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May 18, 1798 Request for David Henley to assist bearer of letters for commanding officer of Natchez post and New Orleans James McHenry David Henley McHenry informs Henley that the bearer of correspondence works for the War Department as a letter carrier. Is carrying letters for commanding officer at Natches Post and to New Orleans. Asks that Henley facilitate the man's journey.
August 29, 1797 Assumption of Indian Debts of Panton Leslie & Co. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Assumption of Indian debts required consent of Congress, thus making the act difficult to fulfill. Instead offered assistance to Panton Leslie & Co. to help them collect debts owed them by the Indian Nations. Remarks on conduct of Spanish officers towards U.S.
March 24, 1800 Ordering the Officers of the Regiments Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Enclosed is an extract of a letter relating to the ordering of the officers of the First, Second, and Third Regiments in Georgia to join Brig. Gen. Wilkinson and the ordering of officers of the Fourth Regiment on that frontier. Details on routes several officers will take to reach the frontier.
August 12, 1799 Return of Medicine Hospital Stores &c in the Hospital Store at Natches Unknown Author [not available] Return of Medicine Hospital Stores &c in the Hospital Store at Natchez.
November 19, 1791 Treaty of Protection Henry Knox William Blount United States provides protection to the undersigned Creeks.
January 10, 1786 Articles of a Treaty with the Chickasaw Nation Treaty Treaty Treaty concluded at Hopewell, on the Keowee, near Seneca Old Town, between Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States of America and the Chickasaw Nation. 11 Articles.
December 21, 1796 President's Reply to Concerns of the Choctaw Delegation of December 16 James McHenry Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation James McHenry responds on behalf of the president, saying that he does not know if the boundaries described by the Choctaw chief are the same ones decided upon in the Treaty of Hopewell, but that he will consider them; that he will always endeavor to keep whites off the Indians' land, but that the garrisons in Choctaw country will still be manned, to achieve this enforcement; that U.S. trading...
January 3, 1786 Articles of a Treaty with the Choctaw Nation Treaty Treaty Treaty Concluded at Hopewell on the Keowee River near Seneca Old Town between the commissioners plenipotentiary of the Choctaw Nation and the U.S. 11 Articles
December 16, 1796 Choctaw Chiefs' Objections to U.S. Encroachment Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation James McHenry Wishes to renew friendship with U.S., and profess that the Choctaw have never broken any faith with the Americans. Discusses the exact parameters of the boundary of Choctaw land, asks that the U.S. honor its promises to keep whites out of Choctaw country, and to respect the integrity of the country by not setting up a garrison at Chickasaw Bluffs. Another chief speaks to remind the Americans of...
August 13, 1797 Suspicious persons at Fort Washington William Henry Harrison James McHenry Harrison replies to McHenry's request for information on suspicious persons at Fort Washington, mentioning the actions of several men. Also informs him that the Spanish are planning on building a large fort down the Mississippi.
August 7, 1790 Treaty of New York with the Creek Nation of Indians Henry Knox Senate of the United States This is the Treay of New York concluded between the United States and the Kings, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Creek Nation of Indians.
February 2, 1797 Appointment of Commissioners to Survey U.S. Boundary with Creeks, Chickasaws & Cherokees James McHenry Commissioners for Surveying of Indian Boundaries, 1797 Appoints 3 men as commissioners, and records the boundaries with each Indian nation as stipulated in respective treaties with them. Advises them to make sure they try their hardest to reconcile the Indians to the outcome of the boundary survey. Addresses the informing of Georgia and the Indian nations of the period the boundary will be run, the permanent marking of the border and the employment...
November 25, 1798 Recommendations Relative to the Quasi-War with France James McHenry John Adams McHenry provides detailed advice to the president as to whether he should seek from Congress a declaration of war against France.
May 2, 1791 A Report on Travels Through the Creek Country, 1791 Caleb Swan [not available] Document, report describes the Creek country, people, culture, and government. Refers to horse theft and trials.