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June 1, 1798 Request for Cooperation with Mr. Williamson at Natchez James McHenry Isaac Guion McHenry to officer commanding at Natchez (Guion at this time), recommending the bearer, a Mr. Williamson, as a "worthy and deserving gentleman," and asking that Guion help Williamson during the latter's time at Natchez.
September 18, 1799 Forwards Package from Natchez Territory David Henley William Simmons Received previous letter. Forwards two packages from Natchez Territory.
September 18, 1799 Forwards Packages from Natchez David Henley James McHenry Forwards two packages from the Natchez territory.
January 18, 1799 Report on Weather, Transportation; Boat to Natchez is Safe Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that the boat destined for the Natchez is safe. The river is open although navigation is impeded by ice, which should soon clear. Reports that the Quartermaster General is making estimates.
September 18, 1799 Forwards Packet of Letters from Natchez Territory David Henley Timothy Pickering Forwards packet of papers from Natchez Territory.
January 20, 1800 Journey to Natchez James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Following a trip to New York to meet with McHenry and Hamilton, Wilkinson reports on his arduous journey back to Natchez in the Mississippi Territory.
March 2, 1799 Pay roll of eight employed in the Quarter Masters Department to decend the river from Cincinnati to the Natchez with publick boats and dischanged at Natchez the 2 March 1799. Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Pay roll of eight employed in the Quarter Masters Department to descend the river from Cincinnati to the Natchez with public boats and discharged at Natchez 2 March 1799.
April 13, 1797 Notification of Orders to Take Post in Natchez Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Captain Burguard Mentioned communication between Governor Gayoso and Wayne. Pope to proceed to post in Natchez to take control after its peaceful evacuation.
April 16, 1798 Contract Price for Rations at the Natchez Accountant's Office Mr. Jones Notification that the Accountant of the War Department (Simmons) would like to know the contractor price of rations at "the Natchez" between April and October 1797.
January 4, 1799 Delay of Shipment to Natchez Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that stores marked for Natchez have not been shipped due to ice on the river.
June 15, 1797 Demolition of the Works at Natchez James McHenry Isaac Guion Captain Guion is instructed to pay strict attention to the treaty with the Spanish government which permits the demolition of the works at Natchez and to preserve the pacific attentions of the Indians toward the Spanish inhabitants of that place.
February 1, 1798 Request for Delivery of Clothing for Troops on the Natchez James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of various clothing for troops on the Natchez.
June 15, 1797 Orders for Taking Spanish Post in Natchez James McHenry Isaac Guion Details messages from President and the Spanish Commandment regarding new policy and land ownership in Natchez.
July 24, 1799 Quartermaster Report; Reports Intent to Erect Post with Natchez David Henley James McHenry Encloses monthly returns for quartermaster stores. Announces arrival of Captain Rickard with news from General Wilkinson, requesting cash for recruiting. Reports visit from Dr. Powel [Powell] of the Natchez, hoping to build a post in that territory.
April 4, 1798 Discussion of Spanish Evacuation of Natchez and Burning of Walnut Hills Works Constant Freeman James McHenry Constant Freeman reports that Capt. Guion at Natchez has encountered trouble in convincing the Spanish to surrender their works, mentions that he has convinced the Spanish governor to not report on the situation to the Spanish minister in Philadelphia until Guion has had a chance to fulfill the occupation of Natchez. Laments the Choctaws' destruction of the works at Walnut Hills evacuated (by...
December 28, 1798 Shipping Stores to Natchez, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Among the stores being shipped to Natchez are those addressed to Governor Sargent on board a boat in charge of Judge William McGuire. Craig has not heard of the boat being stopped by ice but he has reason to believe that it could not have proceeded very far without being impeded by ice.
April 2, 1798 McHenry Instructs Guion to Inform Citizens and Spanish Garrisions of Est. of U.S. Governance in Mississippi Territory James McHenry Isaac Guion James McHenry asks the commander of U.S. troops at Natchez (Guion, at this time) to inform inhabitants that a bill establishing government for the Mississippi Territory (of which they are a part) is before Congress. Addresses possibility that the Spanish garrisons at Walnut Hills and Natchez have not evacuated as ordered -- instructs Guion to inform them of the establishment of U.S. governance...
July 9, 1798 Indian Affairs in the Country near Natchez Isaac Guion James McHenry Captain Guion declares that the Indians still appear pacific though constantly urged to the contrary by the Spanish. Many of the principal men [chiefs] have visited Natchez and declared their friendly disposition and their determination to discount the talks given them by the Spaniards. Some of the Six Town Choctaws and a tribe called the Huwanies are allied with the Spanish and may be...
August 4, 1799 Return of Medicine Hospital Stores at Natchez Unknown Author [not available] A return of the medicine hospital stores, etc. for the hospital store at Natchez.
November 1, 1798 Sending Cotton from Natchez to Orleans, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon The following are the few legible portions of this document: my expenses; Orleans; expense of sending cotton from Natchez to Orleans is eighty cents per one hundred; horseman; bristle; reins; buckles; belts;
March 29, 1800 Newspapers from the Natchez District William C. C. Claiborne Samuel Hodgdon Claiborne presents his compliments to Hodgdon and thanks him for the loan of newspapers received from the Natchez District which will be returned the following day.
October 12, 1798 Delay in Transporting Stores to Natchez Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Though General Wilkinson had transmitted to Craig a requisition for a large quantity of stores to be transported to Natchez, the Quartermaster General has ordered a suspension of that business. Many of these articles will be forwarded from Fort Washington so the purchase should be delayed until the QMG reaches Pittsburgh.
May 3, 1798 Acknowledged Receipt of Various War Dpt. & Other Letters, and Note That These Have Been Forwarded Harrison Boyd [not available] Signals receipt of letters from the War Office addressed to the commanding officers of the U.S. troops at Fort Masac, Walnut Hills, and Natchez, and others to Andrew Ellicott and John Overton. Notes that all the letters have been put into a packet to be delivered to Fort Masac.
January 11, 1799 Delay of Stores Destined for Natchez Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig reports to Samuel Hodgdon that the stores destined for Natchez have arrived safely at the falls of the Ohio. However, due to ice on the river, further transportation of the stores is delayed.
February 26, 1799 Payment of troops Isaac Guion James McHenry Paymaster Guion requests payment of $6000 to Abijah Hunt for pay to troops of United States at Natchez.