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May 15, 1797 Delivery of Annuities to North West Indians James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver annuities to Hodgdon for dispersal to the North Western Indians.
September 15, 1797 Delivery Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Noted assistants quitting service and general malady in Philadelphia. W. Weekly delivered two casks w/o invoices addressed to Governors of Kentucky and North West Territory which will be forwarded immediately.
July 4, 1799 Seeks Information about Shipment of Clothing through Col. Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army supplies, quarters, and pay. Requests Return of clothing for each garrison north and west to be submitted to the Secretary of War and obtain his order. Promises clothing will be sent in best possible manner. Suggests sending everything to Col. Stevens; seeks Hamilton's opinion.
September 12, 1797 Inadmissable Charges for Travel to North Carolina William Simmons Griffith James McRee McRea's request for reimbursement regarding trip to North Carolina was denied. Simmons admonished McRea for requesting payment.
September 29, 1789 Instrument of Ratification: Treaty of Fort Harmar. George Washington [not available] Treaty between United States and Wyandot, Delaware, Ottawa, Chippawa, Pattawattima, and Sac Nations at Fort Harmar by Arthur St. Clair Governor of Territory North west of Ohio River. Ratification took place at Fort Harmar on 9 January 1789.
September 20, 1797 Enclosed Vouchers Details, on Locations of Artillerists and Engineers James Sterrett William Simmons Agreeable to General Order, vouchers submitted to Mr. Swan for the monies due the corps of artillerists and engineers North West of the Ohio River. Troops traveling between forts 600 miles apart left them eleven months in arrears.
August 11, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant Robert Rowan and Recruits William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $893.69 pay is due Lt. Robert Rowan and the recruits under the command of Captain Griffith McRee of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers as have marched from Wilmington North Carolina to West Point, New York.
January 6, 1796 Order to Discharge Militia Timothy Pickering Absalom Baird Peace with Indians North West of the Ohio has made the employment of scouts and militia unnecessary, Pickering commands that they be discharged.
September 28, 1798 Shipment of Clothing to West Point George Ingersoll Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed an estimate and return of clothing sufficient for 1798 and 1799 for the garrison at West Point. Ingersoll reminds Hodgdon of the necessity of delivering the clothing before November 15th, as after that date the North River will be too icy for feasible navigation. Requested additional attention to the matter as the troops are in need of clothing immediately.
September 6, 1787 Sale of Iron Ordnance William Price Henry Knox Jonas Williams, bearer, has applied to purchase some of the iron ordnance from West Point. In case Knox decides to sell to Williams, Price lists where the guns are so that they might be sold there rather than delivered to the landing. There are six 9 pounders at No 1, three 18, three 12, and four 6 pounders at the north redoubt. There also some at Fort Clinton and Fort Putnam. Price thinks it...
July 2, 1788 [Additional Instructions to the Governor of the Territory North West of the River Ohio relative to the Treaty to be Held with the Western Indians in Pursuance of the Resolutions passed by Congress of October Last] Charles Thomson Arthur St. Clair Additional directions to Governor directing him to secure an advantageous boundary for the United States using additional money provided.
February 24, 1784 Account settlement John Berrien John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account for service as Brigade Major to the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War.
September 13, 1798 Discussion of Appointments of Brooks and North John Adams James McHenry Returns blank commissions. Speaks disparagingly of Major Brooks's appointment. Defers to McHenry and Stoddart to make decision as he considers Brooks a total stranger. Discusses appointment of General North. Requests attention to troops of North Carolina.
April 19, 1786 Settling North's account John Pierce Colonel Caleb North Discusses the difficulties in settling North's account and the documentation needed.
June 11, 1791 Statement of the account of Captain Caleb North Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses a statement of the account of Captain Caleb North, for service during the Revolutionary War.
July 26, 1787 Report of Committee: Indian Relations. Congress of the United States [not available] Relative to making provision for preventing wanton and unjust attacks upon Indians, committee is convinced that measures must be adopted by congress and the states to prevent further progress of mutual depredations and hostilities between Indians and frontier inhabitants. No person shall be permitted to pass through territory north west of Ohio River without a permit signed by Secretary of War....
April 24, 1793 Protection of Commissioners Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed governance of North Western Indians and treaty to be held in Sandusky. Requests protection of commissioners from hostile Indian attacks.
September 20, 1795 Division of Land and Peace Treaty Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Transmitted by Col. O'Hara the original treaty between U.S. and all hostile tribes from North West of the Ohio river. Details on Indian tribes being detained by British and land jobbers. Discussed details of new boundaries and division of land among trading companies from Detroit.
August 9, 1795 Treaty, Supplies, and Clothing for Soliders Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Peace treaty b/w U.S. and hostile tribes of North West of Ohio river signed and copy enclosed. Addressed concerns about soldiers receiving clothing due them after their discharge. Believed that poor book keeping lead to improper dispensation of clothing. Discussed treaty with Great Britain and the sentiments of the dissenters. Lack of supplies at post rampant due to late shipments.
August 10, 1796 Enclosed Statements for North Carolina William Polk William Simmons Polk encloses an account of money he has paid per instruction.
January 27, 1800 General Orders William North Alexander Hamilton Notification that the rules for enlistment were changed. Instead of recruits being placed with a specific corps or regiment, they are simply to be enlisted for service to be determined. Allowance for the cadets at West Point and "upon the sea board" approved by the Secretary of War.
August 13, 1794 Wayne Address to Indians Regarding Peace Meeting Anthony Wayne [not available] Wayne addressed all Nations North West of the Ohio River regarding peace: Wayne requested to meet deputies sent by the Indian tribes to discuss peace agreement which included protection of women and children and returning of land to tribes. Christopher Miller, an adopted Shawnee was offered by Wayne to provide evidence of the United States kindness. Wayne advised the Nations to disregard...
August 7, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of detachment at Fort Johnston, North Carolina Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification that $216 is due a detachment of recruits at Fort Johnston, North Carolina, being their pay for May and June 1798.
August 2, 1799 Preventing Incendiaries from Blowing Up the Magazine George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming discusses the precautions he has undertaken to protect the magazine at West Point from blowing up due to incendiaries.
October 19, 1796 Pay for Major Fleming's recruits William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Acknowledges receipt of Major Fleming's muster roll and return of recruits at Wilmington, North Carolina sent in by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Rochefontaine. Pay of the recruits will be sent to Wilmington.