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September 8, 1791 Invoice and Bill of Lading William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Statement describing shipment of boxes of artillery clothing and bill of lading describing shipment of casks of powder to be shipped on Sloop Wilmington, Noah Wyeth, Master.
January 31, 1787 Receipt for pay received Noah Lee Unknown Recipient Noah Lee's signed receipt for pay received. Lee was a captain in Moses Hazen's Regiment.
March 31, 1800 Certification of payment; Doctor Noah Corning, for medical assistance rendered sick troops at Presque Isle Garrison under command of Captain Russell Bissell William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $60 to Doctor Noah Corning, for medical assistance rendered sick troops at Presque Isle Garrison under command of Captain Russell Bissell, commanding officer.
April 23, 1794 Invoice of ordinance and military stores shipped on brig Noah's Ark and subsequent report on whereabouts and condition [not available] [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped from Philadelphia to Wilmington North Carolina on the Brig Noah's Ark for Griffith McRea in the year 1794. A subsequent note dated April 1798 by Griffith McRea indicates that the stores were found in a warehouse. The stores were in damaged condition, particularly the fuses and powder. Some of the equipment, mortars, cannon, traveling carriages, are located...
October 7, 1800 Letter Citation Noah Cook Samuel Dexter Cited in Dexter to Cook 12/03/1800
January 24, 1786 Pay Certificates John Pierce John White Discusses the disposition of certificates of pay.
December 3, 1800 George Wells' request for discharge Samuel Dexter Noah Cook Dexter provides conditions under which George Wells can be discharged from service. Mr. Wells enlisted while underage. Dexter states that Wells must find a replacement.
October 30, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Russell Bissell Simmons discusses arrearages and payment justifications with Capt. Bissell.
November 8, 1788 Proposed collection of official papers Noah Webster Samuel Hodgdon Webster proposes a printed edition of a collection of official papers, which he claims Philadelphia gentlemen desire. Requests that communications be made with Francis Childs, the printer.
April 9, 1788 Receipt for American Magazine subscription Noah Webster Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for Hodgdon's subscription to the American Magazine, costing him two shillings.
July 31, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Alexander Thompson Simmons informs Thompson to expect payment from Samuel Lewis.
[not available] Strength of Hazen's Regiment John Pierce Unknown Recipient The Commissioner of Army Accounts reports on the strength of General Moses Hazen's Regiment.
July 29, 1788 Regarding the pursuit of the men who apprehended Pickering Timothy Pickering Benjamin Franklin Pickering reports on the status of the men who apprehended him and the subsequent pursuit of the suspects by Captain Rosewell Franklin. Captain Franklin followed the offenders up the river. Joseph Dudley, Nathan Abbot, and Benjamin Abbot were all apprehended after a confrontation. Captain Franklin is coordinating with people upriver to ensure the capture of all offenders. John Jenkins is...
[not available] List of Officers in Hazen's Regiment John Pierce Unknown Recipient List of the officers and rank of General Moses Hazen's Regiment that remained in service to the end of the war.
May 28, 1792 Proposal for Accounting for Recruiting Funds Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton explains to Knox his proposal for providing and accounting for the funds to the officers of the recruiting service.
March 17, 1793 Return of the names of Captain Guion detachment Campbell Smith Isaac Guion Enclosed papers compared with returns of adjutant general's office, were all the information the paymaster could collect at Legion Ville relative to Captain Guion's detachment at Gallipolis. This is return of names of detachment of Captain William Lewis's company, gone to Gallipolis under Captain Guion.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Informs Wolcott that his request for the accounts of the State of Connecticut will be attended to. Encloses an original receipt given by Jonathan Phillips and John Thomas for over 10,000 dollars of certificates unaccounted for.
April 17, 1784 Account settlement William Munson John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account. Lists names of officers and soldiers in his regiment.
1800 Explanation of the Vouchers Suspended by the Comptroller in the Accounts of John Wilkins Jr. John Wilkins, Jr. [not available] General Account of expenditures by Quarter Master General which were suspended by Comptroller and now admitted after receipt of additional vouchers. Chart lists number of voucher, date of payment, to whom and where paid, description of articles or services.
January 19, 1801 Report of the Committee Appointed to Prepare a Bill for Regulating Grants of Land Congress of the United States [not available] Details of types of relief allocated to Canadian refugees in United States, according to recommendations from the Secretaries of the War and the Treasury and altered by the committee.
1798 Candidates for Army Appointments from Connceticut Alexander Hamilton [not available] Extensive list of men reviewed for army appointments. Reviews provided by multiple sources, Wadsworth, Tracy, Talmage were main reviewers. Political affiliation, military history, and prior occupations listed with some men.
July 3, 1794 Invalid Pension List Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners, including name, rank, monthly allowance, time from which the pensions are to commence, and the amount of pension.
April 15, 1800 Return of Officers Appointed to Augment the Army James McHenry Unknown Recipient Return of the Officers who have been appointed under the act, entitled "An act to augment the Army of the United States, and for other purposes" designating such officers who have accepted their appointments and those who have declined accepting, resigned their commissions, died, etc.
April 17, 1800 Return of Officers James McHenry Unknown Recipient Return of the officers who have been appointed under the act entitled "An Act to augment the Army of the United States," aka the Provisional Army. Document written up by Secretary James McHenry.