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May 7, 1793 Four Strings of Wampum John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg wants four strings of wampum in addition to the number furnished that morning.
May 27, 1793 Request for White Wampum Timothy Pickering Henry Knox On behalf of commissioners, Pickering laments that the white wampum has not arrived from New York or Albany. Therefore, ask Major Craig's help in obtaining a quantity, not exceeding 80,000.
May 26, 1793 Obtaining White Wampum Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox "Not having obtained any white wampum, either at New York or Albany, we have desired Major Craig to procure any quantity , not exceeding 80,000, at Pittsburgh; should he procure it, he will transmit you the account thereof, which we request you to pay at five days' sight hereof."
April 29, 1793 Wampum for Indian Department John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to inform the Secretary of War what quantity of wampum for the Indian Department he has in his possession.
May 22, 1792 Putnam's Receipt for Indian Goods Rufus Putnam [not available] A receipt signed by General Putnam for the Indian goods he received.
January 3, 1794 Twenty Suits of Infantry Clothing John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to have packed up and transported to the recruiting service at Lancaster, addressed to Ensign Levi McClean, twenty suits of infantry clothing, leaving out the linen overalls. Also forward to the same address twenty stands of arms and accoutrements.
May 27, 1793 Letter to Secretary of War on belt of hostile Indians, wampum, medicine chest, medicinal bark Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Bearer of letter is Six Nations interpreter Jasper Parrish. Federal Commissioners forTreaty of Sandusky report to Knox that belt from hostile tribes is missing. Request wampum, medicine chest and medicinal bark.
May 27, 1793 Request for white wampum and qualified Delaware and Shawanese interpreters Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Isaac Craig Federal commissioners advise Major Craig they have dispatched Six Nations interpreter Jasper Parrish to Philadelphia to procure white wampum. They ask Craig to dispatch 40 to 50,000 white wampum. They reiterate request for Delaware and Shawanese interpreters to support the Treaty at Sandusky Ohio.
May 14, 1798 Disposition of Brass Twenty-Four Pounders Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the disposition of the brass twenty-four pounders ordered from Albany and transported to Smith via York.
May 19, 1796 Goods to the Indians, Etc. James McHenry James Wilkinson A list of matters to be addressed from the Secretary of War to General Wilkinson.
May 26, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners Sandusky Treaty requesting interpreters and white wampum [money] Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Isaac Craig From Niagara, Commissioners have no information on whereabouts of William Wilson or James Rankin, interpreters for Delaware and Shawanese languages; and inquire on whereabouts of white wampum. They write to Major Craig at Pittsburg noting that it is of highest importance that they have their interpreters. Ask Craig to urge Wilson to come. If Rankin cannot come, find another competently skilled in...
January 1, 1795 Formal Peace Alliance with Tribes at Sandusky Anthony Wayne Sachems Formal acceptance of U.S. to discuss peace with tribes of Sandusky. Hopes to create an alliance against those who caused mischief.
August 5, 1800 Promises and Land Rights Arthur St. Clair Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation Promises made in Philadelphia by Sec of War to be kept. Currently searching for an agent through whom the Indians can communicate to the U.S. Government. Land rights addressed.
May 27, 1793 Tardy interpreters, arrival of Benjamin Lincoln, overdue wampum, and concern over potential troop movements of General Wayne Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Commissioners report that General Lincoln arrived on 25 May with stores in the batteaux. No interpreters as of yet; nor is there any white wampum. Duplicate letter enclosed from Colonel McKee. The delay of proceedings provides time to obtain interpreters and white wampum. If the white wampum does not arrive in time, will borrow from British agents at Niagara or Detroit. Send the wampum to Major...
February 24, 1796 News from Fort Wayne John Francis Hamtramck James Wilkinson Major Hamtramck reports on current affairs at Fort Wayne, and adds that Major Henfrer is headed down the Wabash River to visit various Indian nations. Encloses returns of the garrison, and some wampum, to General Wilkinson.
May 26, 1793 Request for White Wampum & Interpreters for Treaty at Sandusky Ohio Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky General John Gibson Six Nations interpreter Jasper Parish carries a letter from Federal commissioners for Treaty at Sandusky which attempts to enlist General Gibson's support as an Indian expert in obtaining white wampum and qualified interpreters for the Delaware and Shawanese languages. Major Craig at Pittsburg identified at the point of contact. Interpreters were supposed to travel with commissioners, but did not...
August 31, 1791 Twenty Boxes of Rifles John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Nicholson is sending, with Peter Alexander, twenty boxes of rifles-- inspected, oiled, papered, and packed in good order--as per invoice.
February 27, 1799 Deducting Twenty Cents From Each Statement William Laws Samuel Hodgdon If he is allowed to put in all the [?] pieces of leather, Laws pledges to deduct twenty cents from each statement.
April 6, 1797 Clothing & Knapsacks to Middletown James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon "You will please to send to Middletown, Connecticut twenty suits of infantry clothing and twenty knapsacks."
1789 Copy of Harmar's Speech to the Indians Josiah Harmar [not available] Harmar seeks peace between Indians and the "Thirteen Great Fires" (13 States) and offers wampum, reminded Indians that U.S. are obliged to protect and defend all friendly Indians. Virginia settlers seek to live in peace with Indians. Mentioned deception of Indians by enemies, murder on Ohio by unknown Indians, and that the U.S. traders will provide Indians anything they need.
June 14, 1793 Money to Quarter Master General; Wampum; Money for Captain Prior Henry Knox Isaac Craig Quarter Master General's agent will transmit sum of $5000. Hopes interpreters Mr. Wilson and Mr. Ash answer purpose of commissioners. Asks about the wampum. Discusses conditions by which Captain Prior may draw money. Is critical of Prior's lack of economy. Asks about the state of the waters on the Ohio River below Wheelen [Wheeling], and between Wheeling and Pittsburgh
April 19, 1798 Brass Twenty-Four Pounders To Be Sent Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Hodgdon orders Houdin to send three twenty-four pounders to New York to the address of Melancton Smith.
October 3, 1791 Bounty & Premiums for Recruiting Twenty Men Joseph Howell Staats Morris $160 is being transmitted to Morris in Post Notes, being the bounty and premiums awarded for the recruiting of twenty men. A receipt for this sum is required.
September 29, 1791 Outfitting Lt. Sohier's Recruits John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to deliver to Lt. John Sohier and his recruits twenty suits of clothing, now in store, and twenty stands of arms and accoutrements complete in return for his receipt.
October 2, 1797 Twenty blank enlistments Mr. Jones William R. Boote Transmits to Ensign Boote twenty blank enlistments.