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June 28, 1798 Sloop of War Armed with Negros to Land Lewis Tousard James McHenry Negros on board several ships of war perceived as dangerous and mutinous. Toussard requested help from Capt. Stephen Decateur, planned to observe movements.
July 6, 1797 Money Paid for Negros Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Exchange authorized by McHenry for the purchase of Negros by the Chickasaw nation. Money deducted from the annual present given to the Indian nation.
June 29, 1789 Negotiations with Six Nations, Request for Return of Property Commissioners Alexander McGillivray Prisoners to be returned by Six Nations, commissioners request horses and Negros be returned as well. Enclosed requests of Executives of State for all U.S. citizens to be left in peace.
October 1, 1793 Information on Negro Rebellion Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox was informed by Thomas Holt of Virginia that some Negros planned to "rise in rebellion." Conveys this information to Governor Lee of Virginia. Letter is partially illegible.
December 22, 1798 Hunters in the Woods Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins notifies McHenry of hunters that have taken to the woods, and of the Chiefs' cooperation. Also discussion of the capture and return of Mr. McIntosh's runaway slaves.
May 13, 1790 Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Murder of several whites and Negros in Jefferson County by Indians related; many instances in numerous accounts that have occurred on the frontier.
July 5, 1797 [EXTRACT] Settlement of Justice between Creeks and Chickasaws Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Updates from Benjamin James that the Spaniards have not interfered with the Indians relationship with the U.S.. War between Indian nations has prompted murder among tribes and requests for assistance. Arrival of troops to the area has settled a tentative peace.
June 30, 1800 Ownership of Negros Zebulon M. Pike David Henley Request assistance in determining ownership of Negros who were taken prisoner after their master was killed and then owned by a Cherokee named White Man Killer. Pike will shortly leave for Natchez and does not know who will succeed him.
[not available] Articles of a treaty concluded at Galphinton Multiple Authors [not available] Treaty between Creek Nation and U.S. specifying boundaries for the Creek Nation and the state of Georgia and code of conduct for both parties.
August 7, 1791 Message to Creek Indian Chiefs Henry Knox Creek Chiefs Secretary Knox offers protection for the Creek Nation by United States if the Creeks will not hold treaties with other states or Indian Nations. Negotiates release of prisoners and Negros under Creek confines.
January 13, 1795 Support and Supplies to Fight Creeks General James Robertson William Blount Robertson writes Gov. Blount on behalf of the Chickasaws who seek support and supplies as they endeavor to fight the Creeks, citing treaty b/w Chickasaws and U.S. stating the Indians are now citizens of the U.S.
June 17, 1796 [The Invitation or talk of the President delivered this day as follows. - To the beloved Men, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Creek Nation.-] George Washington [not available] Cited negotiations in New York that secured a peaceful boundary line in Georgia. However, neither the people of Georgia or Creek Nation were satisfied with boundary and took prisoners and property. Discussed Seagrove's agreement with some Creek chiefs and no additional boundary disputes. Formally invites Creek Nation to Coleraine to formalize peace and trade agreement. Outlines land desired...
June 6, 1797 Murders Committed in a Time of Profound Peace John Sevier James McHenry Sevier comments on murders committed by settlers and by Indians and emphasizes that there is blame on both sides.
August 24, 1800 Indian Affairs South of the Ohio River Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Report, describes the state of affairs under the charge of the principal agent for Indian affairs south of the Ohio River. Mentions progress of civilization plans.
January 29, 1795 Message to the Senate and the House of Representatives George Washington [not available] Cover letter for letter from Secretary of War and an extract of memo from J. Seagrove. Both documents pertain to Indian Affairs. The letter itself deals with getting Indians to comply with the Treaty of New York.
March 20, 1790 Wayne discusses Indians, small arms, and militia with Knox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, discusses small arms, Indian warfare, and militia; mentions river navigation.
January 14, 1792 Extracto de una Carta de James Seagrove y Major General Knox James Seagrove Henry Knox Los Espanoles in Florida estan muy temerosos de Bowles.
May 14, 1795 Extract of a talk from the Chief of the Oaksuskies to James Seagrove [not available] [not available] This document is a copy of a talk between White Lieutenant, Chief of the Upper Creeks, and U.S. Indian Commissioner, James Seagrove. The date of the talk is 1 May 1795. The copy of the talk arrived in Savannah on 14 May 1795. Peace agreement.
1793 Copy of a talk from the Big Warrior of the Cussetahs Big Warrior General John Twiggs Undated, but probably around May 1793. Timothy Barnard delivered a talk from Big Warrior of Cussetahs, and two chiefs of same town. Upper Creeks profess continued friendship. Cowetas, Chehaws, Oswitches, Broken Arrow, vow to continue hostilities and refuse to collect and return stolen property. Big Warriors says he has done all he can, and now believes the white man must subdue them; provides...
January 16, 1797 Rights of Indians James McHenry Dwight Foster Indians and Indian warfare; describes 1706 treaty with Chickasaws; United States responsibility to Indians; mentions White encroachment.
August 13, 1790 [Proclamation] George Washington [not available] Peace treaty between United States and Creek Nation. Stipulated that the Creek Nation could not form any alliances with other nations, or pursue a treaty with an individual state. Prisoner exchange to take place. Boundary established, "where the old line strikes the Savannah [river]" extending North to the Keowee, from the top of the Occunna mountain range, to the Tugelo river, additional...
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.