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June 28, 1786 Cited letter or document, Joseph Ward to William Pierce Joseph Ward William Pierce Cited in Howell to Ward 06/28/1786
September 3, 1785 Cited letter or document, Joseph Ward to William Pierce Joseph Ward William Pierce Letter, Citation only Cited in Howell to Ward, 10/04/1785.
August 22, 1791 Account of John Ward Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with John Ward, late Lieutenant in the late 8rh and 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.
November 10, 1798 Availability of a Quantity of Powder Samuel Ward Alexander Hamilton Ward reminds Hamilton of fifty tons of powder that is available for the use of the War Department at a reasonable price.
January 4, 1784 Entitlement to Rations Pay While in Captivity John Pierce Colonel J. Ward John Pierce sends to Colonel J. Ward a letter informing him of his entitlement to rations while in captivity.
October 4, 1785 Confusion Surrounding Certificates at Comptroller General's Office Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Howell refers to a letter from Ward asking for either the cancellation or examination of certain certificates issued to Mr. Warner by the Comptroller General's office. No certificates of this description have been receive but four certificates were issued to Warner for the same sum so perhaps there has been some confusion.
August 13, 1798 Request for tents for Secretary of Navy Major Commandant Marine Corps William Ward Barrows John Harris James McHenry and Samuel Hodgdon request that John Harris deliver to the Secretary of Navy, a marquee, horseman's tents and common tents, to be be paid at full market value. Commandant of Marine Corps William Ward Burrows requests delivery of tents to Lieutenant George Meminger.
March 19, 1799 Samuel Meredith receipt of William Simmons for the selectmen of Salem Massachusetts for fortifications Samuel Meredith [not available] Meredith received $2000 to be deposited in Branch Bank of Boston Massachusetts subject to orders of Benjamin Goodhue; which sum is to be paid to Edward Norris, Jonathan Waldo, Amos Hovey, Benjamin Ward Jr., and Jonathan Lambert, selectmen of Salem Massachusetts on account of fortifications.
January 25, 1800 Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers [not available] Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers.
February 20, 1800 Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Alexander Hamilton [not available] Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers.
December 26, 1799 Letter of Introduction Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Introduces to Hodgdon a good friend and colonel; also mentions Timothy Pickering and supplies of powder.
December 20, 1789 Request for wages and commutation John Stevens Joseph Howell Requests wages and commutation due, as one of the Cedar Hostages in Canada
November 19, 1791 Questions about Rations for Discharged Men Edward Butler Samuel Hodgdon Refers to command of the 2nd battalion and relationship with Mr. Ward, quartermaster. Expresses concerns about battalion bills for rations and discharged men.
June 29, 1792 "Still the Same Joe" Joseph Torrence Joseph Howell Torrence has received the advance for Mr. Ward which is the only one received since he last saw Howell. He denies that he has been guilty of neglect in writing his esteemed friend Howell since he has written both Howell and the Secretary of War [Knox}. Capt. Springer wrote Knox signifying his acceptance, receiving the money from Torrence. Torrence insists that he is still the same Joe.
May 27, 1800 Recruits for the Marine Corps William Burrows Alexander Hamilton Burroughs requests that 100 of the men being discharged from the Army at the Camp at Scotch Plains be recruited for the Marine Corps by M. Reynolds.
May 1, 1794 Account of Rufus Blodget Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Rufus Blodget, late private in the Massachusetts line.
December 10, 1789 Hickburn seeks a loan from Knox Joseph D Hickburn Henry Knox Letter, asks for pay advance.
May 3, 1796 Pay of Private Joseph Walcutt, Captain Jonathan Heart's Company William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $23.07 is due Joseph Walcutt, late a private in Captain Jonathan Heart's Company 1st Regiment, being his pay from January 1 to June 23, 1791, the day of his discharge.
August 4, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney Charles White Jacob White Power of attorney of Charles White, late a soldier in the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, to Jacob White.
March 10, 1791 Request to Forward Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Forward enclosed letter to the Lieut. of Washington County, Pennsylvania.
March 18, 1790 Examined account of Lt. Col. Carleton Joseph Howell Henry Knox Agreeable to the War Secretary's request, Howell has examined the account and petition of Lt. Col. Samuel Carleton.
March 10, 1800 Keeping Col. Smith Out of Jail Alexander Hamilton William Burrows Hamilton applauds Burrows for not forcing the issue on Col. Smith's debt to the extent that he would have gone to jail, which would have ruined Smith. Hamilton seconds Col. Troup's advice to use anonymous names for the bail of Smith.
August 11, 1784 Petition from Two Soldiers Captured by the British William Moore Commissioners of the Board of War Petition from two soldiers, William Moore and Thomas Ward, captured by the British in the South Carolina campaign and imprisoned on a prison ship. They speak of their suffering. They were also "compelled" to serve on British ship bound to the West Indies. Petition for their release as "redemtioners" and ask that their pay be applied to the "redemption money."
November 23, 1791 Report of Conditions at the Garrison John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Reports missing an important article (tar) and no corn, and they cannot proceed as planned, producing an insecure situation at the garrison. Notes need for a constant guard against the savages, leaving them very fatigued. Requests an assortment of gimblets and kettles and writing paper. Waits boat and corn. Rooms are too dark.
February 10, 1800 [ENCLOSURE] Employment of Soldiers [not available] James McHenry Discussed employing soldiers during the summer months to dig a canal. This work would ward off idleness and would encourage discipline however the soldiers that were proposed to dig canal have little military training and Pinckney believed they would be better served training in military maneuvers. Cited public works projects in Scotland and in France.