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May 26, 1785 Entering receipts, pay matters and rental of home Philip Audebert Joseph Howell Discussion on matter of entering receipts. Asks about Audebert's arrival at the office. Discusses rental of house and pay of old and new troops;
November 9, 1794 Entering Another Employment Zenas Kimberly Samuel Hodgdon Kimberly informs Hodgdon that since they have not been able to reach an agreement on his wages, Hodgdon should have no objection to his entering another employment. Given his low circumstances in life, he feels he owes it to himself to pursue a line that tends most to his advantage.
August 23, 1799 Outlines Activity in Response to Fever Alarm Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Has not wasted any time in entering documents for the Commissariate. Shall try to obtain a complete list of items for Oswego and Niagara, or shall make the principal of the department responsible. Mr. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Day will be in charge of all affairs west of Fort Washington, and Craig will look over all affairs east. The fever causes removal of public offices within 4 or 5 days. Believes...
July 1, 1799 Orders to remain at Fort Mifflin Garrison on Mud Island James McHenry Francis Gibson Orders to remain at Fort Mifflin Garrison on Mud Island as Quarter Master and superintendent of artificers and workmen. Describes duties upon entering upon office.
July 26, 1797 Statement of Powder at Various Places Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of the quantity of powder at various places.
May 2, 1799 Want of Clothing & The Officers' Oath Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamitlon acknowledges McHenry's letter informing him of the want of clothing and blankets and encloses the oath to be taken by officers enter the Army.
1791 Discussion of Debts and Imprisonment of Recruits Bezaleel Howe Henry Knox Questions the practicality of the law regarding small debts of men recruited for military service.
April 1, 1797 Statement of Brass Cannons and Carriages Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of brass cannons and carriages on books of intendant of stores
July 1, 1799 This injustice has fallen heavy on me, Etc. John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Colonel Hamtramck provides a detailed report of the situation in the Western Country. He reports on the condition of the sundry garrisons, the state of magazines, and other stores, and the disposition of the Indians. He is worried about the overdue bills for rations and supplies that he had purchased on his own credit.
February 10, 1798 Contract price of rations for 1797 and 1798 R. J. Heath William Simmons Contract prices of rations Fort Fayette, Fort Massac, Fort Knox, Michilamackanac, Fort Wayne.
September 22, 1791 Troops Marching to Fort Washington Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox acknowledges receipt of two of St. Clair's letters and informs of several troop movements toward Fort Washington.
December 13, 1785 Regarding settlement of accounts Joseph Howell John White Discusses Colonel Richardson's pay in 1776. Major Lloyd has not yet settled account. There was no Captain Hughes listed in the regiment. Mentions that the printers are entering a complaint; they are sick of the contract. Mr Pierce is absent on a visit to his friends. Would be unhappy were any thing to arise to his prejudice or Howell's dishonor.
December 29, 1786 State Funding for a Fort Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Nicholson Letter, mentions state funding of fort..
June 23, 1797 Condition of Old Fort and Storage of Powder Isaac Craig James McHenry Status of magazine at old fort no longer appropriate for storage of powder. Advised the storage at Fort Fayette and notified McHenry he will attempt to sell the old magazine and its building materials.
June 5, 1794 Return of the non-commissioned officers Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Return of the non-commissioned officers and privates belonging to the legion of the United States.
September 11, 1798 Extract of a Letter from the Secretary of War to His Excellency the Governor of Georgia James McHenry James Jackson Congratulations on adoption of state constitution. Admiration of Georgia and South Carolina for their vigilance in preventing three refugees from Port-au-Prince from entering their respective states.
July 19, 1791 Garrisoning at Fort Washington Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter, discusses garrisoning Fort Washington.
1796 Quantity of troops at various posts James McHenry [not available] McHenry lists the number of troops stationed at each post.
December 11, 1800 Articles requested by Samuel Hodgdon for various Forts Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter List of articles requested by Samuel Hodgdon for various Forts.
January 23, 1801 Clothing Delivery to Fort Massac and Fort Adams Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig packing clothing for troops at Fort Pickering and Fort Adams which is proving "most troublesome" due to General's instructions. Craig must open and repack all boxes and irregularities still exist. General will not accept office of the Minister of War if it was offered to him.
April 19, 1798 Statement of Ordnance at Various Locations Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry List of ordnance belonging to the United States at forts and major cities.
March 26, 1794 Embargo Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter from Secretary of War, Henry Knox, which instructs the Governor of Virginia that Congress has just passed an embrago on all ships entering from foreign ports for the next thirty days. Knox hopes that the Governor will enforce this embargo fully and promptly.
December 16, 1784 Forgeries M. Weare Abiel Foster Discusses forged pay notes.
April 11, 1796 Route from Albany to Fort Erie Henry Glen Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Describes the 995-mile route from Albany to Fort Erie.
April 16, 1792 Orders for Fort Hamilton James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Lists supplies that are to be taken to Fort Hamilton without delay, including bar iron.