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January 25, 1799 Fortifying the Port of New York John Jay Alexander Hamilton Governor Jay awaits Hamilton's advice before contacting the New York state legislature regarding fortifying the Port of New York.
October 17, 1798 Informing Hamilton of His Responsibility to Execute the Plan for Improving New York's Defenses John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams informs Hamilton of the plan of execution for the arrangements being made for defenses at New York City, and that he has been placed in charge of that execution based on the confidence of the New York legislature and Governor Jay. He quotes the relevant portions of the legislature's act.
June 4, 1798 Concerned about New York Harbors James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Plans to depart for New York, where he will inspect the harbor. Refers to the time when the British held New York with apprehension from the French fleet.
April 1, 1794 Engineer to fortify the harbor of New York Henry Knox John Lamb Writes General John Lamb - the Collector of the Port of New York - concerning the appointment of an engineer for the purpose of fortifying the harbor of New York.
March 7, 1793 Account of the 4th New York Regiment Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and pay for John (?), late of the 4th New York Regiment.
June 13, 1798 Military Inspection Trip to New York James McHenry John Adams McHenry describes his trip to inspect defenses in and around New York, and correspondence with the New York military committee.
January 23, 1800 Distress of the Mechanics at New York Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens draws attention to the fact that the mechanics employed in the defense of New York have not yet received the pay due them and asks Hamilton and Burr to intercede with the legislature on their behalf.
June 14, 1784 Pay account of a New York regiment Michael Connolly Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of the pay account of a New York regiment.
May 4, 1797 Cheeseman's pay William Simmons Foreman Cheeseman Notification that his account for pay has been approved and that he will receive his pay from Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor in New York.
April 18, 1798 Orders for Captain Barry War Department Captain John Barry Is to deliver letter to Governor of New York and receive orders.
February 8, 1795 Weekly return of men employed at the New York naval yard Captain Silas Talbot Timothy Pickering Return of men employed at the New York yard; no new materials for the ship have arrived.
March 13, 1784 Accounts of two New York Regiments Marinus Willett John Pierce Discusses settlement of the accounts of two New York Regiments.
December 14, 1796 Forman Cheeseman's pay William Simmons Forman Cheesman Notification that he will receive his pay from Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor at New York
June 5, 1799 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to New York James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of tents, equipment, ammunition, accoutrements, & musical instruments to New York.
August 19, 1800 Soliciting for the Surgeoncy of New York W. W. Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon In discussing his solicitation for the surgeoncy of New York, Dr. Bunchanan argues that for medical officers the place of seniority should never apply and would indeed be a despicable scale for the assessment of abilities. He notes that he is a son of New York and has an unequivical affection for his country.
February 12, 1795 Arrival of copper for use of frigate construction at New York Timothy Pickering John Blagge Pickering informs John Blagge, Naval Agent at New York, that a load of copper from Liverpool is arriving on the Ship Neptune. Articles are destined for frigate building.
July 28, 1795 Account of Forman Cheeseman, Constructor of the Frigate at New York William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,287.21 is due Forman Cheeseman, Constructor of the Frigate at New York, being the balance of his salary for August 10th 1794 to June 30th 1795.
August 31, 1798 An act for the further defense of this State [New York] and for other purposes, 27 Aug 1798 Daniel Hale [not available] Authored by the New York state legislature. Declares that the current defenses of New York City are inadequate, and allocates $150,000 to complete & expand existing fortifications and erect new ones at various listed locations. Also allocates $160,000 for the purchase of arms for the state militia. Addresses issue of military stores [partially illegible], and affirms a continual honoring of...
October 17, 1798 Acceptance of New York Plan of Defense, with Hamilton to Execute It, on Condition of Silence John Adams John Jay Adams accepts the plan of Governor Jay and the New York legislature to place the funds and execution of the preparations for the defense of New York City in the hands of General Hamilton. Does so on the condition that no part of this "act of the Executive authority" shall be understood to have any inference which may at one time come under the scrutiny of the legislature of the United States.
October 31, 1798 Requests Information about Jurisdiction of Fortifications Protecting New York City Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Refers to a legislative act directing money for fortifications to defend New York City, and to correspondence between the President, Governor Jay, and General Hamilton. Discusses delineation between state, federal, and congressional jurisdiction for fortifications. Requests instructions from the President, Secretary of War, and Governor of New York.
June 25, 1784 Account settlements for New York Richard Lloyd John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the army accounts for New York for 1781.
July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery at New York Joseph Howell Ebenezer Stevens The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of one thousand dollars to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor at New York, to be transmitted to Stevens for the purpose of mounting the Artlillery.
July 6, 1784 Settlement of Army accounts in New York Isaac Ledyard John Pierce Discusses issues relating to the settlement of army accounts in New York. Requests documentation required by the commissioners appointed by the government of New York to settle the state's army accounts.
October 13, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant Horatio Dayton and His Men at Governor's Island New York William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $269.00 is due Lieutenant Horatio R. Dayton and the men under his command at Governor's Island, New York being his and their pay from July through September 1795.
November 30, 1799 Wintering in Philadelphia or New York Alexander Hamilton Lewis Tousard Hamilton assures Toussard that he may winter in either Philadelphia or New York and still perform his duties, so if he prefers Philadelphia, Hamilton has no objection.