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August 21, 1798 Recommends Captain Robert Hamilton as Naval Lieutenant Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton seeks a response to a letter he wrote two weeks previously about the appointment of his cousin, Robert Hamilton, to full lieutenancy. He desires to know the prospect of such appointment as soon as possible. Hamilton suggests his cousin as superior to Capt. Talbert, assigned to a frigate in port at the time.
November 15, 1791 Estimate of Building and Equipping Ship of Forty Guns Rated at 1300 Tons Pierce Butler Henry Knox Butler prepared an estimate for building a forty gun ship rated at 1300 tons. Included is an estimate of expenses in maintaining a crew of 350 for one year. Costs are based on present circumstances and not based on construction costs during Revolutionary War Ship will have two decks for batteries. Guns assumed to be 24 pounders, though 18 pounders would do. Suggests 4 eight inch howitzers. Will...
July 8, 1799 Principles Relative to Promotions Alexander Hamilton James McHenry McHenry discusses in detail the principles to be applied relative to promotions of officers. Generally, when there is a vacancy, the next officer in rank will fill it although there are exceptions in extraordinary cases. He emphasizes that it is the duty of all officers of the Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry to be familiar with the tactics of the other two corps.
August 8, 1798 Recommends Captain Robert Hamilton as Naval Lieutenant Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton recommends his first cousin, Robert Hamilton, as a Navy Lieutenant, with experience at sea in the West Indies since the age of 14. Alexander Hamilton considers the appointment "a peripheral favour to myself."
April 15, 1799 Military Defense of the Mississippi Territory George Davis Alexander Hamilton This letter provides a detailed assessment of the hazardous conditions created by enemies, both foreign and domestic, on the southwestern frontier.
January 24, 1798 Questions on State of the Nation and Its Foreign Affairs with European nations James McHenry George Washington The President has directed the Secretaries of State, War, and the Treasury, and the Attorney General to consider the state of the nation and its foreign relations, particularly with France, in addition to England, Spain, Holland, and others. McHenry lists a number of important questions respecting foreign affairs that should be addressed. If envoys extraordinary are refused audience, what will...
October 4, 1799 Punishment for Desertion Josias Carvel Hall Alexander Hamilton Hall ruminates on the possible punishments for desertion. He argues that death is too harsh for simple desertion and should be reserved for deserting one's post in the face of the enemy.
June 7, 1793 Delay of Movements by the Legion Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox instructs Wayne that, due to a postponement of the treaty negotiations, it is necessary to postpone any movements by the Legion that might be interpreted by the Indians as a sign of aggression. Although it will be necessary also to delay any deployment of auxiliary forces, it is still essential to make whatever preparations are needed to be ready to march should the treaty negotiations fail.
September 17, 1799 Rules Relating to Extra Expenses, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his rules relating to extra expenses with the understanding that commanders have the discretion to make exceptions in instances of special circumstances. He addresses the questions of soldiers serving as servants and states that in times of peace this is acceptable while in times of war supernumeraries will be enlisted for that purpose. He lists the sundry ranks of officers and...
June 26, 1793 Interpreters Arrival, Arrival of Moravian Missionaries, and Timing of Conference Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Federal commissioners for conference at Sandusky report that interpreter Jasper Parish has arrived with letters from Knox and wampum resupply. Other interpreters, Mr. Wilson and Mr Ash arrived with letter from Major Isaac Craig outlining their terms. Moravian missionaries, including John Hockwelder. Wilson assessed as intelligent and useful; did not make it to rapids of Miami. Colonel McKee...
February 28, 1787 Concerns About Financial Problems of the U.S. Armed Forces Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth In a private letter, Knox discusses his financial concerns with Col. Wadsworth. Revenue is limited and various financial measures may be necessary including reducing the pay of the officers and troops.
November 15, 1799 Unable to Comply With Orders of October 21 Joseph Williams James McHenry Williams misunderstood McHenry's orders of October 21. He is reluctant to comply with those orders, as it would prove both expensive and embarrassing. He cannot afford to travel to Philadelphia himself to receive funds, but if McHenry authorizes him to draw monies at the office in New York he should be able to complete the business.
September 1, 1798 Stationery to be Procured for Winthrop Sargent Timothy Pickering Unknown Recipient Memorandum of stationery to be procured for Winthrop Sargent, Governor of the Mississippi Territory, for the use of that government. (Lists the sundry types of stationery required and the amount needed of each.)
March 29, 1798 Estimate of Building, Rigging and Equipping three Ships of War to carry 22, 20 and 16 guns together with the cost of Manning and victualling the same for 12 months. Josiah Fox [not available] Document, estimate for building, rigging and equipping three ships of war to carry 22, 20 and 16 guns, and of the cost of manning and victualling the same for 12 months.
May 20, 1791 Clothing and Articles from Smith & Shepherd Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg As inspector, Hodgdon has examined the clothing and other articles received from Smith and Shepherd under their contract with the public. He finds many of the coats deficient in size and others inferior to the pattern and others coarse in the extreme. The shirts are equal to the pattern but many of the shoes are too small for soldiers.
December 12, 1795 Medical services in the military Timothy Pickering Henry Lee On the subject of medical services in the military; discusses the employment of Doctor Welford.
March 7, 1800 [John Starr Depostion fav.r of John McGowan] John Starr [not available] Certified residency of John McGowan and his service with American troops in fighting against British during American Revolution. His subsequent losses described.
October 2, 1795 Instructions to pay John Vermonnet William Simmons John Kilty Directs John Kilty to pay John Vermonnet at Georgetown.
May 25, 1790 Regarding the Petition of Joseph Tucker and Others Henry Knox [not available] Report on the petitions of Joseph Tucker, Thomas Hollis Condy, Robert Williams, and Samuel Armstrong. The Sec. of War did not allow the further payment of petitioning officers, whose claim was that they were paid less than similar agents in other states; their payment, however, was determined by the state.
April 3, 1799 Advantageous Placement of John Perkins, Etc. John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of other matters, Mackey observes that Mr. Perkins, with a solicitude peculiar to all parents, wants to ensure the future independence and happiness of his son John. He wants John placed under the supervision of an able merchant and good citizen and asks for Hodgdon's assistance in seeing that John is advantageously placed.
April 22, 1787 On the Education & Future of Nathanael Greene's Son Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox extracts a letter received from the Marquis relating to the education of Mrs. Greene's son, possibly the son of the late General Nathanael Greene (likely to be George Washington Greene, the older of Greene's 2 sons). Supposes that the boy should be educated in France before finishing at an American college. Comments on the travels of fellow officers, and the death of one. In a post script...
July 13, 1799 Certification of Payment Due Captain John Bishop and John Dickens William Simmons James McHenry Certifies that $76.06 is due Captain John Bishop for subsistence and pay of John Dickens.
January 24, 1787 Irregularities in accounts John Pierce Andrew Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses with Dunscomb the accounts of Col. Harrison, Col. Cropper, John Trotter, John Reasoner, and John McDowell, each of which have irregularities that must be resolved.
April 10, 1798 Account of John Holly William Simmons Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for John Holly, late private and artificer in Capt. Lt. John Bryant's company of Massachusetts Artillery.
December 16, 1786 Return of Monies due the Officers of the Virginia Line John Pierce Unknown Recipient Return of monies due the Officers of the Virginia Line.