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October 30, 1798 Back Pay of Sergeant Updegraff Alexander Gibson William Simmons Captain Gibson discusses the case of Sergeant Updegraff who has not received his back pay.
October 17, 1796 Back Pay and Bounty Staats Morris William Simmons Enclosed is a statement of the back pay and bounty due to some of the men in Captain Morris's company.
February 9, 1801 Transmitting the Back Pay of Oliver Roberts William Simmons Captain Daniel Bissell Regards the back pay of Oliver Roberts, the sum of which will be transmitted by John Chester
April 3, 1784 Back Pay Patrick Fowler Joseph Howell Fowler requests that Howell transmit a sufficient portion of his back pay to enable him to avoid continued incarceration.
November 7, 1798 Back Pay of Charles Smith Griffith James McRee William Simmons Enclosed is a voucher for $10.25 due Charles Smith, late a soldier in the Artillerists and Engineers, being the back pay due him.
August 22, 1799 Claim of Lt. Underwood James McHenry William Simmons Simmons will ascertain the expenses incurred in travelling from Massac to Greenville and back again and from Massac to Detroit and back again and allow Lt. Underwood the appropriate amount.
December 16, 1794 Request for Back Pay Michael G. Houdin Joseph Howell Houdin requests six month's back pay, at the rate of thirty dollars per month, as promised him by the Henry Knox as Secretary of War.
November 15, 1799 Permission to Teach the Back and Small Sword William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith informs Hamilton that two French gentlemen requested permission to teach the back and small sword to the officers of the Brigade but were refused because of the delicacy of existing questions between the U.S. and France.
October 30, 1791 Hodgdon's Horse Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Greenlee, Quartermaster of the militia, has just this moment arrived with Hodgdon's horse. Houdin would be happy to take charge of him but has no place to secure him nor is there any food for him. So the horse is being sent back to Hodgdon with a gentleman who will take good care of him and lead him all the way back.
1797 Dimensions of the Rigging for the Frigate "Constitution" Unknown Author [not available] A memorandum that describes the standing rigging for the U. S. Frigate "Constitution."
January 6, 1787 Bayard's back pay Stephen Bayard Joseph Howell Bayard requests assistance in obtaining his back pay which, except for a small sum owed the Comptroller's office, is justly due him.
May 24, 1800 Request for Quick Payment of Major Tousard's Back Pay, for the Good of the Rhode Island Defenses James McHenry John Adams Mentions that Major Tousard is now insisting on the need to finish fortifications in Rhode Island and other points eastward. Notes that Tousard, like many other officers, is owed back pay; also notes that his services in planning and beginning the defenses at Rhode Island were indispensable, and he is equally indispensable for their completion. Requests that Tousard's pay be expedited as quickly...
March 10, 1790 Back pay for Lieutenant Pillaster Joseph Bliss under Major Bauman in 1784 Joseph Howell Henry Knox Back pay for Lieutenant Pillaster Joseph Bliss under Major Bauman in 1784 in the Corps of Artillerists.
April 19, 1798 Receipt of payment for delivery of dispatches by riding express [not available] [not available] Receipt of payment to Sturgis for delivery of dispatches by riding express from Shippensburg to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and back to Shippensburg per agreement with William Rippey of Shippensburg. Brigadier General Wilkinson notes that dispatches came from Secretary of War and returned with the general's answer.
May 14, 1791 Washington Should Hold Back His Warriors Farmer Brother the King [not available] Farmer Brother entreats the Americans to distinguish between those Indians, like the Six Nations, who want peace and the bad Indians who want war. If the Americans will delay their attacks, he pledges to try to convince the warlike Indians to accept peace.
September 4, 1787 Jeremiah Wadsworth discusses pay and accounting with Joseph Howell Jeremiah Wadsworth Joseph Howell Jeremiah Wadsworth informs Joseph Howell that he has received receipts from Major Painter's widow that will entitle her to a certificate for half-pay.
April 17, 1800 Letter to the Secretary at War Dwight Foster James McHenry Foster sends letters from John McKee back to James McHenry.
March 25, 1797 James Casey Certificate concerning a mare that was rode by the Creek Indians James Casey [not available] Certification by Casey that John Rogers, interpreter for Creek Chiefs on the route to Philadelphia had a black mare which he owned. Mare was ridden by Indians and left at Lancaster. When Casey arrived back at Lancaster, it was either stolen or strayed away.
August 8, 1798 Back Pay for McRea Griffith James McRee William Simmons Enclosed is Lt. Fergus's receipts for $200 paid him for the recruiting service. McRea has received no pay since he left Philadelphia, having received an advance through January 1798. He would like to have transmitted the pay due him.
November 14, 1800 Detailed Account of War Department Fire Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mentions destruction of the War Office, fire moving to the War Department Library starting at the "back part of the chimney that belonged to the next house." Accountant was able to save some documents. All the papers, records for this office were destroyed. Mentioned peace likely abroad.
December 28, 1794 Three Hands Added to the Workshop Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Three new hands have been added to the workshop. One of them is James Spratt who is an able hand when sober but has earlier been discharged for intemperance. Since he promised to do better he has been brought back with an increase in wages which appears to have had a good effect on him.
October 16, 1794 Articles Needed for a Journey James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Since Mentges will be taking a number of papers with him, he asks for a good portmanteau, two blankets, a horseman's sword and belt, and some small blank books. These articles will be returned when he gets back from his journey.
April 7, 1796 Queries about Shipment of Clothing to Georgia Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Refers to clothing sent to Georgia by the Secretary of War back in December. Wants to know on what vessel it was shipped and whether they have heard of its arrival. Has not arrived at ultimate destination by 8 March.
June 15, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Simmons provides Blackburn a balance of his account.
January 28, 1794 Two Houses For Sale Jonathan Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Nicholson announces that the price for his two houses at the corner of Chestnut and Tenth Streets is eight thousand pounds cash. The lots are large and back up to George Street. The stables and coach houses are constructed so as to be easily converted to three dwelling houses.