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May 23, 1800 "Democratic Influence" in Government Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Due to the military reductions that were occasioned by a new "democratic influence" in government, Major Craig offers sympathies to Samuel Hodgdon for being removed from office. Craig also expresses regret that Colonel Pickering was among those fired. Craig is referring to the ascension of Thomas Jefferson into the White House, along with the Democratic-Republicans in Congress - the opposition...
November 9, 1796 Close of the Election; Report about France William Vans Murray James McHenry Reports on the close of a local election, in which one of the candidates only received one vote. Also discusses a rumor about the French.
October 17, 1800 Regarding Promotions and the Election of Thomas Jefferson Caleb Swan William Simmons Discusses the difficulty of keeping paymasters due to frequent promotion, and steps he has taken to try and remedy the situation. Also discusses the likely election of Thomas Jefferson. He doubts the rumors of vast changes in military operations when Jefferson takes office.
May 25, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lieutenant Colonel Thurston William Simmons John Thurston William Simmons informs Lieutenant Colonel John Thurston that funds for the payment of Jefferson County Scouts has been remitted to James McDonald.
August 12, 1790 Jefferson makes inquiries regarding protocol to the Secretary at War Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Letter, Jefferson asks Knox for permission to invite guests.
August 22, 1793 "Ann and Susan" Taken by the "Little Diamond" Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Jefferson has learned that the ship "Ann and Susan," belonging to William Nelson, citizen of New York, with 100 passengers on board, has been taken by the French armed vessel "Little Diamond" and brought into New Castle, Delaware.
September 13, 1793 $100 to John Ross Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Bankson Jefferson promises to pay to John Ross one hundred dollars for value received.
August 22, 1793 Ship Taken to Baltimore Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox In a letter received from Maryland, Jefferson has learned that a ship has been taken into Baltimore. He is forwarding to Knox the letters that have come into his hands that should go to the War Department.
November 23, 1791 Suggests Purchase of Corn for Horses in Winter John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Reports that Mr. Ritchie has delivered a few barrels of corn. Suggests they buy more corn from him for horses during the winter months going to and from Jefferson.
January 30, 1792 Getting to the Battleground Robert Benham Samuel Hodgdon Benham announces that he arrived at Fort Jefferson in the rain. The supplies are still about fifteen miles behind with a small escort. He believes that his route will be difficult until he gets to the battleground and hopes that the heavy rain will not prevent crossing the creeks in order to get to that place. He will set out in the morning.Other than that he has nothing strange to relate.
June 10, 1800 Implications of a Federalist defeat in November Charles Cotesworth Pinckney James McHenry Letter from General Pinckney to the former Secretary at War. Pinckney focuses on the 1800 election throughout most of the letter. He fears the "Jacobinical Party," directly associating Thomas Jefferson with the Jacobins of the French Revolution.
May 13, 1790 Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Murder of several whites and Negros in Jefferson County by Indians related; many instances in numerous accounts that have occurred on the frontier.
May 29, 1800 [PRIVATE] The President's Unfortunate Conduct James McHenry Hugh Williamson McHenry laments the changes in the Executive officers and other steps the President has evidently taken to secure his election. [Adams] is acting in a manner to break up the federal party and will destroy any remaining confidence they have in him. He cannot hear Washington praised without intolerable pain and hates with inconceivable acrimony those who consider that great man to have outstripped...
September 11, 1793 Return of a Senator from Baltimore Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Bankson Jefferson encloses to Bankson the return of a Senator for Delaware which should be delivered to the Secretary of the Senate.
December 2, 1796 Election Favorites Charles Carroll James McHenry Inclosed Governor's Address printed in Green's paper. Pennsylvania ticket in favor of Jefferson, some say Adams will be elected by a majority of 6 votes. McHenry doesn't believe an election will be made by the Electors due to poor health or remote residences.
November 19, 1793 A Letter for General Knox's Examination Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Jefferson encloses for Knox's examination and wisdom a letter on a subject that has already been examined and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. Knox's clerk will retain the proofs copy. It is agreed that the letter should be sent to Mr. Hammond.
June 25, 1793 The Ships "William" and "Snow Suckey" Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton "Thomas Jefferson has the honor to submit the correction & approbation of the Secretaries of the Treasury & War, the enclosed drafts of letters to the French minister on the subject of the ship 'William' & others in her situation & to Mr. Hammond & Mr. Pinckney on the subject of the 'Snow Suckey.'"
March 17, 1800 Certification of payment; detachments of militia under Lieutenant Joseph Bartholomew, and Lieutenant Joseph Hunter, and a detachment of spies called into service by the Governor of Kentucky for the protection of the frontier of Jefferson County William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $834.58 to detachments of militia under Lieutenant Joseph Bartholomew, and Lieutenant Joseph Hunter, and a detachment of spies called into service by the Governor of Kentucky for the protection of the frontier of Jefferson County.
November 22, 1790 Claims Respecting the Invention of a Steam Boat John Fitch Thomas Jefferson Fitch petitions Jefferson, Knox, and Randolph to order that all claims, arguments, and proofs respecting the invention of a steam boat made by him or any competitor should be committed to writing and submitted to them.
May 2, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John R. B. Rodgers Simmons informs Rogers to expect payment from John Kilty.
February 4, 1797 Military Hospital of the Southern Department Nathan Alexander Unknown Recipient Discusses the Military Hospital of the Southern Department. Also mentions election for the presidency.
September 11, 1793 Letter to Gouveneur Morris Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Bankson Jefferson wants Bankson to forward a copy of the letter to Gouveneur Morris in Paris, France.
August 21, 1798 Request for Status of Appointment to Navy Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Fearful that his letter was lost, Stoddert again recommended his relative for a position in the navy, despite his status as a foreigner.
July 10, 1789 L'Arbitrage Que Vous Aver Propose C. Gardon Thomas Jefferson M. Gardon agrees to a negotiation between Jefferson and His Majesty's ministers.
May 28, 1790 Certificate of Robert Lemen, Jacob Seulan, & William Price William Price [not available] Certification of Indian attacks on frontier settlements listed by date, with details. Given under supervision of magistrate.