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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
1792 The U.S. Will Fall on the Southern Indians Richard Finnelson [not available] Finnelson discusses in detail the efforts of the Governor of New Orleans to persuade the southern Indians to reject their treaties with the United States and ally themselves with the Spanish.
March 15, 1792 Creeks and Cherokees will Join in War David Craig William Blount David Craig reports, in considerable detail, to Governor William Blount on the state of Indian affairs on the southern frontiers. There have already been depredations and Craig believes that the Creeks and Cherokees will join the Shawnees and will commit many more acts of violence and may indeed engage in a general war against the whites in their territories.
May 23, 1792 Blount Warning to the Cherokees William Blount Chiefs & Warriors of the Cherokee Nation The address of Governor Blount to the chiefs and others of the Cherokees in which he cites a long list of depredations by the Indians on innocent whites, including women and children. He warns the chiefs that the violence must stop and the terms of the Treaty of Holston followed or the whites will retaliate with no regard for the age or sex of their victims.
November 5, 1792 Return of Persons Killed, Wounded, and Taken Prisoner William Blount [not available] A return of persons killed, wounded, and taken prisoners, from Miro District, since the 1st of January 1791.
October 1792 An Abstract of Indian Affairs Shaw [not available] Shaw discusses affairs with the southern Indians and the machinations of the Spaniards to turn the Indians against the United States.