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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
February 21, 1792 The Cannon John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon William Knox will receive the cannon.
September 30, 1793 House & Stores on Water Street John Steinmetz Samuel Hodgdon Since the lease that Hodgdon currently holds on Steinmetz's house and stores on Water Street will expire at the end of the year, he wants Hodgdon to know that the current rent of 250 pounds per annum will continue if he chooses to maintain possession. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis and Hodgdon should know that the rent is not higher than that on other property of equal value.
1798 Ship Timber and Planking to be Procurred Unknown Author [not available] A list of timber and planking to be procured from six sources.
January 27, 1795 Notification of Arrival Leander Neale Samuel Hodgdon Salutary note stating baggage arrival and that the gentlemen are ready to obey Hodgdon's orders.
June 2, 1795 Boxes to John Hay Jacob Sorber Samuel Hodgdon Sorber has sent, via stage, boxes of muskets and canteens to be left at Mr. John Hay's address on Third Street.
January 12, 1792 Powder & Ball John Stagg William Knox Knox should provide every assistance to Mr. Manning in having the powder and ball sent to the river.
August 23, 1791 Clothing for John Schrider John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to provide the bearer, John Schrider, who is a regular in Capt. Haskell's Company and has been sick in the hospital, with one pair of woolen overalls, one pair of shoes, and a woolen vest for which he should provide a receipt.
October 16, 1797 Recommendations of Mister Pollard John Reddale Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Pollard has the opportunity to procure a situation in the Treasury Department and has need of the recommendation written for him by the late John Wilcox so it can be presented to the Secretary. He also wants a letter from Hodgdon describing Wilcox's verbal declarations relative to Pollard's probity and good character.
August 30, 1793 Military Clothing Possibly Infected with Yellow Fever Henry Knox Isaac Craig Reports that a infectious fever rages in Philadelphia. Took its rise not far from ordnance store on Water Street in which the clothing for the troops was deposited and packed up for transportation. Expresses concern that the clothing may be infected. Has written to some physicians to request that they devise a means to dispossess the clothing of the contagious matter.
April 4, 1794 Materials for Caleb Swan and Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Reams of musters, pay rolls, and blank additions are provided for Paymaster Caleb Swan at headquarters and Isaac Craig at Pitttsburgh.
December 29, 1799 [Funeral Procession.] Ebenezer Stevens [not available] Rules governing the funeral procession of George Washington.
May 2, 1792 A Gun for Chambers R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox Knox is directed to deliver to Joseph Chambers a gun, a flint, one pound of rifle powder, and a proportional quantity of ball. If Knox does not have excellent rifle powder, he is directed to procure it.
September 13, 1794 Availability of Axes John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Treasury [Alexander Hamilton] inquires as to how Hodgdon is situated with respect to axes. Will it be necessary to purchase a further supply?
July 31, 1794 Music Equipage for Lt. Geddes John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to deliver to Lt. [Simon] Geddes a drum with carriage and case, drumsticks, two fifes, and fife cases, all for the recruiting service.
July 30, 1793 Orders to Receive PublicHorses and Equipment John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requests that Hodgdon receive from Corporal Gallagher two pulci horse with equipment. Colonel Henley, going to Governor Blount's territory may want of them.
November 3, 1793 Letter of Credit Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Notification that a letter of credit was issued to Mr. Dawn.
February 13, 1793 Delivery of Rifles to Senecas John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Orders to deliver seven rifles to Jasper Parish then to be given to the six Seneca Indians presently in city.
September 13, 1794 Account Respecting Certain Horses William Bradford Samuel Hodgdon Bradford needs to arrange accounts respecting certain horses that he purchased during his journey to the westward.
December 1, 1794 New Specimens of Gun Carriages John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Carmaubs [?] has conferred with the Secretary of War concerning improvements in gunnery. Knox wants Hodgdon to furnish him with artificers, a shop, and tools so that he can produce new specimens of gun carriages.
June 27, 1792 Advance to Benjamin Van Cleve R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox Knox is directed to advance to the bearer, Benjamin Van Cleve, the sum of $25 taking duplicate receipts and advising Mr. Hodgdon of same.
June 16, 1794 Arms & Clothing Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam has received the arms and clothing by the sloop Philadelphia, Capt. Bond, Master.
June 24, 1794 Due Bills Thomas Moon Samuel Hodgdon One due bill has been sent by the bearer, Samuel Quigley, and Moon expects to be in Philadelphia with the other bill soon.
February 12, 1795 The Sum in Question is Only Sixty Dollars McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon They have received Hodgdon's letter and forwarded it to the proprietors of the stages for further instructions. However, since the sum in question is only sixty dollars perhaps Hodgdon will not hesitate too long before paying it.
[not available] Forwarding Enclosed Bills John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War directs Stagg to find Hodgdon the enclosed as agent for Quarter Master General.
July 21, 1798 Delivery of Musket Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to deliver musket to Erick Bollman so he can trace a pattern.