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July 18, 1790 Purchased Lottery Tickets for Harmar and Captain Beatty; No News on Alexander MGillivray's Arrival Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell purchased ten lottery tickets for General Harmar and Captain Beatty, numbers 23882-23891. Drawing will be on the first Monday in August. A second lottery is proposed; the tickets to be $10 and prizes to be double. Asks Harmar to inform if he wants to purchase tickets, as there will only be half as many for the second lottery as there were for the first. Alexander McGillivray has not...
May 27, 1791 Ten Lottery Tickets, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell General Harmar wants Howell to buy him ten New York Lottery tickets and send him the numbers thereof. Captains Asheton, Bradford, and Mc Curdy should send the returns of clothing of the men discharged in 1788 and 1789 but the men who allege that they are due arrearages of clothing are not to be credited.
March 9, 1791 Settling Accounts & Buying Lottery Tickets Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell issues his instructions for settling the accountsof the men and units under General Harmar's command. He adds that even though he is in poor health, he will buy five lottery tickets for the General.
December 1, 1800 Purchase on My Account a Lottery Ticket Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner asks Hodgdon to purchase a lottery ticket for him from the Augustine Church lottery and forward it at the first safe opportunity.
March 7, 1800 Military Land Lottery Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the military land lottery with Samuel Hodgdon.
January 5, 1791 Miserable Pittance, Lottery Tickets, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell Harmar complains bitterly about his subsistence allowance which will not enable him to "keep a table" without taking from his private purse. He asks Howell to buy ten tickets in the New York lottery for him.
June 7, 1785 Regarding the receipt of certificates; changing names of states; lottery tickets Joseph Howell John White Discussion on the receipt of certificates. Mr. Pierce to arrive soon. Would be best to erase the word Pennsylvania and insert that of Maryland. Mr. Betts not yet gone to Maryland. Lottery ticket came safe.
August 16, 1790 Bills to Endores, Duties as Paymaster, Lottery, and Treaty Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell received a bill from Knox but it was not endorsed or accompanied by a letter of advice, so it cannot be accepted. His position as Pay Master General may soon cease, due to an act passed by Congress. Lottery tickets have come up blank, but the rest are in the wheels. The weather is very warm. The paper of Saturday presents news on the Treaty with the Creeks. Ratification was Friday last....
January 26, 1800 Land Warrants Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that J. Bever, land surveyor, will call upon Hodgdon for military land warrant. Bever en route to Philadelphia to attend drawing of lottery and to locate several land warrants currently in his hands.
September 2, 1790 Matters of pay; government removal to Philadelphia; pay reductions; the lottery Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell From Headquarters Fort Washington, Harmar mentions that punctual payments always ensure discipline. Is happy that Congress had determined to remove to Philadelphia. Will discontinue forwarded subscription of Tenno's paper as he will send a copy directly to Harmar in the future. Reductions of officer's pay is a very hard case indeed, does not think much about the soldiers. Harmar himself subjected...
February 21, 1800 Warrants, Land Rights, and Drafts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Johnston's warrant received. Fearing problems with the lottery for land, Craig delivered warrant to Messrs. Armstrong and Wells. Various accounts and drafts discussed
February 7, 1800 Certificate of Identity and Land Warrants Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter received c/o Mr. Bever; Johnston's warrant cannot be obtained for lack of "certificate of identity." Hodgdon will give Bever Johnson's warrants in time for the lottery, once proper identification is submitted. Resignation of McKee noted.
January 26, 1800 Drawing of the Lottery in Philadelphia, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig has directed surveyor John Beaver to give Hodgdon the military land warrant in the name of Joseph Johnston. Beaver is on his way to Philadelphia to attend the drawing of the lottery.
May 27, 1791 New York Lottery, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell Howell wants Harmar to purchase for him ten tickets on his account in the New York Lottery and three on account of Howell, Harmar and Beatty. He pledges to order Capts. Asheton, Bradford, and McGurdy to forward to Harmar the returns of clothing due the men who were discharged in 1788 and 1789.
November 19, 1795 Confirms delivery of receipt William Simmons Nicholas Fish Acknowledges receiving the receipt of :Lieutenant Horatio Dayton.
May 29, 1791 Poor Beatty, Lottery Tickets, Etc. Ebenezer Denny Joseph Howell Poor Beatty could stand it in New Brunswick no longer so Denny had to go up so Beatty could retire to his brothers in Prince Town [Princeton] where he will remain for at least a fortnight. Six of Denny's and Howell's [lottery] tickets turned out blanks, there were three prizes of 50, and one still on the wheel. Captain Steadford had great success. General Harmar should have had the opportunity to...
December 10, 1800 Electors Pledged to Vote for Jefferson and Burr Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner received the lottery tickets, and some sums of money. General Pinckney has written that the appointed electors have pledged to vote for Jefferson and Burr in the presidential election.
April 22, 1791 The Western Country Will Swarm, Etc. Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell reports on a number of accounting matters dealing with arrearages, bounties, and the shortage of gold. The recruiting effort seems successful in a number of states and levies are so plentiful that soon the Western Country will swarm with them. He has also purchased ten lottery tickets for Harmar.
September 17, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Nicholas Fish William Simmons Nicholas Fish William Simmons directs Nicholas Fish to pay Captain Thompson.
November 16, 1795 Receipt Nicholas Fish William Simmons Cover letter for a receipt of Lieut. Horatio Dayton and a request from a second person about a lottery ticket
January 14, 1796 List of receipts Nicholas Fish William Simmons Cover letter for receipts from Nehemiah Freeman and Lieutenant Dayton in the amounts listed and a request about a lottery ticket
May 20, 1791 Account of Frederick Perkhoff Michael Connolly Joseph Howell Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning the pay of a soldier, Frederick Perkhoff, under the command of Schuyler.
January 19, 1786 Settlement of accounts John Pierce Major Barber Discusses the settlement of the accounts of Colonel Livingston and the officers of his regiment
[not available] Liberty for Debtor Casper Islerloan Casper Iserloan William Simmons Iserloan entreats Simmons to secure his liberty from debtors' prison so he can legally participate in the land lottery.
November 8, 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic and events abroad Henry Knox Henry Jackson From near Philadelphia, discusses the timing of sending correspondence. Reports the disorder in Philadelphia [Yellow Fever epidemic] in a few days more will be like a summer's dream gone and hopes forever. Has not returned to the city yet. Mentions his brother [presumably clerk William Knox] and General Wayne's march. Mentions Duke of York being flogged before Dunkirk; Toulon given up with the...