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September 17, 1799 Trade Monopoly in the North Western Territory James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry encloses a copy of a memorial from persons engaged in trade in the North Western Territory regarding a possible trade monopoly in that region by the Commanding General.
September 15, 1800 Receipt for Delivery of Annual Supply of Stationery Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Receipt for delivery of stationary furnished by Secretary of State for North Western or Indianna territory.
November 23, 1799 Enclosed Invoice for Stationery Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed invoice for stationary sent to Capt. Harrison of the North Western Territory. Requests Craig copy the invoice and send it to Cincinnati.
July 27, 1792 Procedure for Advances in Western Territory Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mr. Lanclive left for Philadelphia on previous day on return to Western Territory. Mr. Colesworthy made a mistake in accounting. Describes procedures for future conduct of transactions in the "Western world."
March 25, 1794 Explains Accounts for the Western Territory James O'Hara Henry Knox Response to request to Quartermaster for shipment of supplies to Western Territory.
August 24, 1799 Alarm at the Conduct of the Indians Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig discusses his returns and notes his awareness of the fever in Philadelphia. Colonel Hamtramck is on his way to Pittsburgh and will stay through the winter. He has been informed by Governor St. Clair that the inhabitants of the northwestern territory are much alarmed by the recent conduct of the Indian tribes. Two men were recently killed on their way from Kentucky, perhaps by Indians...
August 8, 1792 Western Lands Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Alludes to news from France; mentions appointment of Adjutant and Inspector General; discusses governor of the Western Territory.
September 15, 1797 Delivery Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Noted assistants quitting service and general malady in Philadelphia. W. Weekly delivered two casks w/o invoices addressed to Governors of Kentucky and North West Territory which will be forwarded immediately.
July 2, 1788 [Additional Instructions to the Governor of the Territory North West of the River Ohio relative to the Treaty to be Held with the Western Indians in Pursuance of the Resolutions passed by Congress of October Last] Charles Thomson Arthur St. Clair Additional directions to Governor directing him to secure an advantageous boundary for the United States using additional money provided.
May 15, 1797 Delivery of Annuities to North West Indians James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver annuities to Hodgdon for dispersal to the North Western Indians.
May 22, 1796 Land speculation and the western frontier Thomas Dillon James McHenry Dillon describes Tennessee and other western lands, while promoting land speculation and the surefire profits that come with speculating. Dillon mentions peace with Indians, but alludes to White encroachment and aggression.
December 28, 1788 Speech Regarding Land Disputes Major General Richard Butler [not available] Butlers speech addressed Indians of North Western territory regarding land disputes and settlement of boundary between the U.S. and the Six Nations. Recounted past treaties. Butler notified the Six Nations that they would have to settle their disputes with the Governor because his term as Superintendent of Indian Affairs expired.
July 9, 1788 Supplement to the Land Ordinance of 1785 Congress of the United States [not available] A supplement to an ordinance entitled An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing lands in Western territory.
February 12, 1796 Receipt Rolls Received William Simmons Francis De Hebecourt Informs Capt. De Hebecourt in the Northwest Territory that the receipt rolls for him and his men have been received.
November 6, 1800 Movement of Troops and Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Several detachments of troops traveling to Pittsburgh, details on which troops and officers are marching. Supplies and ammunition are being transported to the Northern and North Western territories, enclosed papers will inform Craig that the United States is at peace with the "Great Nation."
November 9, 1793 Letter Citation Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Cited in St. Clair to Knox, 99/99/1793. Copy of letter from Knox to governor of Northwestern Territory enclosed, President requested St. Clair follow instructions to governor of Kentucky as if it was written to himself. Advises military force against French.
December 16, 1793 Table of Contents Volume II, including instructions to commissioners appointed to treat with Indians north of Ohio, statement relative to Southwestern Frontier & the Creek and Cherokee Indians, letter accompanying return of ordnance and military stores of United States Henry Knox [not available] Table of contents includes instructions for commissioners appointed to treat with Indians north of Ohio [Sandusky Conference], and a journal of the proceedings; a letter from Secretary of War Henry Knox accompanying a return of ordnance, arms and military stores of United States; and statement relative to the South Western frontiers as connected with the State of Georgia and the Creek Indians,...
October 6, 1789 Act of Congress Calling for Militia Defense of the Western Territory George Washington Arthur St. Clair Extract of a letter from George Washington to Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the Territory of the United States northwest of Ohio, and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Northwestern District. The letter describes a September 29, 1789 act of Congress calling forth the militia for the protection of the frontier from hostile Indian incursions. He instructs St. Clair to ascertain the...
September 13, 1796 Affirming Arthur St. Clair's Position in the Northwest Territory James McHenry Arthur St. Clair McHenry confirms St. Clair's official position with Indian affairs in the Northwest territory, and states he expects St. Clair to personally attend the investigation into the murder of two Indians at Fort Vincennes, and enforce the terms of our treaties.
September 6, 1790 Documents for William Blount Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Enclosed documents for Blount, new governor of territory ceded by North Carolina. Details of location included. Includes proclamations by President Washington concerning Indian treaties.
April 3, 1794 Explanation of Supplies and Orders for Western Country James O'Hara Anthony Wayne Explains stores and supplies for Western Territory. Encloses estimates for the War Department. Requests update on events in Indian country. Refers to hospital supply order.
September 14, 1789 Regarding Constant Hostilities Between Indians who Live on Wabash River and People of Kentucky Arthur St. Clair George Washington Regarding constant hostilities between Indians who live on Wabash River and people of Kentucky: it must be considered by the government of Western Territory. Requests that Washington take matter into consideration and asks for orders based on what is though proper. Kentucky people will likely retaliate and this will undermine the government's treaty efforts. Makes inquiry regarding the calling up...
February 7, 1800 Pestilence that Has Ravaged Philadelphia, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of matters, Sargent warns Hodgdon that in the summer he should be in the country, rather than stay in the city. Sargent addresses business matters which Hodgdon is handling for him.
January 30, 1801 Cannon Carriages and Clothing Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Noted mistake of receiving too many of one type of cannon as "extraordinary indeed." Carriages for guns being constructed by workmen. Craig reported that he has repacked and assembled a years worth of clothing for regiments stationed at several posts by appropriating clothing intended for the North Western posts.
April 24, 1793 Protection of Commissioners Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed governance of North Western Indians and treaty to be held in Sandusky. Requests protection of commissioners from hostile Indian attacks.