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August 16, 1799 Promises to Send Requested Papers; Recommends Mr. Physick Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Is not able to look up and forward the requested papers. Sends plans and original notes, which may be helpful, and will forward papers as they become available. Has spoken with agent Mr. Physick, whom he judges to be an able public servant. Acknowledges Parker's desire to be employed and will communicate as soon as possible.
July 28, 1797 Claims and Returns Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon D. Haragan's claims denied again, Craig apprehensive about the inconvenience of denying claims. Box containing sail duck not yet found, Craig does not believe that the quality of material will be of any use at this point. Hopes land purchase can be negotiated with Physick and Butler. Appended memo on returns, noted Craigs return differs from that filed by Hodgdon.
July 14, 1797 Status of and Request for Provisions Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Last post Craig sent Hodgdon list of sundry articles shipped to Fort Franklin via boat that sank while traveling on Allegheny. Still awaiting list of items damaged, lost, or in good repair. Requested information on land purchase from Mr. Physick. Requests barrel of muscavado sugar and a barrel of coffee.
August 4, 1797 Transportation of Provisions and Land Purchase Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig to provide transportation for Ordnance stores to be sent forward to Massac. Craig requested weight of stores so as to provide appropriate travel. Pay and account of Campbell and Haragan discussed. Requested information on progress negotiating land deal with Mr. Physick.
May 13, 1796 Estimate of the Rent of Stores in the City of Philadelphia and its Vicinity for the Use of the United States for the Year of 1796.] Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of cost to rent various magazines, warehouses, a church, and store room.
June 30, 1797 Indian Goods and Compensation for Service Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Payment of P.Petil to be completed. Receipt of cash invoices for Indian goods due Pottawatomie, Kickapoo, Delaware, and Weea Nations. R. Cochran delivered Indian goods for Ottawa and Chippewas which are now bound for Le Boeuf. Exasperated with claims submitted for service in clothing and ordnance department that have not been paid. Requests Hodgdon purchase a tract of land facing coal hill in...
July 12, 1797 Arrival of Trunk Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Captain Lyman's trunk received, but Lyman did not make any provision to pay for the receipt. Therefore Craig paid for its delivery and now enclosed receipt for reimbursement.
December 22, 1799 Fencing Off the Public from the Water, Etc. Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Parker notes that there have been no stores received at Carlisle since his last return and not many delivered. The troops need cartridges and other articles which he will draw soon. Thomas Duncan is currently in the city and Parker thinks it would be a good time to buy the public land. Duncan is the attorney for the heirs of Wilson and has it in his power to settle the dispute. If it is not...
July 29, 1799 Claims on the Ground Along the Spring Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon The agent is at Carlisle disposing of the lots and commons and there are a great many applications for lots. The people who claimed the ground along the spring now claim the Baker house and coal house and all the ground along the spring in front of the buildings. It was the great neglect of Captain Eames that allowed Wilson to get control of that land and Parker seeks instructions from Hodgdon as...