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March 10, 1796 Amount Due John Woods, printer at Newark New Jersey William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that seven dollars is due John Woods, printer at Newark, for advertising in the Newark Gazette deserters Thomas Smith, Edmund Brinson, and Samuel Hugg of the late militia army of General Morgan on the Monongahela River.
October 31, 1797 Note -- Letters to Be Answered [not available] John Adams Appears to be a note on letters to be answered -- one from a "Committee from New Brunswick," and one "respecting an escort from Newark."
March 28, 1800 Enclosed Affidavit of Joseph Cove John Cummings James McHenry Cummings submits Cove's claim for relief as a refugee. Cove was injured by frostbite and cannot make the journey to submit the papers himself.
March 1, 1792 Ogden informs Knox of Indian motives Samuel Ogden Henry Knox Letter, discusses motives of the Indian delegation.
February 2, 1798 Value of Tract of Land John Cummings William Simmons Cumming inquires about the value of a tract of land he owns. He wants to ascertain from the Tennessee members of Congress what the land is worth and whether his title is valid.
April 8, 1791 Furnishing Recruits Henry Knox [not available] Letter, directs furnishing recruits.
August 7, 1792 Charges to Accounts Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Notification that an adjustment was made to contractors accounts for charges relative to boxes shoes were shipped in.
November 20, 1795 Encloses land warrant William Simmons Jesse Baldwin Encloses a warrant of the land due to the late Ensign De Hart.
May 13, 1799 Clothing for the 11th Regiment John Gallaushorter Samuel Hodgdon Gallaushorter discusses the clothing destined for the troops of the 11th Regiment commanded by Colonel Ogden. Ogden reports that overalls and shoes have been received by Mr. Hunt at Trenton but the coats and blankets have not been received. The officers are in great want of these articles for their recruits.
March 22, 1799 Letter Addressed to Major Ford Jonathan Dayton Alexander Hamilton Dayton informs Hamilton that he was compelled to hire an express to ensure that the letter to Major Ford reached him in an expeditious manner.
April 15, 1795 Requesting an Inspector for a Shipment of Shoes Nathaniel Beach Timothy Pickering Beach informs Pickering that a shipment of shoes is ready, and asks if Pickering would send an inspector.
March 20, 1799 Major Mahlon Ford & His Family, Loyal Federalists Jonathan Dayton Alexander Hamilton Dayton attests to the exemplary character of Major Ford and his family who are loyal Federalists residing in a county in New Jersey infected with Jacobinism.
March 17, 1800 Restrained St. Patrick's Day Mirth William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith assures Hamilton that he declined an invitation to spend St. Patrick's Day in New Ark and, though there was much mirth at camp, it was not improper. Enclosed letter pertaining to dispute of Courtlandt and Livingston;
December 24, 1793 Ogden reports to Knox regarding Indians Samuel Ogden Henry Knox Letter; mentions reports of Indians gathering.
May 19, 1800 Hamilton's Caravan Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden informs Hamilton that two horses and a driver will be provided for his caravan. They will be at Paulus-hook the next evening and Ogden personally will show Hamilton to his quarters near the cantonment.
May 27, 1794 British military activity Samuel Ogden Henry Knox Samuel Ogden writes Secretary Knox, discussing the dispute with England over western boundaries. Also describes the military activity of Britain in the United States and Canada, focusing on New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.
June 19, 1795 Final Shipment of Shoes Nathaniel Beach Timothy Pickering Beach notifies Pickering, the Secretary of War, that he is ready to make his final delivery of shoes, and asks the Secretary to send an inspector the beginning of next week.
October 2, 1799 Situation of the Garrison at Niagara John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Rivardi reports on the deprivations and hardships of his garrison at Niagara as winter approaches. He has a larger number of sick than usual, including his wife. Much of his meat and flour has gone bad and he worries that his supplies won't arrive before ice blocks river transportation.
February 12, 1800 Discourses on the Death of George Washington Uzal Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden sends two discourses occasioned by the death of George Washingon and asks Hamilton to point out any defects in the Publication as it may be reprinted.
November 9, 1788 An Agreement with the Waggoners William Knox Henry Knox After receipt of clothing, Stagg planned to assemble and inspect troops. Enclosed extract of letter from Hodgdon to Stagg which outlined the agreement with Waggoners and mentions condition of Congress. Mentioned being sick and confined to his house.
1788 Certificate of Valor Delegates of United States Joseph Cone Official appointment of officer. Noted valor and loyalty.
October 17, 1798 Enclosed commission of Major General in the Provisional Army James McHenry Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Encloses Pinckney's commission of Major General of the Provisional Army and reaffirms the relative rank of the Major Generals despite the surrounding controversy: Hamilton, Pinckney, Knox.
July 21, 1790 Refuting claims of impropriety on the part of General Greene William Burnet Henry Knox Burnet confirms that he received a message from Knox informing him of the suggestions that General Greene was conducting an improper business relationship with John Banks and Company, and that the evidence was in Burnetís possession by way of his sonís papers. The allegations were also that Greene compelled Burnet to relinquish this evidence to him. Burnet addresses these allegations and...
May 7, 1795 Missing Boxes Nathan Beach Samuel Hodgdon Beach tells Hodgdon that the man he entrusted with making boxes has apparently done a shoddy job, and Beach would prefer using casks. He wishes to send them to Hodgdon and hopes a use for them may be found.
October 17, 1798 Thanking Pinckney for Accepting Commission; Relative Rank of Major Generals James McHenry Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Thanks Pinckney for his faithful acceptance of a commission as major-general, and confirms that the relative rank of the three major generals is: Hamilton, Pinckney, Knox. Asks to see Pinckney soon, to discuss various issues.