Senate's Response to State of the Union Address United States Senate John Adams Vice President Jefferson gave Senates response. Senate approved of Pres. Adams plan to seek compensation for insult by France, pursuit of new trade policy, tax on citizens of United States, and maintenance of cordial relations with European nations.
July 5, 1792 Report from Fort Washington Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Report on Army affairs on the Ohio frontier, report of an Indian attack on an Army detachment near Fort Jefferson, estimated Indian intentions, and recommendations on negotiations with the Indians
May 10, 1792 Muster Roll of six men employed as scouts, messengers and rangers Francis Mentges [not available] Muster Roll of six men as scouts, messengers and rangers between Fort Washington and several parts on the communication to Fort Jefferson.
November 11, 1795 Recommendation of Captain Josiah Roberts Fisher Ames Timothy Pickering The friends of Captain Josiah Roberts have asked Rep. Ames to submit for the consideration of the President the possible appointment of Roberts to command one of the U.S. ships of war. Roberts is a man of uncommon fidelity and spirit who is undaunted in danger, cool and perservering, and an excellent experienced seaman.
June 19, 1793 Report from the Territory of the South Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox The Secretary of State has received from the Secretary of the Territory of the South a report on the activities of the territorial government to be presented to the President. There does not appear to be anything for the President to act on unless, as suggested by Mr. Smith, it should be necessary to lay before Congress the act of their legislature in 1792. Jefferson recommends consulting the...
November 15, 1794 Recommendation of Captain Samuel Barron Moses Myers Henry Knox Myers recommends Captain Samuel Barron for appointment as Captain Dale's first lieutenant of the frigate being built.
July 4, 1799 RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments Samuel Barnum Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence recommending individuals for Army and Navy appointments
March 30, 1792 Assertions of Mr. Bowles Are False George Hammond Thomas Jefferson George Hammond assures Jefferson that the British have done nothing to encourage or supply William Bowles in his attempts to unify and enflame the southern Indians.