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October 31, 1798 Opinion on Procedure through which States Receive Money from the Federal Government Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Stoddert felt the authorization by President for the expenditure of money for the fortification of New York City should be authorized by the Secretary of War.
August 5, 1791 [PRIVATE] Appointment Henry Knox Marinus Willett Discussed Willet's refusal of appointment to marshall for city and county of New York.
June 14, 1798 Opinions on the Construction of Batteries to Protect New York City Ebenezer Stevens James McHenry All parties feel that building batteries at proposed location would not provide enough intimidation to deter enemies. It was suggested that construction of batteries on Governor's, Bedlow's and Oyster Islands continue for the best protection on the City (New York City).
October 31, 1798 Requests Information about Jurisdiction of Fortifications Protecting New York City Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Refers to a legislative act directing money for fortifications to defend New York City, and to correspondence between the President, Governor Jay, and General Hamilton. Discusses delineation between state, federal, and congressional jurisdiction for fortifications. Requests instructions from the President, Secretary of War, and Governor of New York.
July 29, 1799 Fortifications of New York Alexander Hamilton John Jay Letter, discusses fortifications in the vicinity of New York City.
June 1, 1798 Request for Confidential Information on the Defense of New York City Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton asks McHenry to confidentially inform him what the Department of War's plans are for defense.
June 25, 1799 Request to pay Robert Bowne of New York City Nathaniel Smith James McHenry Request to pay Robert Bowne of New York City $1050.
October 17, 1798 Informing Hamilton of His Responsibility to Execute the Plan for Improving New York's Defenses John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams informs Hamilton of the plan of execution for the arrangements being made for defenses at New York City, and that he has been placed in charge of that execution based on the confidence of the New York legislature and Governor Jay. He quotes the relevant portions of the legislature's act.
November 8, 1798 Method for Water Batteries or Coastways Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens tested solidity of Batteries and found the Works are much stronger by the embrasures, proud of fortifications. Requests just payment for serving as Superintendent Agent for City of New York. Mentioned large quantity of high quality gun powder in New York City and advised the gov't to purchase a large quantity if funding allows.
September 25, 1800 Regarding French Prisoners Held at New York John Jay Samuel Dexter Letter, discusses French prisoners in New York City jail and their proper treatment.
February 11, 1799 Extending My Confinement Samuel Osborne Alexander Hamilton Osborn laments that sixteen days have passed since his arrest and requests that his confinement be extended from the island to the city. .
May 5, 1795 Letter from the Supervisor at New York Nicholas Fish William Simmons Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor at New York City, writes William Simmons of the Treasury Department. Image not available.
October 24, 1798 Repairs and Improvements to Ports John Jay Alexander Hamilton President authorized the use of money for repair and improvements to forts in New York and appointed Hamilton to superintend the execution of it. Jay requested all information required to commence repairs be gathered and given to President before next session of New York Legislature.
October 18, 1799 Election for State of Pennsylvania Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Certificate to be printed the remnant will be forwarded to Craig. Fears gubernatorial election is against "us" (Federalists) in "this city" (Philadelphia). York and Lancaster counties "deserted" Federalist party. Must submit to the system and noted that the state of Pennsylvania is Democratic (which Craig stated was synonymous with French).
October 17, 1798 Acceptance of New York Plan of Defense, with Hamilton to Execute It, on Condition of Silence John Adams John Jay Adams accepts the plan of Governor Jay and the New York legislature to place the funds and execution of the preparations for the defense of New York City in the hands of General Hamilton. Does so on the condition that no part of this "act of the Executive authority" shall be understood to have any inference which may at one time come under the scrutiny of the legislature of the United States.
October 10, 1800 Return of US Ordnance and New York Ordnance in New York City Ebenezer Stevens [not available] A return of ordnance stores belonging to both the U.S. and the state of New York in the vicinity of New York City. Places of storage listed are Fort Jay, York Island, and "Arsenal," all belonging to the U.S., and Ellis Island, whose stores belong to New York.
January 10, 1791 Assist in Recruiting Henry Knox Staats Morris Orders to assist Capt. John Smith with recruiting in New York City.
October 29, 1798 Notification of Receipt of Request from President Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton recently received letter from President requesting Hamilton to work in concert with John Jay regarding the fortifications of New York City.
January 14, 1787 Helping Travis Wingale Get Acquainted with the City John Sullivan Henry Knox Sullivan asks Knox to help his friend Travis Wingale get acquainted with New York by introducing him to some of Knox's friends in in the city.
October 24, 1800 Travel Plans Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Accounts and returns submitted by Craig will be examined. President expected to arrive in Philadelphia soon, Sec. of War will accompany him to the "New City" (City of Washington). Notification that Wilkinson will not be in Pittsburgh for a long time, his current location is the City of Washington.
August 24, 1798 Appointment of Ebenezer Stevens as agent to Department of War at New York, defense of the City and Harbor of New York, and instructions for keeping and rendering accounts James McHenry William Simmons McHenry informs Simmons that Colonel Ebenezer Stevens has been appointed agent for the Department of War at New York. He is authorized to purchase timber, provide certain articles in the Ordnance Department, and spend money to construct some new and complete some old works intended for the defense of the harbor and city of New York. All expenditures for materials and workmen should be accounted...
May 16, 1799 Report of Shot in Elizabeth Town Samuel Hodgdon John Jacob Faesch Has just returned from Elizabeth Town and New York City, where he examined castings made by Faesch. Reports quantity of shots and accounts and how much was taken by the Agent for the Department of War to the public accounts. Has sent the good shot to New York; the rest remains in Elizabeth. Wishes to check accounts for his report to the Treasury.
August 2, 1799 Settlement of Accounts and Health of City Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussed allowance for settlement. Fever has disappeared and city is healthy again. Expressed happiness.
December 1, 1794 Fortification at New York City Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens, agent for erecting the fortifications at New York City, requests that Hamilton direct John Lamb (collector of customs for NYC) to make Stevens a further advance on account of the United States for fortifying the harbor of New York. Stevens has vouchers for the whole amount of appropriation made by Congress. Stevens wants to know whether or not the salaries of Chief Engineer...
December 15, 1800 Certification of Payment to Brigadier General James Wilkinson for Expenses William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $1044.17 to Brigadier General James Wilkinson for expenses; New York to the Natchez; Fort Adams, on the Mississippi, and to City of Washington, by order of Major General Alexander Hamilton.