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September 28, 1784 Returns for the 1st and 3rd Cavalry Regiments Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Enclosed are the returns for the 1st and 3rd Cavalry Regiments, but Major Hopkins' pay and Commutation has been settled with the 4th Regiment. Also enclosed are the fees allowed by the Assembly for notary public as fixed in 1752. Those fees are still in effect and are still used in this office.
October 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Adams Simmons answers to the President regarding a complaint made by a private citizen. The citizen complained to the President that he was denied the reward for apprehending a deserter. Simmons states his grounds for rejecting the claim.
May 4, 1796 Rules to be observed by Persons Entitled to Lands James McHenry [not available] Rules regarding land ownership. Approval needed by notary or magistrate to certify ownership.
February 13, 1798 Instructions for Money Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Instructions with money. Refers to books purchased by Wolcott for him. Refers to LeRoy Bay and the notary for stock.
February 20, 1801 Deposition of Thomas Ewing Thomas Ewing [not available] Thomas Ewing officially stated that John Green of Tennessee, merchant, is justly and truly indebted to Ewing of $1,943.83 and has not received any payment. Notary signed and sealed document.
October 21, 1799 Explanation of Actions in Hugh McAlister Affair, with Accusation of McAlister as Fraudulent Government Agent William Simmons John Adams Simmons explains his actions in and view of the Hugh McAlister case, quoting McHenry's inquiry to him and then his reply -- in brief, that McAlister turned in a deserter, applied for compensation for this service, and was rejected on the grounds that the man he turned in could not be proven a deserter. States further that McAlister was a notary public at Carlise (where the return of the prisoner...
May 30, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney James Davidson William Lane Power of attorney for James Davidson, late a soldier in the Pennsylvania Line.
July 6, 1796 Power of Attorney Robert Battersby John Brady Power of Attorney for John Brady
July 2, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney Daniel Forbes Samuel Maus Power of attorney for Daniel McMullan and Daniel Forbes, late soldiers in a Pennsylvania Regiment.
July 14, 1796 Power of Attorney Allyn Fox John Brady Power of Attorney for Allyn Fox, late soldier in the Connecticut Line. Fox is a hair dresser by trade.
October 3, 1798 McHenry's Bank Account James McHenry Thomas Willing McHenry discusses his bank account and asks that the monies be applied to his credit even though he neglected to bring his bank book with him.
February 20, 1801 Account of John Green with Thomas Ewing [not available] [not available] Statement of the account between John Green and Thoma Ewing, currently at a balance of $1,940.83 to be paid in Philadelphia.
November 9, 1796 Certificate of Thomas Smith Thomas Smith [not available] Smith verified his signature and seal, but stated he did not write the body of power of attorney document, nor is the information familiar to him.
July 17, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney Thomas S Tull Unknown Recipient Power of attorney for Thomas Tull, late a soldier in the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
August 17, 1792 Letters and Powers of Attorney Unknown Author [not available] Letters and powers of attorney. Those granting power include Joseph McGibbin, Samuel Skinner.
July 7, 1796 Power of Attorney Peter Dumas John Brady Power of Attorney for Peter Dumas, late private in the New York Line.
September 19, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney John Williamson Frederick Molineux Power of attorney for John Williamson, late a soldier in the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.
September 15, 1791 Assignment and Power of Attorney Adam Sheeman George Carlinger Document certifying the service of Adam Sheeman, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War.
February 20, 1801 Power of Attorney Thomas Ewing [not available] Power of attorney. Thomas Ewing appoints David Henley his attorney, to receive funds from John Green.
April 23, 1790 The Ohio Company of Associates Rufus Putnam Henry Knox This document is a bond between the founders of the Ohio Company of Associates and the Secretary at War. The document identifies former officers who have land claims against the United States and establishes the Ohio Company as the broker to liquidate such claims.
July 17, 1792 Power of Attorney to Moses Mortain John Winter [not available] Power of Attorney granted to Moses Martain by John Winter, specifically to secure arrears of pension owed Winter, who was wounded in the war. Witnessed by Ebenezer Farnham and John Remington
November 9, 1796 Certificate of Jasper Hopper Jasper Hopper [not available] Four certificates W. Simmons believed to be forged enclosed, Hopper verified his signature and seal, but the body was not written by him. Genuine certificates also enclosed. Physical description of John Campbell.
November 10, 1796 Certificate of William Bleecker William Bleecker [not available] Verified Barney Merkel's identity, relative to charges of fraudulent claims.
May 24, 1789 Advice on Application to Public Office Henry Knox [not available] Advice on application to public office. Comments on education and reputation.
February 21, 1793 Allocation of Public Stores Charles Anderson Samuel Hodgdon Allocation of public stores discussed.