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December 24, 1795 Accounts Relative to the Naval Department John Davis William Simmons Davis is communicating instructions regarding the accounts opened in Hodgdon's books relative the expenses of the Naval Department, including the pay of the Navy, the subsistence of Naval officers, the pay of naval constructors, clerks of ship yards, and other incidental expenses.
July 21, 1794 Secretary of Treasury furnishes money to naval agents Henry Knox [not available] Mentions Secretary of Treasury as furnishing money to the naval agents. Knox notes that he has written to him and enclosed the naval agent letter.
December 31, 1794 On business in Naval Department, Knox's successor, fire engines for frigates Henry Knox Tench Coxe Knox discusses whether anything material in Naval Department was omitted. Refers to his successor and the matter of fire engines for the frigates.
May 25, 1797 Request for kentledge to be sent to Henry Jackson, naval agent at Boston [not available] Foreman Cheeseman Request for 106 tons of kentledge to be sent to Henry Jackson, naval agent at Boston for USS Constitution.
July 1794 Transmittal of letter from Naval Agent in Philadelphia requesting money Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Knox sends letter from the Naval Agent in Philadelphia requesting money. He recommends that all the naval agents be sent $5000 to be accountable.
November 6, 1795 Appropriations for the Naval Department Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Timothy Pickering Wolcott discusses the appropriations for the Naval Department including sums for the building of frigates and the equipping of gallies. Considering the increase in prices, it might be necessary to produce new estimates of the cost of frigates.
March 6, 1795 Circular Letter from Secretary at War to Naval Agents on the use of live oak, deadwood and white oak for frigate construction Timothy Pickering [not available] There is a question on whether enough live oak could be obtained for frigate construction. It is now found that enough live oak may possibly be obtained. Therefore the white oak prepared should be laid aside temporarily until it can be confirmed that enough live oak can be procured.
May 12, 1795 Appointment of Josiah Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor of frigate at Norfolk Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox While Mr Morgan had been considered as constructor at Norfolk, he remains in Georgia overseeing the cutting of live oak. Therefore, Pickering appoints Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor at Norfolk to Josiah Fox. Fox is told to repair to Norfolk with all convenient speed. Report on progress; particularly state of naval yard.
May 25, 1798 Services as naval constructor no longer required [not available] George Claghorn George Claghorne services as naval constructor Boston no longer required. Salary ends as of 1 April 1798.
May 14, 1798 Regarding purchase of vessels for use of naval service [not available] Marston Watson Will forward correspondence to Secretary of Treasury regarding purchase of vessel for naval service, in accordance with arrangements between Department of War and Department of Treasury.
May 24, 1798 Request that David Stodder naval constructor at Baltimore close accounts [not available] Joseph Sterrett Request that David Stodder naval constructor at Baltimore close accounts. Suggested that he may owe United States money for iron and nails. Refers to claim for use of old Smith's shop which he voluntarily permitted to be used. Salary to be paid until 5 April, after which time his services no longer wanted or called for. Asks if the materials and timber in ship yard will suffer by being exposed...
May 30, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding naval constructor James Hackett third payment [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests third payment to James Hackett naval constructor at Portsmouth New Hampshire as soon as possible.
November 8, 1797 Regarding naval constructor Foreman Cheeseman's inquiry on mode of payment for rent Josiah Fox Foreman Cheeseman Discusses query regarding rent. Requests that Mr Blagge, naval agent at New York, handle matters of rent payment in concert with Tench Francis, purveyor.
December 6, 1794 Forwarding of Correspondence from Portsmouth Naval Agent Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Encloses an extract of a letter from the naval agent at Portsmouth, New Hampshire -- Jacob Sheafe --- to the Commissioner of the Revenues [not included], and requests that it be answered.
October 20, 1795 Statement for Timber for 36-gun frigates. Josiah Fox War Office Naval Constructor Josiah Fox lists the dimensions of timber for 36 gun frigate.
May 26, 1800 Relief for Baltimore Naval Committee James McHenry John Adams Letter from the Secretary of War to the President of the United States on the case of the Baltimore Naval Committee for relief.
July 12, 1798 Concerning the Storekeeper for Naval Stores Benjamin Stoddert Samuel Hodgdon Advises that Captain Gill be the storekeeper for naval stores and requested Stoddert show Gill the knowledge his possesses on the occupation.
June 27, 1795 Letter to Messrs. Gurney & Smith on their resignation as naval agents and assignment of Tench Francis as replacement Timothy Pickering Messrs. Smith and Gurney Pickering acknowledges receipt of letter by Messrs. Smith and Gurney informing of intention to resign as naval agents at Philadelphia. Purveyor Tench Francis will assume duty as naval agent in their place. Asks that Smith and Gurney transfer papers to Francis.
July 14, 1794 Money for naval agents Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Secretary Knox requests that Hamilton place in the hands of the naval agents certain sums of money with which to commence their operations.
February 2, 1796 Circular Letter from the War Office to Naval Agents Ordering a Stop to the Reduction of Copper Bolts War Department Naval Agents for frigate construction Pickering orders that the reducing of copper bolts be stopped. He asks for an accounting of copper bolt reduction in the past from the respective naval agents.
June 27, 1795 Letter from the War Office on resignation of Messrs. Gurney and Smith as Naval Agents at Philadelphia [not available] Tench Francis Mr Smith and Mr. Gurney intend to resign as naval agents at Philadelphia at the end of June 1795. Pickering's answer on this matter depends on whether Francis can take over without employing another agent. Copy of answer enclosed. Francis to assume agency on 1 July. Expects that predecessors will turn over all papers and other matters.
January 24, 1798 Regarding Funds for Navy Department & Frigate Constitution, Coppering of Frigates Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, discusses funds for frigate Constitution; asks for list of funds owed for Naval department; mentions coppering Frigates.
July 30, 1794 Instructions from Secretary of War to Naval Agents, Superintendents, Constructors or Master Builders, Clerks of the Ship Yards Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Knox sends the comptroller of the Treasury, Oliver Wolcott Jr, a copy of his instructions to the Naval Agent, Constructor or Master Builder, Superintendent, and Clerk of the Ship Yard.
July 22, 1794 Appointment of position as naval constructor Henry Knox David Stodder Knox appoints David Stoddert as naval constructor. He notes because the work is so important, he should appropriate himself exclusively to the position. Requests a decisive answer regarding this appointment.
April 14, 1795 Directions on how to receive timbers and clarification of duties and responsibilities as clerk of ship yard John Stagg William Doughty Stagg converys guidance from Secretary of War Pickering. He instructs Doughty to coordinate with Joshua Humphreys when receiving an timber or plank purchased by naval agents for frigate construction. Advises Doughty that he will aid the constructor in any capacity he finds necessary, including copying of paper respecting the frigate constuction.