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August 9, 1793 Journal entry on prospects for peace from Council at Miami River Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Some Munsee and Chippewas came to see the Commissioners from United States. Report that chiefs want peace. Some are going home. Some want peace so they can return to hunting without fear or interruption. Captain Bunbury [British escort for the Commissioners], said that one of the Indians that arrived on this day is an Ottawa. This Indian said the Shawanese and others were strong for war and will...
October 29, 1787 Report from French Creek Jonathan Heart Henry Knox Heart gives his report on the events occurring in the vicinity of French Creek with particular emphasis on the activities of the local tribes who are anxious to continue trading with Americans.
October 11, 1792 [Deposition of Private William May.] Border Disputes William May [not available] details of May's capture, imprisonment, work on a schooner transporting rations; and going to war with Indians. Details of battle. May met the Indians who scalped Maj. Trueman and his travel companions and was related the story of how he was scalped. War with Indians was inevitable if Ohio river was not declared the boundary line. Discussed Indians plans for war.
November 17, 1792 Cost Estimate of Providing Goods to the Six Nations War Department [not available] Document, describes goods for Six Nations; describes annuity; discusses Indian castles; estimates Indian population by village.
June 15, 1788 Describes Activity Surrounding Fort Harmar, French Creek, Preparations for Indian Treaty Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Describes journey to French Creek and Captain Heart's work on his garrison and with the Seneca and Munsee. Describes geography. Discusses efforts to prepare for treaty. Refers to provisions and supplies and transportation by public expense. Reports numbers of boats and emigrants to pass through. Discusses land reserved by Congress and the lower land. Mentions dismantling of Fort McIntosh....