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January 30, 1789 Cited letter or document, Joseph Howell to Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Letter, Citation only Cited in Howell to McComb, 03/08/1790
January 14, 1790 Letter Citation Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Cited in McComb to Howell, 02/04/1790.
December 30, 1789 Discussing the depreciation of the Delaware Regiment's pay and claiming certificates of pay Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell McComb thanks Howell for sending him the letter which contained sundry papers noting the depreciation of the pay of the Delaware regiment. He put the papers before the Delaware General Assembly, but as the session was virtually over nothing substantive was determined. The muster rolls were allegedly captured at the Battle of Camden, and thus were incomplete. The attempt was made to make the...
December 7, 1789 Letter Citation McComb Joseph Howell Letter, Citation only Cited in McComb to Howell, 12/23/1789.
May 28, 1800 Claims Denied William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons received letter from Swan that contained claim of Lieutenant McComb for services performed in the office of the Adjutant General. Simmons already ruled on similar claims and therefore maintained his method of account examination and stated McComb's claims as inadmissible. Accounts returned to Swan.
February 4, 1790 Settling accounts of Colonel Pope and Captain McKennan Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell McComb letter encloses accounts, including Colonel Pope’s amount, with sundry remarks as well. It also encloses Captain McKennan’s account for enlistment and bounties for fifteen men.
September 25, 1789 Copy of Receipt for Certificate of Depreciation Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Proof of soldiers' pay required for credit to account of state of Delaware.
January 12, 1790 Evaluating several enclosed accounts Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Enclosing amount settled by Major John Patten with John Yeates, inlistments for five men, and sundry inlistments for Captain Thomas Holland’s company. Also enclosed is Robert Kirkwood’s affidavit confirming expenditure of 97 pounds, 10 shillings which he received from George Read. McComb requests Howell examine these accounts to ensure the proper credit is admitted to the state and a correct...
March 17, 1790 Account of Credit for Delaware Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Howell encloses an account of Credit given to Delaware by the late Commissioners of the Army.
March 8, 1790 Laws of Delaware Related to Recruiting Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Howell requests an extract of the laws of Delaware related to recruiting for the Continental Army.
February 14, 1791 Commissioner for settling Delaware accounts Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Writes that he has recovered from his illness and been appointed a commissioner to settle the accounts of the state of Delaware. He hopes he will be welcomed at this position and informs Howell of actions he has already taken to improve business.
December 23, 1789 State Monies Expended in Recruiting the Late Continental Army Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Delaware seeks to charge the United States for monies expended in recruiting the late Continental Army,.
October 10, 1789 Enclosed Account of Payments to Delaware Soldiers Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Account information enclosed.
October 15, 1798 Creek Factory Correspondence, Land Edward Price James McHenry Encloses papers outlining proceedings with James Jordan over the property of the U.S. at St. Mary. Refers to debts due to the factory and previous correspondence.
January 14, 1790 Enclosed settled account Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Encloses a captain's settled account with John Yeates, the late Paymaster of the Delaware Regiment.
December 30, 1789 Transmits accounts rendered by Mr. Yeates Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Transmits the accounts rendered by Mr. Yeates, the late Paymaster of the Delaware regiment.
October 6, 1798 Affects of Disease on Sundry Locations, Etc. Samuel McLane Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of sundry supply matters, McLane says that he is pleased to hear that Hodgdon has been seen passing in apparent health through the streets of Philadelphia where so much disease and death have prevailed. Despite a few cases and some mortality, he thankfully reports that for the most part Germantown has escaped the ravages of disease.
December 7, 1789 [Copy] List of Soldiers Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell List of soldiers assembled from documents available. Many documents stolen during Battle of Camden. New list was assembled with assistance from officers.
January 30, 1790 Accounts of the state of Delaware Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes the Delaware Auditor concerning accounts of the state of Delaware against the United States.
January 12, 1790 Enclosed accounts settled Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Encloses accounts settled by Maj. John Patton with John Yeates, late Paymaster of the Delaware regiment; encloses other amounts as well.
January 10, 1791 Dragoon Appointment List War Department Solomon Van Rensselaer Document, lists officer appointments in Dragoons
January 23, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens. [not available] [not available] Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens, agent for the War Department at New York. Articles delivered to the workmen on Governor's Island New York include anchors, lime, planks, boards
March 8, 1795 Preliminary Peace Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Mentioned submitting preliminary articles of peace b/w U.S. and Indian Nations. Wyandots of Sandusky now join in peace agreement. Discussed Father Edmond Burke and British agents trying to foil peace b/w Indian Nations and U.S. Discussed depredations and murder being committed by select groups of Indians. Submitted requests for "trinkets" and medals to be awarded the Indian currently in...
February 2, 1792 Intelligence Report to the Secretary at War Anonymous Henry Knox This letter is an anonymous intelligence report from the frontier to Henry Knox, asking him not to reveal the correspondence between them to Judge McComb. Also, in order to prevent the Saganaw and Michillimakina Indians from assisting other hostile tribes on the frontier, the sender of the report recommends that Knox authorize the release of Indian prisoners. Further states that the paroled...
April 25, 1795 Recruiting and Enlisting Soldiers, Etc. Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Pickering discusses recruiting and reelnisting soldiers and mentions the conduct of Indian agents and Wayne's Campaign.