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January 5, 1793 Message of the Cornplanter and New Arrow Henry Knox President of the Senate of the United States "In obedience to the order of the President of the United States I have the honor to submit to the Senate a message of the Cornplanter and New Arrow to Major General Wayne of the 8th ultimo. The subject of Indians affairs being under the consideration of Congress, the President has conceived it proper that they should be possessed of the message now submitted."
February 10, 1792 Resolving Issues with the Senecas Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Knox tells New-Arrow, Cornplanter, Big-Log, and other Seneca chiefs that he would like to meet with them in Philadelphia in order to resolve any issues that might stand in the way of friendship between the Senecas and the United States.
October 10, 1794 Request for Name of Unauthorized Collection of Monies William Long David Hemey Long sought name of person who drew money due him so he may recover money owed him. William Fait previously authorized to draw money, but returned power to Long.
May 21, 1793 Message from Federal Commissioners instructed to treat with hostile Indians north of the Ohio to Cornplanter, New Arrow, and other Seneca Chiefs Beverley Randolph Cornplanter, Chief of the Senecas Randolph informs Cornplanter, New Arrow, and the other Seneca chiefs that the treaty negotiations at Sandusky have been delayed. General Lincoln expected in a few days; is traveling via Mohawk River to Oswego. 1 June 1793 opening date for negotiations will not be met. Colonel McKee has indicated that western Indians will not be able to meet that date. Late June earliest meeting date. Advises...
February 20, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to Fine Bones, Chief of the Broken Arrow James Seagrove Fine Bones Seagrove acknowledges receipt of talks brought by John Galphin. He assures Fine Bones of his commitment to keep the path clear between Fine Bones' people and the United States. He notes that the future happiness depends on friendship with the United States. Seagrove reminds Fine Bones that he will meet with him on 1 May 1793 at Cussetah. Here he will hear his talks. He advices Fine Bones not to...
December 25, 1792 Speech of the Cornplanter & New Arrow to General Wayne Cornplanter & New Arrow Anthony Wayne New Arrow and Cornplanter discuss their mission to convince the Western Indians to meet with representatives of the United States so as to reach a peaceful settlement of the differences between the Indians and the Americans. The Western Indians point out that they were on the American continent first and consider the whites their children.
November 28, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Nicholas Long William Simmons Nicholas Long William Simmons informs Nicholas Long that his accounts have been closed.
September 21, 1797 Cited letter or document, William Simmons to Nicholas Long William Simmons Nicholas Long Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Long, 11/28/1797.
October 31, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Nicholas Long William Simmons Nicholas Long William Simmons informs Nicholas Long that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
July 2, 1793 Events with Lower Creeks, Coweta, Broken Arrow, Usuchees and Chehaws Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Letter to Seagrove, delivered by Mr Townsend. Reports on meeting held at Tuckabatchee. Upper Creeks agreed to cease hostilities on Georgia and give up property. Cowetas, Broken Arrow, Ussuchees, Chehaws have declined from what they agreed to at the meeting; will not give up property. General Twiggs, Georgia Militia gave talk to Cussetah. Bernard says Twiggs has for most part, been prudent in his...
May 16, 1793 Aftermath of Incident at Traders Hill St Mary's Creek Chiefs [not available] Cussetahs pledge continued friendship. Because so many whites have been killed, do not see that they can influence matters any longer. Ask that the U.S. give a drubbing and burning to the perpetrators listed as Cowetas, Broken Arrow, Uchees, Usichees, Tallasse. Chiefs ask that Cussetah town and people be spared. Proceeded to give directions on how best to go after the Cowetas, while sparing...
September 26, 1794 Long Coat & Cocked Hat, Etc. Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam expresses his wish for a new uniform that includes a long coat and cocked hat which he feels will be suitable for new recruits.
May 2, 1796 Pay of George Hardwick & William Long William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $100 is due George Hardwick and William Long, Scouts of Clark County Kentucky, being their pay for July and August 1795.
December 8, 1792 Letter Citation Chief of Senecas New Arrow Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Wayne, 01/05/1793.
February 19, 1796 Claim of Josiah Long William Simmons Lemuel Benton Writes of an examination of the petitions and papers relative to the claim of Josiah Long as a soldier in a South Carolina regiment. Concludes that the claim was not properly filed according to the laws of Congress and that no certificate has been produced.
December 2, 1796 Healthy Horses for a Long Journey John Wade Samuel Hodgdon Wade is certain that Colonel Hodgdon will not be backward in furnishing him with horses sufficiently strong and healthy to endure a long journey in which severe weather is likely.
April 12, 1792 Appointment as Ensign Henry Knox Felix Long Knox informs Felix Long of his appointment as an ensign in a company of infantry
March 26, 1799 Certification of payments; Private Andrew Long in Captain Edward Butlerís Company, 4th Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $18.32 to Private Andrew Long in Captain Edward Butlerís Company, 4th Regiment.
June 13, 1787 Mrs. Howell health; counterfeit trial Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mrs. Howell is getting better. Physician wants her moved to country. Recommended air of Long Island. Trial for counterfeiter draws near.
November 27, 1796 History of the Enclosed William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray discusses the history of his essay written in response to a sketch in the Aurora.
March 20, 1793 Information Respecting the Intentions of the Southern Indians James Carey William Blount Carey responds to Governor Blount's inquiries regarding the violence of the southern Indians against American settlers and the possibility of an alliance between the southern and northern tribes in a general war against the United States.
May 2, 1796 Pay of George Hardwick and William Long, Scouts of Clark County Kentucky William Simmons [not available] Simmons certifies payment of $100.00 to George Hardwick and William Long, Scouts of Clark County Kentucky, Scouts of Clark County Kentucky.
January 6, 1789 Regarding how long to make out a Regimental account Joseph Howell John P. de Haas DeHass had asked how long it takes to make out a Regimental account. Howell notes that this depends on whether the person is acquainted with the nature of army accounts, and on the nature of the accounts themselves; some are more complete than others. Mentions the accounts of deHaas' father, which took four weeks to examine and state.
May 8, 1800 I Will Continue My Duties as long as the Service Requires Jonathan Williams James McHenry Williams expresses his gratitude for the honorable testimony respecting his character communicated by the President of the United States [Adams] and pledges to continue his duties as long as the interest of the service requires. He fears that he has been misunderstood by the President in his use of the words "engaged in business" by which he meant that he would do the business of Assistant...
October 12, 1793 Long Sufferings of the People William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports that a large body of Indians has invaded the district of Washington resulting in losses of life and property. General Sevier has been ordered to pursue the invaders and perhaps ease the long sufferings of the people of the district.