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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 6, 1791 Request to Forward Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Inquiry into missing clothing for Capt. Buell's company. Orders to forward enclosed letter to lieutenants of several counties.
October 15, 1795 Governor Arnoldus Vander Horst of South Carolina Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon "The name of the Governor of South Carolina is 'Arnoldus Vander Horst' agreeably to his own signature."
February 2, 1799 Deposition of Jane Vander Heyden, supporting claim of Abraham Livingston Jane VanderHeyden John Taylor Certified employment of Livingston and that he did not return to "the domains of his Britanick Majesty".
April 9, 1795 Military Stores to Charleston Timothy Pickering Alexander Thompson Captain Thompson is given a list of articles from the military stores at Governor's Island to be packed up and shipped on board the Revenue Cutter to Charleston, South Carolina.
1800 Supporting Documents for Canadian Refugees [not available] [not available] Table of supporting documents for claims of refugees from Canada.
April 24, 1792 Agreement Between Hodgdon & Miller R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox The Secretary of War immediately wants the agreement between Mr. Hodgdon and Mr. Miller respecting the powder and wants it before half past four o'clock. It should be delivered to him or Capt. Freeman according to his directions.
October 6, 1791 Reimbursement for rangers Henry Knox Lieutenants of the counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, and Allegany in Pennsylvania, and Ohio in Virginia Secretary Knox reminds the lieutenants of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Alleghany Counties, Pennsylvania, and Ohio County, Virginia, to submit to Congress requests for monetary reimbursement to pay for use of rangers.
October 13, 1791 Request to Forward Letters John Stagg Isaac Craig Duplicates of letters to Lieutenants of Alleghany, Washington, Fayette, Ohio counties and to several personal letters to be forwarded.
October 13, 1800 Certificates for Land for Canadian Refugees Jacob VanderHeyden Henry Glen Submitted two certificates for land granted to refugees by Congress as compensation for abandoning their property in Canada. In order to obtain land in the Refugee Tract, applicants had to have left Canada for the duration of the war and supported the American war effort.
September 27, 1792 Treaty with the Wabash and Illinois Tribes Rufus Putnam Wabash and Illinois Tribes A Treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded between the President of the United States and the undersigned kings, chiefs, and warriors of the Wabash and Illinois tribes.
January 19, 1801 Report of the Committee Appointed to Prepare a Bill for Regulating Grants of Land Congress of the United States [not available] Details of types of relief allocated to Canadian refugees in United States, according to recommendations from the Secretaries of the War and the Treasury and altered by the committee.