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June 17, 1797 Request for Information Concerning Individual at Norfolk Patrick Ferrall Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding Herbert at Norfolk, VA.
April 11, 1796 Pay of troops at Norfolk William Simmons James Tripplett Discusses the pay and muster rolls for the troops at Norfolk.
July 18, 1797 Enclosed Accounts, Notification of Detainment at Garrison of Norfolk John Saunders William Simmons Saunders has received orders from McHenry to remain at Norfolk for further orders. He sends his accounts so that they can be settled, and asks that money due him be forwarded to him in Norfolk.
December 2, 1794 Expenses of the Ordnance Dept. at Norfolk Joseph Howell Daniel Bedinger The sum of $698 has been remitted to Edward Carrington, Supervisor at Richmond, being an account of the incidental expenses of the Ordnance department at Norfolk.
October 30, 1795 Discussion of Planks for Frigate at Norfolk [Chesapeake] Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information re planks at Norfolk; discusses plank for Frigate at Norfolk.
July 7, 1794 Funds for Mounting and Equipping the Artillery at Norfolk Joseph Howell Daniel Bedinger The Treasurer has remitted to Edward Carrington $1500 to be transmitted to Bedinger to meet the expense of mounting and equipping the Artillery at Norfolk.
December 9, 1794 Fortifications at Norfolk John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox The engineer for fortifying Norfolk writes to Secretary Knox. States that all the guns at Fort Norfolk have been mounted and unmasked; the battery is now completely turfed and in perfect order; the barracks are already framed. Writes that the weather has been very favorable.
May 30, 1794 Delivery of Military Stores Daniel Bedinger Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Ross of the sloop Dolphin has delivered the military stores to Norfolk which have been deposited partly at Fort Nelson and partly at the powder magazine at Norfolk.
October 24, 1794 Pay and Expenses of John Jacob Rivardi Joseph Howell John Jacob Rivardi William Lindsay, Collector at Norfolk, is directed to pay Rivardi four hundred dollars for compensation and expenses as a temporary engineer at Norfolk.
May 12, 1795 Appointment of Josiah Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor of frigate at Norfolk Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox While Mr Morgan had been considered as constructor at Norfolk, he remains in Georgia overseeing the cutting of live oak. Therefore, Pickering appoints Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor at Norfolk to Josiah Fox. Fox is told to repair to Norfolk with all convenient speed. Report on progress; particularly state of naval yard.
May 10, 1793 Protection of Norfolk Henry Knox Henry Lee President acknowledged need to protect Norfolk but did not want to authorize any actions that could incur expenses the U.S. could not fund.
November 24, 1793 Can the Cargo Be Saved? Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon The captain of the sloop, who lives in Norfolk, has informed Perkins that the sloop ran ashore and the winds were blowing so hard that they could do nothing and he did not know whether the cargo could be saved. Had Perkins known how much trouble would be taken with this business, no amount of money would have induced him to take it on. He has booked passage for Norfolk and expects to be there the...
August 8, 1794 Discussion of Appointment of Naval Constructor at Gosport Navy Yard Henry Knox William Pennock Letter, discusses appointment of Naval constructor at Norfolk.
March 24, 1794 Fortification of Norfolk Henry Knox Henry Lee Recommends Daniel Bedinger to build cannon carriages for Norfolk. If Bedinger is not a suitable choice, Knox allowed Lee to select carpenter. Implies there is uncertainty over whether the cannons are the property of Virginia or the United States. Supply of Norfolk addressed in detail.
February 3, 1797 Justififying the Expense of Supplies Delivered to Fort Norfolk Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Colonel Carrington has reported that the Commanding Officer of Fort Norfolk in Virginia has directed that his supplies be delivered to the fort rather than to the nearby town. Wolcott wants to know if the extra expense involved in agreeing to this demand is justified.
July 20, 1794 Fortifications at Norfolk John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Letter from Engineer John Jacob Rivardi to the Secretary of War regarding the fortifications at Norfolk, the process of which has stressed the aforementioned engineer. Rivardi also notes that, "There is a large number of dissatisfied men who object altogether to fortification, from the same principle for which they object to every measure of Government" - attesting to the prevalent view at the...
July 3, 1795 Safety and Security in Norfolk Timothy Pickering Robert Brooke Pickering explained the role of the President in calling up militia. Protection of personal property and safety of residents of Norfolk addressed.
July 18, 1800 Request to deliver to flags, ordnance to Norfolk garrison [not available] John Harris Request to deliver flags, balls, lead for John Wilkins Junior Quarter Master General for transportation to the garrison at Norfolk, Virginia.
February 19, 1800 Reports Leaking Ship with Saltpetre at Norfolk Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Reports ship with saltpetre is leaking at Norfolk. Suggests they return to Baltimore where it can be ground into powder, then sent to Georgetown. Requests speedy instructions.
August 29, 1797 Accounts and Vouchers for Mounting Cannons Daniel Bedinger William Simmons Bedinger mailed accounts and vouchers for mounting cannons at Norfolk. Account is distinct and separate from the fortifications. Bedinger mentioned request from Henry Knox, Secretary of War, for new carriages and "impliments" for the fortifications at Norfolk. Bedinger seeks compensation for his troubles associated with acquiring new carriages and "impliments."
March 16, 1796 Pay for Detachment of Artillerists and Engineers at Norfolk William Simmons Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit a sum of money to Carrington which is to deliver to "William Simmons" (probably meant William Graves) at Norfolk, Virginia for the pay of a detachment artillerists and engineers at Fort Norfolk under the command of Sergeant Robert Hedges.
May 12, 1795 Appointment as & Duties of Temporary Naval Constructor at Norfolk Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, informs Fox re appointment as Temporary Constructor at Norfolk; describes duties of Naval Constructor.
May 24, 1800 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Blackburn was issued monies to pay troops at Fort Norfolk. Simmons requested accounts of money issued to the troops and any remaining sum or Blackburn must refund the United States the sum issued to him by the Treasurer.
[not available] Compensation for William Graves William Graves James McHenry Graves requests that the $247.50 balance due him for his service as an assistant engineer at Norfolk harbor be paid to his supervisor, Edward Carrington.
July 11, 1794 Extra Expenses at Norfolk Joseph Howell Henry Lee The Secretary of War has secretly directed a remittance, through Col. Carrington, to Gov. Lee for extra expenses at Norfolk for the performance of certain public objects relative to the fortifications and neutrality of the United States.