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November 30, 1796 Enclosed Accounts and Request for Information for his Mother Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton encloses accounts for November for himself and his servant. He conveys a request from his mother for information on how to receive lands due her late husband.
February 24, 1800 Helping Mother with Her Rent Peter Wilson Samuel Hodgdon Wilson asks Hodgdon for an advance of $58 to be deducted from his quarters salary. He needs the money because of the unfortunate loss sustained by his mother upon her return from Norfolk. This has put her backward in her rent and Wilson wants to help her out as she sets out to live with his brother Smith in Charleston.
February 27, 1796 Letter for a Mother Regarding Pay or Clothing Due Deceased Son Abiel Foster James McHenry Foster writing on behalf of a mother, asking whether there were any arrears of pay or clothing due to her son at the time of his deacease. He was sertving in the Western Army under the command of Captain Cass. Mother lives in Foster's neighborhood in New Hampsphire
September 13, 1798 Caring for Philip Church James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry tells Hamilton to assure Philip Church's mother that he will take the same care of Philip that he would of his own son.
September 2, 1789 Gardoqui thanks Knox for actions in behalf of his son James Gardoqui Henry Knox Letter, mentions death of President's mother; asks for advice about President.
September 24, 1797 Account Balance and Request to Forward Letters Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton clarifies the balance of his accounts. He has told his mother and sisters to send their letters via Simmons.
April 11, 1790 Jackson announces the death of his father to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, mentions death of father; asks for military appointment.
January 25, 1796 Pay of Private Elisha Barrow, Deceased of Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $22.63 is due the estate of Elisha Barrow, a private in Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment, being the balance of his pay which is payable to Eleanor Bassett, his mother.
September 27, 1791 Update on Sons Military Whereabouts Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Letter, informs mother of son's march with army; discusses loss of Knox's son.
August 23, 1789 Jackson expresses condolences and asks for job Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses death of Knox's son; asks for judicial appointment.
December 13, 1787 Personal Letter Regarding Trip to Philadelphia Henry Knox Samuel Ogden Discussed health of Mrs. Knox who recently birthed her eighth child, Ogden's trip to Philadelphia, and politics in Europe.
November 29, 1793 Hodgdon discusses military stores and accounting matters with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon asks Major Craig to give account of a previous shipment.
June 4, 1784 Shipping of Bells Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Advises of the shipping of the bells belonging to Mr. Livingston's church.
October 2, 1801 Be Nice to Lieutenant Strong James Wilkinson Samuel Vance This letter is handed to you by Lieutenant Strong, who travels with his mother up the Ohio. Please afford them every attention they might need. The party going with Strong is to be immediately remanded to this place, in the same craft. Please also send every man belonging to the Corps in this quarter.
February 24, 1784 Account settlement John Berrien John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account for service as Brigade Major to the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War.
January 4, 1784 Questions on an Officer's Status Joseph S Carth Samuel Hodgdon Requests information from Col. Hodgdon as to whether Captain Emes is to be continued the station he currently fills or be removed. Information either way will be satisfactory. Reference to letter from Mrs. Emes.
November 16, 1798 Making Collections for Our Distressed Poor, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Among other matters, Hodgdon praises Craig for his efforts in making collections to provide assistance for the distressed poor and expresses dismay at the discovery that Jacob Death is a rascal.
December 9, 1799 Certificate for Public Service in Philadelphia Thomas Annely Samuel Hodgdon Annely explains his absence from Harpers Ferry by noting that there were no accommodations at that place for his family so he had to return to Philadelphia to make them comfortable in that city. He was then employed by Hodgdon to perform the duties of Mr Nicholson who was sick at the time. He overhauled the old muskets in the store and inspected stocks and purchased iron. He also arranged to...
April 5, 1796 Pay of Isaac Hyer, Deceased William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $30.84 is due Isaac Hyer, late a private in Capt. Moore's [?] Company, 1st Regiment, being the balance of his pay up to Oct. 22, 1790, the day of his death.
June 1, 1784 Account and pension Aaron Bull John Pierce Aaron Bull sends John Pierce a request for information pertaining to his deceased son's account and pension.
August 28, 1791 Extract of a letter that discusses frontier violence W. Priestly W. Lapsly Letter, describes White aggression; mentions rescue of kidnapped white child; mentions casualties.
August 16, 1800 Probably Not Guilty of Acts of Piracy, Etc. Jeremiah Condy Samuel Hodgdon Condy discusses a number of matters including the illness of his mother-in-law and the escape of Capt. Merchant who had been charged with acts of piracy.
July 27, 1791 Smith appeals to Knox to authorize military leave for a brother William Smith Henry Knox Letter, due to family hardship Smith asks for leave for his brother, Captain Smith.
February 17, 1795 Letter from distressed mother who has lost her son Mrs. Mary Dunn Joseph Howell Apologizes for troubling Joseph Howell. Notes that her son has died, an officer in the light dragoons under General Anthony Wayne. Notes that she has a receipt from Major Winston for $80, the amount of her late son's property. Applies to Howell regarding this amount.
1797 Concerning Franco-American relations and the ambassador to France James McHenry [not available] McHenry considers the possibility that French colonists in the West Indies will begin demanding from their mother country that freer and more liberal trade with the United States be allowed. McHenry then contemplates how this development would play out with Charles Cotesworth Pinckney - the U.S. Minister to France - involved, who McHenry claims has neither the authority nor instruction to improve...